Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco, ‘What Are You Made Of’ Powerhouse, Living a Rocket Fuel Mindset to become Unstoppable – Episode 167

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Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco, What Are You Made Of Powerhouse, Living a Rocket Fuel Mindset to become Unstoppable

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is the Co-Founder of Blooprinted, a social app and marketplace for successful step by step Blooprints to achieve pretty much anything. Share your expertise with the world, and get paid for it by selling your Blooprints online. And entrepreneurs that want to fast track development of a business can purchase a Blooprint from an expert on how to get started and build the business. A social community rating system helps you find the best Blooprint for you. Blooprint makes it easy to get started building your business, learn a new skill, or do something new. Launch date coming soon!

C-Roc is also the CEO of People Building, Inc., the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” podcast, and the author of “ROCKET FUEL. Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable.” Buy the book on amazon. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary and thought leader. C-Roc has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to Inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness.

C-Roc and Mike cover a ton of great stuff in this episode like how he had a fire lit in him at an early age as a kid sleeping with his baseball at night because he was scared, what happens when our subconscious mind tries to justify our ego, why we try to be right instead of successful, how trying to be accepted gets you off track, being the cause instead of the effect, getting back on track to being a leader and living your intention, finding your curiosity again when it goes away, and much more.

And now here’s Mike C-Roc.

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Mike Malatesta, Mike Ciorrocco

Mike Malatesta  00:21

Hey, C Roc Welcome to the show.

Mike Ciorrocco  00:29

Hey Mike, thanks for having me, I always start every year with gratitude. I have a shirt on actually says gratitude today,

Mike Malatesta 00:34

I love that.

Mike Ciorrocco  00:35

I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be able to share my message with people and that people actually want to hear my book so thank you very much Mike for having me.

Mike Malatesta  00:44

Yeah, my, my pleasure. And by the way, Mike’s podcast which he’s got on the back if you’re watching this video, What Are You Made Of is the title and I, that’s a fantastic title for a podcast I just want to say that before we get started, that’s, that’s really a great. I haven’t listened but I’m going to because, because I’m seeing that great name. So I thought, How did happen was great, but I think yours might edge me out a little bit there, So, we’ll see. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mike Ciorrocco  01:16

You said you were gonna ask me this question I was like, let’s go.

Mike Malatesta  01:19

Yeah, okay, well I love your perspective. And I do owe a thank you to Justin Breen for connecting see rock and I, Justin, thank you. It’s a one of many connections that he’s helped me make and I’m grateful for. For him and for this opportunity today so. So Mike, I start every one of my shows with the same simple question How did happen for you?

Mike Ciorrocco  01:48

to back 37 years ago, you know, I came from a broken home like, and I don’t really remember my parents ever together. And I tell the story to show you where I got this, this idea that I’m running with now this law that I created called the rocket fuel wall. No, I was in a situation where my parents I was the only link for them to communicate anymore after they’ve split up, and it’s a lot of pressure on a kid a lot of conflict that goes along with that. And when you start to mix stepparents in and their agendas and other children, it starts to get really sticky so when I was eight to 11, I decided to live with my dad and leave my mom’s house for a period of time my mom was on to our third marriage. My dad was going into the second marriage and I figured maybe let’s try my dad’s house. Second marriage, maybe it’ll be easier to get used to live with a woman. Lady rather than a third man. Sure. Oh by the way, not bashing my parents whatsoever to share your story. So I want to preface it with that but for three years. Unfortunately, I dealt with a lot of child and child abuse I was a child with abusive but not physical. It was verbal.

Mike Malatesta  02:54


Mike Ciorrocco  02:54

now kind of logical and a lot of threats, and I used to sleep with my baseball bat and because I was scared and, you know, no kid should ever have to go through that. And, you know, for three years I dealt with that when I got to about age 10, I said you know what, man, this isn’t right. I would get sick to my stomach coming back to my mom’s house every other weekend when I’d go to visit. And my mom noticed one time and she asked the question what’s wrong tonight. I just said, Man, I thought this was ordinary by the way. Yeah, but every kid goes through the split parents and all this. And I told her what happened, what was happening, and she said, That’s not, that’s not okay. No, I’m not gonna allow that to happen, but you don’t need to live in a situation. If you’re okay with it. And I’m going to get you back at our house. However, you must stick to your guns, but you can’t be flip flopping when you believe in something, there are going to be people like in the situation my dad and his wife, they’re going to talk try to talk about. They’re going to try to change your mind to match their agenda. and then like, like you choose to compromise. When you have something that you really believe in and then you start to advance with your goals or what have you, people are gonna try to pull back, so they’re gonna try to talk you out of it, you need to stick to the guns. So I remember her saying that and ever since that moment, I was always stubborn. Not like the word stubborn, a lot of people keep the word stubborn, the bad word, it has a negative connotation, but if you look up the definition of stubborn right. It says perversely unyielding. And if you’re progressive, you’ll leave on something good, that means well, ethical, moral, something that’s good for all you’re going to have one you’re going to get it and number two that somebody had a bad thing. So, I just remembered that people used to call me stubborn and hardheaded, and I wear that with a badge and it’s like a badge of honor now. So my dad got these court papers. Finally, and to make a long story short, when he got serving shop, probably. And I came home from school one day and it made 72 My room. My dad was my hero. He had big forearms and rough hands and he was amazing I have these books back here for a reason he used to lay brick and block and pour concrete, okay.

