Katrina Cravy, A CEO, Coaching Executives to Shine – Episode 16

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Katrina Cravy is an entrepreneur and the CEO of her own firm, Katrinacravy.com, where she specializes in helping C suite executives sharpen their communication message and presence.  She’s also a keynote speaker on topics like “Taking Your Brand to the Bank” and “Emergency Crisis Communication.”

Katrina Cravy is an Emmy award winning reporter and talk show host as well as a contributor to the WKLH Morning Radio program.  She grew up in Fresno, CA before beginning her 1st career as a reporter and weekend anchor in Parkersburg WV at 22.  Soon after that, she scored a new job in Milwaukee – and has stayed there ever since.  She’s also the author of  a soon to be bestselling book titled, “Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and get Free Publicity.” (click the link to buy it on Amazon.

Katrina quarterbacked here 6th grade flag football team, talked her way into becoming a newsroom intern as a teenager, put herself through USC, interned for Ronald Reagan, and packed her bags and drove across the country for her first job.   And that’s just the tip of her iceberg.  She is obsessed with learning new things and fueled by a desire to never let anyone down.  She believes that success simply takes sacrifice and that everybody has a voice that needs to be heard. 

In this wide ranging conversation, Katrina talks about the loneliness of launching her own business, the unique skill sets necessary to be a great reporter as well as those necessary to be a great anchor, what her Mom taught her about being approachable, how being vocal has always been a part of her DNA and, finally, what’s unique about her.  She’s a smart, funny and a true How’d It Happen Success. 

Please enjoy Mike and Katrina.


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