Leaving it on the Field (335)

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In this episode, I discuss the concept of “Leaving it on the Field.” Many of us have our favorite sports, our favorite teams that we are fans of, some of us can be somewhat over-enthusiastic fans, possibly even rabid fans.  But in the end, it is just a game, and most of us can walk away and remain friendly with those who are not as enthusiastic about the teams we support.  Which made me think that if it can happen in sports, why can’t it happen elsewhere; politics, for example.

You won’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy!

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Leaving it on the Field (Episode 335)

Thu, Oct 20, 2022 10:17AM • 8:18


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta  00:24

Hey, everybody, it’s Mike. And this is the “How’d’ It Happen” Podcast, the solo series. So every Friday I do a solo episode. So a short episode like today’s, probably less than 10 minutes and I share with you an idea that I’ve had or that I’ve heard, share a story that I may have been a part of, something I’ve experienced, something that I think will interest you because it interested, me. And today’s episode, I’m calling, “Leaving it on the Field,” Leaving it on the Field. 

Now as a rule, I stay away from politics. In this podcast, I stay away from politics. In my newsletter, I stay away from politics. On my website, I stay away from politics in most of my life, because it’s just not worth it. And I don’t have the time to waste. That’s how I think about it. And usually when people say that then they start bragging right into something political, but I’m not going to do that today. I’m not gonna break my rule today. Except I am going to summarize a recent experience that made me think about politics and sports fans. And maybe it’ll make you think as well. 

So back in October 2022, I was at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to see the Green Bay Packers play the New England Patriots. And in the section that I was in, we had a mix of fans from both teams. So we had Patriots fans, and of course, we had a lot of Packers fans in our section, but it was definitely wasn’t 50-50, but there was a good showing of Patriots fans. It was a beautiful day, like just the perfect fall day, the kind that my partner Bush before he passed away would always sort of thank the haymaker, he would always thank the haymaker, which was his sort of colloquialism for God, for such a great day because he grew up on a farm and, and during the harvest, sunny days, dry days are like, you know, manna from heaven. But anyway, this game was super tight, it was, and the fans, they were real fans, like rabid fans and supported their respective teams in this section where we were. And during the game, the lead went back and forth between the teams, and penalties and turnovers were welcomed for some and fiercely debated by others, as is often the case. Fans of the teams who got the good result were thrilled and felt, you know, even a bit entitled, you know, to the good result, because this is my team. The truth was on their side, you might say. Now, fans of the other team were either deflated or felt like they’d been ripped off or lied to, you know, like the refs weren’t on their side, or, you know, the penalty calls weren’t going their way or penalties were missed, whatever. And there was yelling and there was this guy, this Patriot fan who kept yelling, you know, defense and it was really a really loud voice. I don’t know how people can do that. Anyway. There was a lot of yelling, there was high-fiving, there were, you know, like, thumbs up signs and team gear, signs, you that people hold that say, you know, Patriots, whatever, Packers and some players’ names. There was drinking, there were costumes. Some people were really dressed up like, like super fans, I guess. They were sort of in your face. So, you know, isms, like you know, when their team would score, it was like, What score do you like in your face now? The Air Force fleet flew over, two jets, and you know, all kinds of stuff. So it was serious business taking place during the game. 

And then when it was over, and the Packers did squeak out the winning field goal in overtime, this particular day, it seemed like all the fans on both sides sort of accepted their respective fate and left the stadium friends or at least friendly. And maybe that’s just a Packers thing or Lambeau Field thing or Wisconsin thing, you know, where people are nice. I know you hear it. Now some fans at other stadiums that maybe aren’t as nice, Philly and Raiders come to mind. But in on this day, that was definitely not the case. And I know that football is just a game. It is just a game, right? I have I said it’s a game and I go, well it isn’t really just a game. It’s a really big business. But it’s just a game. There’s a saying in sports that goes something like this, you know, that you just, you leave it on the field, leave everything on the field. I don’t know who that’s attributed to initially. But, you know, once the game is over, everything is left on the field. And everyone leaves as, let’s say, gentlemen, in the case of football. And it would be nice, wouldn’t it if all of us could just leave a little bit more on the field when it comes to politics? Like a good fan, and a good team does? It just struck me that it’s easy, I guess. And when you see people as rabid as they are as sports fans be able to do it, it makes me think that people who are as rabid as they are about their political beliefs could certainly do and accomplish that as well. 

So that’s it, something to think about, I hope you’ve taken something away from this, that it’s brought you a little bit of value, and if so, please share it. Or ping me and let me know what you think I do appreciate you listening. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the podcast, go to Apple or Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts, it’s everywhere. You know, hit the follow or hit the subscribe button, you know, whatever’s there on your particular platform. And join me every week, every Friday for the short solo episode and every Monday for a longer form episode where I have a great conversation with some very successful people about how it happened for them and most importantly, or more importantly, why it’s important to you, what can you take away from their success that can help you with your life, with your accomplishments, with your confidence, with your capabilities, whatever. 

So, thanks so much. You can learn more about me at my website. Go there. Check it out. Mikemalatesta.com. Sign up for my newsletter. Buy my book or read a part of my book for free. You know, just engage and until next time, maximize your greatness.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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