Mike Malatesta  05:02

Yeah, sure.

Mike Ciorrocco  05:03

And he carried a lot of $100 bills around in his pocket with a rubber band around it and I always looked up to him for that, but it was the coolest thing he’s just flashed the money around. Well when it when he asked me about whether I wanted to leave his house. I didn’t get into discussion I just said, you know what, yes, I made a decision, he said, Well, your mom is your mom his portion is me money, you have everything you need here. Why would you ever leave this and go to your mom’s there with a new husband and I said, I made my mind up, he said okay, so it kicks out what $100 bills out, and I always looked up to him for pills when all crumbles up and throws it out, he says, Well, you’re gonna need this, then you’re living on the streets with your mother. That’s how it happened. The spark was lit right there. From that point forward, no matter what came my way including that I would use as fuel circumstance in life. And then anything that came my way that would normally stopping or slowing down I started my fuel tank instead of my truck weighs me down and I just converted the rocket fuel for my future I’m one of those things I say rocket fuel instead of regular fuel because rocket was the only thing that can get you in outer space, and other spaces away from all the toxicity and negativity and suppresses suppressors. We want to all be in outer space away from gravity. That’s why I call it rocket fuel.

Mike Malatesta  06:18

So the. Okay, that’s tough. That’s tough way to come up, interesting what you said there that you had these this, you know, idea that it would be better with your dad because of the multiple transitions that your mom had. But when you got there, you, you also said you were scared, but it also felt normal, which is kind of disturbing, you know, for. Ordinary, ordinary Yeah, yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  06:51

everybody, you know, was nothing. I didn’t know any different. So,

Mike Malatesta  06:57

have you. Have you have you maintained a relationship with your dad Mike or is it,

Mike Ciorrocco  07:02

you know, his father was on his deathbed and I went to visit him, and I had a great relationship with my grandfather and he’s on his deathbed and I went to visit and my dad was there, and I ran into him for the first time since all that happened from age 11 to I guess I was in my 20s at that point, 10 or 11 years later. And, you know, we rekindled a relationship after that. And for about three to five years we hung out more, we went to dinner, Mike, my kids got to meet him. But then that that one particular person, which I’ll just leave that at that cause more issues again. And so now my dad doesn’t answer my texts my calls or anything there was nothing that was, there was nothing that happened, there was no event, somebody has an issue. And that’s somebody drove a wedge and just keeps the wedge there and my dad’s okay with that, I guess so. Unfortunately, not by my part, I’m not texting on his birthday, holidays and then he never answered so you know it’s one of the things that just you just keep going, and understand that, you know you are, my duty is to be the best father for my kids the best husband to my wife. You know the best friend and employer partner that I can possibly be every morning I wake up, and that’s all I can control.

Mike Malatesta  08:15

Sure. Yeah, well I appreciate the perspective I do hope. If it’s something you want, I do hope that in time that opportunity comes, comes back because it seems like it is something I’m no psychologist, but it does seem like something both of you want. And, yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  08:35

yeah. I don’t know the situation there.


Yeah, I

Mike Ciorrocco  08:40

know that everybody’s got problems to deal with. I just, it’s a shame that the kids don’t get to see their grandfather.


Yeah, for sure.

Mike Ciorrocco  08:48

That’s the stuff that bothers me more than anything, but you know, to me, again I just keep using it as fuel. I just remember him doing that and, you know, whether it’s healthy or not, it’s something that I used to say when things get tough, like this week, honestly, I came back from Miami I was attending a conference, and it was a sensory overload like just phenomenal. Networking again for the first time in a long time since COVID, like come back home and it’s back in my podcast studio I get to talk to wonderful people like you, but it’s not the same and I didn’t really feel like, like in the weather it’s raining, and I really feel like going through this week, you know, sure, this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and then I’m like nope, wait a minute practice gratitude, and then remember somebody counted you out. That gotta get you got to keep going. And then I hear this voice Do It Anyway, do it anyway. And so, yeah, these are the things that I go through.

