Kent Lorenz, Board Member on Ownership Models for Growth – Episode 47

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Kent Lorenz is the retired Chairman & CEO of Acieta, LLC, a division of Matsui Corporation, a Japan based global conglomerate.  He’s also an investor, key-note speaker and highly sought-after Board Member.  Kent’s business career started in the fledgling Milwaukee office of Ellison Technologies, a company that grew to $650M in sales and 650 employees, and were Kent became President of the Midwest Division, and a Board Member, before being purchased by Matsui. He graduated from The University of Wisconsin – Madison with a Mechanical Engineering degree, where he also a gymnast.  

Mike and Kent cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he fell into gymnastics, how performing in the Tommy Bartlett water skiing show helped teach him how to communicate and connect with people, and how he survived a critical medical experience that changed his life and his view about life.  It’s a fascinating conversation with a charismatic, exceptionally successful and humble leader.  

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Please enjoy Kent Lorenz.


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