Krista Galbraith, CEO Manufacturing Success with Change – Episode 38

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Krista Galbraith is the CEO of K&S Manufacturing, a 45-year-old metal stamping and contract manufacturing company founded by her Dad.  Krista was unexpectedly “handed the keys” so to speak in 2011 when her Dad became ill and could no longer run the business. At the time, she was a nurse, working in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke’s hospital, had three kids under 4 years of age and little knowledge of the K&S business, or exposure to business outside of the hospital.  

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse with a degree in Psychology, Krista packed up and moved to Colorado and got a second degree in Physical Therapy while working to support herself as a waitress, bartender and, for a short time, selling shoes.  Later, she moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family and got her nursing degree at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Mike and Krista cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including her long standing desire for, and comfort with, “being in charge.” how she approaches things that make her anxious by telling herself that she’s just going to the store, how she made herself approachable at K&S by being interested in and listening to the employee’s stories and how she’s improved by putting herself in the company of other successful people in groups like Vistage and YPO. Her story is multi-layered and inspirational.

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Please enjoy Krista Galbraith.


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