Mike Malatesta  09:43

Well, I did not have the same anything like the experience that you just described, but I never, but I did I never did meet my grandfather, so there was something between my father and his father that you know did not get rectified and I like you because I think back on it is like okay well that’s normal. I don’t know my grandfather I know my grandmother; I don’t know my grandpa. Well, that’s just normal the way it is but now. And, you know, you think, like, I wonder what my father passed away, so it’s like I wonder what was really going on there, you know, that was so divisive, or whatever, unable to get over that, that the grandkids never met their grandfather, you know.

Mike Ciorrocco  10:31

Grudges I forgive very easily. To the point where I, when I build a relationship with my dad again it was just like old times, I take them up dinner, have a beer with them like it was just, no, no, none whatsoever. But I still use that I still use that event that happened when I was 11 because it’s so powerful. Yeah, yeah. And I want to keep elevating even higher and higher and higher. And it’s also about impacting others, you know, I’m going to show people that you can go through something like this and be great. What I mean by great is every day waking up and going after the mission that you have for yourself which mine is that impact 100 million 100 million people with my message,

Mike Malatesta  11:11

and you’re using that fire, you know what I love about the story you told you’re using that fire in exactly the opposite way of what he intended it to be when he threw the dollar, the $100 bill at you, like he didn’t intend that to be fire for you to have a bigger future he intended that to be really well, I don’t want to interpret it, but it seems like it was more like a symbol of, you’re not, you know, you’re not going anywhere. So, yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  11:42

That was more, not necessarily him as a thing, our subconscious mind sometimes tries to justify our ego. Yeah, and when you get let down or disappointed or something, sometimes you say things that you don’t necessarily mean personally it’s more your subconscious mind trying to justify and makes, what happens is we try to be right instead of successful. You know right, instead of successful relationships right instead of successful businesses, you know, and that’s one thing that one lesson that I’ve learned is I don’t need to be right. I want to be successful I would be great. And greatness is something that you do every day.

Mike Malatesta  12:23

So do you, and you said this got me curious do you, do you really do you think that people say things that they don’t mean, or do you do. Okay,

Mike Ciorrocco  12:36

say things that they don’t really mean, personally, as, as, you know their analytical mind they’re clear when they’re clear minded, you know, a lot of things are reactive. Yeah, and the reactive comes from subconscious mind trying to justify things it’s doesn’t care whether it’s right or wrong to try to make you right. And, you know, it’s very important to understand that once you understand that and you get really clear in the idea the fact that when, you know, don’t react right react because reactions generally put them in us for survival. And we react to things. A lot of times that we don’t need to react to anyone.

Mike Malatesta  13:13

Right, right right right, you think you have to because you’re programmed to react instead of realizing that you, you actually have, you can take conscious action to react or not react even if it’s comp with thoughts coming from your subconscious right.

Mike Ciorrocco  13:33

out, what you should be really reacting to for survival purposes and what you don’t need to write like if somebody comes aggressively to you. Not like to fight but verbally, and it’s really not something you need to react to your survival, you’re not really threatened. Yeah, but we argue back, because our mind does that, so I don’t think it’s really deep in the person to do that and really think it’s on, you know, on a surface level reaction.

Mike Malatesta  13:59

Yeah, yeah, like giving someone the finger on the freeway because you didn’t like the maneuver, they made even though it didn’t really endanger you at all. It just pissed you off,

Mike Ciorrocco  14:10

get pissed off. Yeah, yeah, fingered someone, you don’t even know you’ve done it until it’s too late.

Mike Malatesta  14:16

Yeah, yeah, you’re right, it’s so that fire has already been lit, before you realize oh shoot.

Mike Ciorrocco  14:22

Yeah, and so you wouldn’t feel bad for doing something if it was something that you did there was really you. Yeah, you know, now there are bad people don’t get me wrong, there are bad people. People that know, don’t feel bad after they do something.

Mike Malatesta  14:35

right. At least they won’t admit to feeling bad after they do it because that’s, yeah, maybe there’s, I don’t know. So anyway, thanks for indulging me on that. So you have this happened to you to 11 Go back to your to your mom. What’s, what’s High School, like what do you what’s, what goes on with you after that.

