Jill Young, CEO, Guiding and Challenging Leadership Teams in Growth Mode – Episode 58

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Jill Young is the Founder and CEO of TractionFirst LLC, a Texas based Certified EOS Implementation Firm.  Jill is also a keynote speaker, a two time author – her latest book is called “In Courage – How Entrepreneur’s and Their Leadership Teams Can Experience Less Pain in Growth Mode” – and an energized, dynamic leader.  Jill grew up with entrepreneurial parents – they owned a chain of child-care facilities – in which she learned to be a master diaper changer.  While her early dream of being an astronaut never materialized, she graduated from Weber State College with a degree in Psychology, earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix and went on to hold positions in HR, Career Advising, and Recruiting.

In 2002, Jill shifted her attention to be a full-time mother, staying home with her kids for the next 6 1/2 years.  At that time, while she and the kids were watching “Bob the Builder” something clicked in her brain that made her want to put the staying home part of her life behind and get back in the business game. Around that time, a chance encounter with a friend at a party, and an offer to help him at his Accounting company with some “light marketing” work provided the opportunity she was looking for.  Not surprisingly, Jill ended up becoming the President of the Firm.   

Mike and Jill cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including her belief in the mantra of Grow or Die, her dislike for bureaucracy,  why she’s passionate about helping companies get better and improve their futures with the tools that Traction provides and how she works on herself with her involvement in programs like The Strategic Coach.     

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Please enjoy Jill Young.


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