Lance Allan, Diverting from the Script with Top Athletes – Episode 32

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Lance Allan is the lead Sports Anchor for WTMJ Channel 4, a position he started preparing for as a high school student in Rice Lake, WI.  Lance is a University of Wisconsin – Madison graduate and has twice been named the Wisconsin Sportscaster of the Year.  

Prompted by a question his English teacher asked of the class to dream about what they might want to do for the rest of their lives, and supported by his classmates kudo’s, Lance began his journey toward a career in sports reporting and eventually to TV, where he started as a weatherman who worked the sports angle on the side. Progressing through a series of bigger market jobs, Lance landed at WTMJ in Milwaukee where he’s remained for the last 20 years.  

Mike and Lance cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he’s been able to break the big stories; remain humble in an ego fueled business; ask the tough, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions; navigate the necessary, but tricky, Twitter landscape.  He also shares his reflections on the trade-offs he’s encountered and managed while pursuing a career that gives him constant energy and satisfaction.  

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Please enjoy Lance Allan.


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