Mike Ciorrocco  15:00

Well I started playing football students I moved to my mom’s union like football play football throughout high school baseball, just I came into a situation where I was finally at a school where I was going to be for a while, and I wasn’t gonna be hopping around so I made some really great friends. I had great grades. I sold a football more than any other sport and went to college on this house to play football, and I was a good kid as far as not partying and drinking, I really had a great intention of purpose on what I wanted to do. But then, 18 comes around and I go to college and I find girls and draw drugs with alcohol. And I’m like, Well, I came from a small town so there were girls in high school, but it wasn’t the selection I would say.

Mike Malatesta  15:45

Okay. Fair enough, fair enough.

Mike Ciorrocco  15:47

And then I was like, whoa, wait. So then my intentions, became every day, where’s Where are the girls, where’s the parties, and that’s all that matters. And you know, so when you lose your attentional direction and or you put it on something that’s not building it’s more destructive, it’s a bad thing, obviously I went through that for about five years and partying and drinking and chasing girls. And so everything was good until at that, when I went there actually good times but that was short lived good times, not the kind of good time to work consistently. And I had to meet my wife to get straightened out.

Mike Malatesta  16:24

And did you continue playing football through your college experience or did you stop and that contributed to it as well.

Mike Ciorrocco  16:30

Yeah, I played for two years I remember times when I would go to practice, and we would have walkthroughs and we’d have to take a while the coaches would explain something and I’m partying all night didn’t get any sleep and I remember times where I would just kind of doze off the practice.

Mike Malatesta  16:43

Yeah, and I was,

Mike Ciorrocco  16:44

that’s so not like, that’s not me at all, and I knew that, and I kept telling myself like this is not you why you grew up around people that were alcoholics and drug addicts and suicides and stuff. This is not you. Why did you deal with this, but it was just because I let my, my, I let my foot off the gas for a little bit laid back I complacent most of my focus and then I was going down the road of destructive behavior? Now I’m not proud of those times, but I’m not proud of the person I become at that time, because that was not me.

Mike Malatesta  17:11

I had a similar experience when I got to college I, I went to play football. I decided not to my freshman year. Then I got involved in a fraternity, and I started to really, I think what ended up happening as I was looking up to the older kids. And, you know modeling their behavior because I thought, well that’s what cool, you know, young adults do. And it’s easy for it to take over, because there’s always something going on right and there’s people that you consider to be cool, doing it and so yeah I mean, it took me two years to get my ass back in line, where I was like, Okay, I’m here for a reason I got to get an education out of this thing actually quit first semester, bike, and fortunately went back but I had but it was, it was similar there are. Yeah, it can get you off track, it can definitely get you out,

Mike Ciorrocco  18:14

trying to be accepted. Yeah, yeah. To be accepted. Yeah, really. you’re looking at me and I’m saying you were looking at the wrong people. You know, and, and that’s the thing that gets people in trouble a lot to Mike is that people worry about what other people think too much. Yeah, and the people that don’t worry about what people think are usually looked at as weirdos and freaks or something that I’m talking about in school right. But as you get older, and you realize that people that are super successful are the ones that don’t care about what people think. As long as they have purpose of ethical its moral, they’re going on something that’s going to be good for people beneficial for people. Those are the ones like Elan Musk that make a difference.

Mike Malatesta  18:54

Yeah. Right right right. Yeah, I think as long as it’s healthy, right so if you’re, if you’re a prick about it, then I think people are like, I think, if it’s just your belief system right like hey this is where I’m going. If you want to go here. Come on, and if you don’t, that’s cool, but I’m not going to hang out with you, for example, we’re not going to be in the same circle because you have different priorities in life or different alignment or belief systems or whatever.

Mike Ciorrocco  19:22

you’d like to talk about a lot. Back then I was, I was allowing myself to be the effect. I was more a puppet than a puppet theater.

Mike Malatesta  19:34

Right, right,

Mike Ciorrocco  19:35

you know, and not taking responsibility for it all actually leads back to is what responsibility are you taking over your life, because to degree you give up responsibility you give up control.



Mike Malatesta  19:47

Did you meet your wife at school then?

