Joe DeNucci, My Secret Weapon Marketing Guy – Episode 9

Joe DeNucci, a marketing leader that has worked for some big names that you’ll recognize like Rockwell Automation, GE, Covanta, and Direct Supply, is on the episode today.

Joe’s my podcast intro guy, my blog collaborator, and my podcast producer.

And people keep asking me, who is this “Joe” guy?

And I felt like, well instead of just explaining that, I’ll bring him on the podcast and you can find out all about Joe. But here’s a little bit about Joe, to get us started.

Joe is a marketing genius, who is getting his own new company, which he is calling Hammerstone Marketing, off the ground.

He’s a Marquette University graduate with a degree in business administration, and I think he wanted to be an accountant at one time, but we can talk about that later.

He’s got his Masters in Management from UW-Milwaukee, which I think he got while he was working with me at my former company, Advanced Waste Services.

I’ve worked with, learned from, and gotten creative with Joe over the past 6 years, and today, we have the great opportunity to share Joe’s story.

Joe, welcome to the podcast.


Special thanks to Hammerstone Marketing for blog design, SEO and featured image selection.

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