Mike Ciorrocco  19:51

Yeah, so funny story of, you know a lot of my friends will leave and they were going on to their jobs and moving back home or wherever they went to, and then maybe people that were back with people that were partying all the time and not really going anywhere with their lives and so I ended up hanging out with them a lot for a period of time while, while all my friends are leading. Well, I bought a house, I had enough gumption to buy a house at one point in one of my friends were best friends and business partner now is bringing his girlfriend over all the time, and he was ready to rip off the resume Listen, Jason, you bring this girl over she’s gonna bring some friends over there. One day, she brought a couple of things over, I just couldn’t connect with it and one day I work. Open the door and they were already there, and my wife was sitting on the couch and I saw her, and I just stopped in my tracks and I was like wow. Please be here. Please be here and then brought by the young lady Kim. Don’t be some salesperson that just popped my wrist. Okay, that she was a friend of Kim’s, and I was introduced to her and hit it off and knew right then I knew she was the one that just, I know people say that a lot. She’s one of them I made a commitment to that, and they can look to develop a relationship with her and that meant making sure that I wasn’t going out partying and I had focused on some of the things you know my job or career, finances, what have you so it didn’t happen right away, but it led to that and I didn’t have to go to rehab and you know all that, but I was drinking a lot of time and you know I probably people who were I was probably could have probably used it, but I was able to clean up myself. And I think it wasn’t necessarily an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it was more of an addiction to actually party like have fun codependency maybe people around me.

Mike Malatesta  21:45

So how did she help you become the cause.

Mike Ciorrocco  21:51

Well, I think that I got my attention back I was called back when I was in high school, I was the cause, and I wouldn’t be what I wanted to be, and nobody was doing it my way and I got in my own way. Okay, I just got back on track, I knew that I needed to stop being affected by others and, you know, chasing something I needed to start having a situation where I was having people chase me instead. My girls I’m just loving our people to be a leader, being a leader. So, when I made the commitment that I wanted to marry her and settle down, I was like you know this is I got I knew, I knew what needed to be done, let’s face it, that the bottom line is I knew right.

Mike Malatesta  22:30

Got it, okay. and I know I asked you about your dad a lot but did your dad come to your wedding.

Mike Ciorrocco  22:36

Yes. Okay. During that time, it was still kind of weird. What they did, it was kind of just after my grandfather passed away, we were working on the relationship. And, yeah,

Mike Malatesta  22:50

okay. And when you got into college and you’re signed in some other things women and that kind of thing but where did you, did you see your life going somewhere I mean you referenced this fire lit when you were 11 So I’m wondering, you know see rock going into college, what’s, what’s the outcome, what are you thinking about is, you know, here’s why I’m here this is what’s going to happen when I’m done and what was your thinking like,

Mike Ciorrocco  23:18

I think I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I didn’t know why, sports and I wanted to play football. I just never grew fast enough,

Mike Malatesta  23:25

or big enough. Me neither.

Mike Ciorrocco  23:29

That was limited, but I was gonna maybe be a sports broadcast or do something. And I just, I lost focus on, I totally lost focus on it and then I ended up in a situation where I was in restaurant decided to do whatever it took to get paid and that got into the real estate world after our sales game I got into sales game and home sales for nine years, making decent money, which I bought, not really now. And then I got into real estate and mortgages and the rest was history. But I sports broadcast turn, see my hand, or my cousin was on TV at Philadelphia. She was a news lady in Philadelphia and I always looked up to her and I was like I want to be on TV one day, and I just left that, that dream go, and now it’s coming back, you know at 47 years old I revisited now I started the podcast I go on shows and I’ve been on TV shows, now I’m going to go in to national television shows, that’s the next demo, figure out a way to do that because I want to go chase that dream that I had when I was a kid. No, I want to encourage everyone as kids, or as adults go back to him and think about what you wanted as a kid and whatever took that dream for you get it back, and then go after it.

Mike Malatesta  24:41

Yeah, find out, find your curiosity and grab a hold of it again, because it goes away and then the world wants to keep it away and it’s easy to just ignore it. After that, so. Oh, good I’m so we’re gonna see you. We’re gonna see much more of you. Sounds like.

Mike Ciorrocco  25:00

I’m hoping that that’s the case because I’m not gonna stop until it happens.

Mike Malatesta  25:04

Yeah. Good, good. So you grew up in, in Maryland now is that correct, or did you.

Mike Ciorrocco  25:11

So, till I was 18 I was in Delaware and Pennsylvania and then I moved to Maryland when I was 11 had been in Maryland since then. Now I’m in Ocean City Maryland So,

Mike Malatesta  25:21

okay, okay, I only ask because I grew up outside of Philadelphia myself and you do kind of have a blended sort of accent with some of that into my ear at least so I was curious. Yeah, yeah, okay. All right, so, um, so let’s get into the mortgage business. Like, how did you, you mentioned that you know your wife helped you get sort of focused you had the house that where you ended up meeting her, that’s which was a very good purchase on your part. And then nine years of in home sales, what is that what is in home sales.

Mike Ciorrocco  26:02

I was in the restaurant business and a guy. Oh yeah. Company’s name’s Joe, he ended up being a really good friend and mentor to me. He he’s allowed to come work for me. And so I don’t know why don’t, what do you do, but he was selling churches and systems in homes, they would do demonstrations in homes with water,

Mike Malatesta  26:19

like water softeners and such.

Mike Ciorrocco  26:21

Yeah, I went into that business for about nine years actually, and I felt you know what I did, man I felt stuck. I was there for a while I was making some money for the first time in my life like real, real money, and I just felt stuck I knew that it wasn’t for me, the long term, but I didn’t have the confidence to go out and do something. Something else until I met my wife, until I figured, you know, I want to do something else in my life, I need to figure it out, so I started going on a journey of exploration and figuring out what do I really want to do with my life. And, you know, it ended up going into something else which is real estate and mortgage business. And you know I like don’t get me wrong, I like the mortgage business, to an extent, but it’s really still not my passion. My passion is working with people building people. And so what I was able to get out of the mortgage industry and building the company and then a branch and the division was being able to work with people and develop my people that work.

Mike Malatesta  27:18

Yeah, that’s what I really liked. And did you think, did you think Mike that that was sort of a gift of yours. All long or at least you know by the time you became a young adult or was it because I’m trying to think of like, you got this. I call it a nine to five sales job, you know, so but it probably wasn’t maybe it was different hours but doesn’t matter where you’re sort of, it’s your sort of like, I don’t know, autonomous kind of on your own, you know, meeting people and not really working with people to make them better or whatever did but did you, was it always there, or was there something that happened along the way where you’re like, hey, I think I got, you know, a different purpose in my life and,

Mike Ciorrocco  28:04

you know, when I was a young kid well three or four years old, I remember my mom’s telling me all the time your inspiration. You’re so I was a leader, as long as I have my intention, and when I was working on myself as a kid, all the way up to 80 Yeah, I got 18 I stopped working on myself, I can’t help other people when I’m not working on myself, I needed some help. Good point time right. So, once I realized that I needed to straighten up and I started working on myself and self-development and taking care of myself physically reading more and all that, then I was able to really go back to that again and help people I’ve always tried to help people I’ve always tried to help people that were in trouble. You know I had a lot of family members that had alcohol problems, drug problems, my grandmother committed suicide. She had mental abuse our mental issues and drug abuse, and I used to try to talk to her and make the shows used to say, Can you make me feel better when I talk to you because I wouldn’t take any crap right now I would say listen, we got to work on something here you can, you can’t settle into this thing that you’re doing, right, not good it’s not just affect you and affect other people who chose to tell me your Mikey I made me feel so much better when you talk to me about these things and then I went off to college, Mike and when I went off to college, I couldn’t be around her as much and that’s when the event happened where she took them, you know, that reminded me that I need to be there. I need to search out people that need help, because I have an ability to make people feel better and put them on the right track. Yeah. And so, yeah, so I think that’s what it came back to working on myself, to take care of myself, put your mask on before you put someone else’s mask on, right.

Mike Malatesta  29:42

And was there. By the way, when, when that happened were you. Did it surprise you or did you think that your grandmother was maybe on that track, did you expect that at all?

Mike Ciorrocco  29:54

That would happen. I knew that, there’s times where she ran the holidays, we would overdose on side I know that meant that she was close to death or anything like that it was more just things that would affect my mom and my family members like they would be stressed out more and all that, but I would never assume that that would have happened. And then when I was told about it, you know I was shocked. Yeah,

Mike Malatesta  30:18

yeah. That’s too bad. Sorry to hear that. When I don’t want to get back to the to the transition from the sales job to this next phase was there. And I’m just curious. Was there something that happened or was it just like one day something happened to you were like, I know I know I gotta stop doing this and go on or was it a transition over time where you were just becoming frustrated or what.

Mike Ciorrocco  30:54

you’re not committed to it. Yeah, my graphs weren’t going up like they should. So you always look at your graphs in life like your graphs or for finances or your job production and sales, your graphs should have a nice slight increase, that’s a good graph when my graph sort of flattened out and going down, I knew something was up at that point, Not just my life all my life and my graphs and making sure that when they start to flatten out that that to me is a problem I need to fix it. So when that happened, I got my real estate license. Okay, and I went into that full force and then that’s when I found something that I was you know, passionate about again I did well and then I became a top producer. But the problem with that is I didn’t like showing people houses and I said okay, I can do this I like real estate. What are the guys doing in the mortgage part of it? They don’t have to show houses, but they do still do a lot of the other things. So let me do that. So then I got into the mortgage business back in 2005. And then from there, six, five or six. Then from there I just took off, and I came up with best top seller. Top Producer mortgages that I started managing and I started building branches of division, got up to as many as 40 Some people, employees, and now we’re continuing just to focus on that and scale and grow from there. But again I focus now on building people right I don’t spend a lot of time on the marketing and the actual business it’s more about how we can develop the people how can we get great trends and people bring people in that want to do the business but don’t know how and train them and get them on board. That’s the kind of things I focus on now.

Mike Malatesta  32:26

Got it. So it’s all about elevating the people inside your organization and then also enabling people that want to get into this as a career, to help them have that right.

Mike Ciorrocco  32:39

Yes. They just have to be willing to learn and accept that that’s you know that’s what we focus on. And then from there I you know I started thinking well I didn’t think bigger, like I need to play bigger games, big enough. So then we got into a situation where we were opening up a tech company. We have tech product coming out in about 60 days called blueprints if that’s going to change the world of entrepreneurship and self-development. And it’s the purpose of this company, by the way. The purpose of this company is to get rid of the excuse for anyone to ever use again the fact that they don’t know how to use them. You know there’s a lot of training video courses out there a lot of books not coaching going on. But what if you wanted to do something, let’s just say you want to start a podcast, Mike, and you wanted to create it in top podcast, but you didn’t know how you can get coached, and somebody could show you or what if there was a way where somebody put their blueprints of their success. Let’s say there was a top 10 podcast or step by step process and what he did. From the start, you reverse engineer before you put it in a project management format. So it was algorithmic and or you could also put it into your calendar, so you know exactly what to do each day until you have that top podcast. That’s what a blueprint would be. And so we have this company blueprint and with oh and so the YUI blueprint, there’s going to be people that had success of all walks of life, whether it’s in a cage or starting a business, a podcast, whatever it might be, they’re gonna put their blueprints in our system, and then people are gonna be able to buy the blueprints to those success and never have to wonder how to do something again. And I’ve seen this over and over again in the self-development space that I’m in, and, you know, around all these people that I go to these entrepreneur, conferences, and people don’t take action. A lot of times because they don’t know what the first step is, they don’t know what the next step would be where they were where eventually ends to get to where they need to go. So it’s all laid out from them and they get it on the focus view above the playing field instead of being down on the playing field, we should see a lot of success comes from that in the entrepreneur space and business space.

Mike Malatesta  34:47

So I love that, by the way, I want to know if what you’re saying is that it’s one thing to go and be inspired or motivated or whatever, but that can be like without execution to back it up or execution help to back it I can be like okay I’m really about this and then there’s some obstacle that between me and getting there and I don’t know how to get over that obstacle and so I just don’t get there is that kind of what where you’re going.

Mike Ciorrocco  35:27

Anytime somebody takes no action of course they’re not going to be successful. Yeah, what about taking the wrong action, and going backwards, costs you time and money. Okay, right, and then also a lot of times people do not understand what it took to be successful the journey to success is often invisible. So if it’s laid out in front of you, you can choose better what you want to accomplish. Let’s say you have two things you’re interested in; you want to start a podcast, or you want to write a book. Now I’m just giving you these examples I don’t know. But but the podcast steps are laid out, and then write in a book and open the book and a bestselling book is laid out, and then you look at both of them and you say okay, here’s the steps to do this. Here’s the steps to do that, I’m going to choose the podcast because I don’t want, I don’t want to go through those steps. I don’t want to go through all that take with that case, and then they just don’t go that route and then start, and then they go to the podcast route, and they knock that out, Then they may come back to the book thing but it gives them an idea of what it really takes to be successful and so a lot of times like I said, to understand really what people go through to get that success that they had there’s no luck out there. And people just don’t understand that so this is going to give, give a clear picture should save people a lot of time, a lot of money and help them decide what they want to do a lot easier.

Mike Malatesta  36:41

And is it going to be career or activity or business, specific, like you mentioned podcasts or book or is it going to be general like here’s what you need to do to be prepared for success as an entrepreneur, how are you approaching.

Mike Ciorrocco  36:58

So it’s a social media app basically so you’re gonna have a profile everybody will have a profile with followers, you’re following. Like any of their other ones, and then also on your page. If you do a blueprint, your blueprint to be listed on your page. And then if somebody wants to search for something, and it can be anything from how to start a coaching business, how to, how to, I don’t know, I mean there’s so many different, anything that you can think of somebody can reverse engineer their success, and then they’ll be able to search for keywords or what have you and then those blueprints will pop up. And then again, it’s a social media thing so people could do videos and coaching through the system as well on their blueprints. So there’s so much that we can do with it, it’s just it’s a really exciting time for us.

Mike Malatesta  37:44

So it sounds like Wikipedia for entrepreneur’s kind of probably don’t have that right, but I’m think that’s the first thing that came to my mind but alright so are you. Do you mind if we talk about this more? Yeah, so before I get into that question, where’d the idea come from like where was the sort of aha, this is what’s missing.

Mike Ciorrocco  38:10

There’s a great story behind this. So I’ve been doing a lot of outreach on all social media platforms through direct messaging or the message features in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, I met I met a lot of great people, but I met one, in particular, one gentleman in particular the thing with Jared Yellen, and we connected, and we did an Instagram live interview we did not talk my purpose is to build people, and I started a company called people building. And I want to build people, and how can you build people, my mission is all people are unstoppable to live in the life of their dreams. So he got talking about what he did and basically, he takes on having visions that are not techie and turns their vision into a tech product. But he hears pitches, and he doesn’t always take them, they have, they go through market research and they go through and see if there’s any competition out there. So we are talking and we both put our heads together on this product and we’re like, Man, this, this could be pretty awesome. I think this one, because there’s nothing else like it out there. Digital trading platforms and they’ve been nothing like this. So, we got talking and then we started doing brainstorming sessions and I think it’s called. I hate it, or something.

Mike Malatesta  39:21

Yeah, that’s a word. Yep.

Mike Ciorrocco  39:25

And we go and we just started putting together, and we started design that wireframe and then now we see it actually, it’s come to life. And then we put a video together as far as how this is going to be put out to the market and who’s going to get involved with it, how are we going to sell it and how are we going to market it, and we put all this in place, and we haven’t even an exit strategy now but putting this thing together and actually for billions of dollars.

Mike Malatesta  39:50

Okay, so that’s a good exit strategy. Sure,

Mike Ciorrocco  39:52

yeah, yeah, so you got to think big to get there and you know there’s all kinds of data that’s going to be collected with this there’s just, besides the revenue that is very valuable. And so, not only that it’s going to change the way to be able to lead you know create lead magnets. You know people want to get their blueprints away and not sell and they can do that when people put their email and cell phone in there, then they can market to them.

Mike Malatesta  40:19

Well, that’s what I was gonna ask you on the cultivation of the blueprints So, too, so a couple things are one to do you are the company goes and actually solicits from certain people like hey, give us your blueprint will share it and there’s a fee for that or there’s some type of back end, I don’t know, or, people are like, Hey, if you want if you have a blueprint, go ahead and share it. I’m wondering about the, the sourcing and vetting process for what goes up there, or what will?

Mike Ciorrocco  40:51

It’s a rating system so people can read the blueprints, okay and be a bio on the person in places where people can go investigate who the person is. And of course the higher, more well-known people high profile people the more successful people, they’re going to be able to sell the blueprints for more money. So it’s gonna be kind of a natural selection, in that case where the people that are not as known, and they might have a blueprint, they might be successful, what the markets going to determine what they’re gonna be able to charge for the blueprint. Okay, and so then we’ll have a vetting system via the ratings, you know we’ll have success stories and people be able to read people’s blueprints. And not only that, you know, we’re going to have to have some sort of source of proof that they’ve had some success, and we’re planning on doing is going to people that have had successful businesses and then have big audiences and go into them and tell them about this product and that they can reverse engineer their success. They need to come aboard with us, and then they’re going to be the ones are going to share with their audiences and they’re going to be our salespeople.

Mike Malatesta  41:48

Okay, so if, if she rocks blueprint for what do you made of is up there for how to, you know, do a great podcast then people would be able to effectively buy the blueprint. And then it’s it up to them to execute on it or is there, further Okay, so.

Mike Ciorrocco  42:13

Right, yeah, so they can take the blueprint and upload it into a project management system or use our project management system or upload it to their calendar, whatever they want, and then they can follow the steps that are given to them. Okay, now that’s do it yourself, right. And anytime there’s coaching going on. There’s do it yourself, do it with us, or we do it for you. And each one costs more money,

Mike Malatesta  42:37

like most things in life. Yeah. Okay.

Mike Ciorrocco  42:42

You know what, I can handle this, or they’re gonna say, you know what, I just need a little help getting through it, or they’re gonna say, wow, it’s blueprints intensive I bought it from you. I’m not gonna be able to do this by myself, can you just do it for me and how much does that cost.

Mike Malatesta  42:55

Okay, so on your end and would be not just finding people to provide the blueprints, but also building a team that can help folks who want coaching or execution how to actually do it or is that going to be third. Okay so you’re just you’re so you’re okay. Okay,

Mike Ciorrocco  43:16

let me put it through, we get a little cut.

Mike Malatesta  43:18


Mike Ciorrocco  43:20

like that,

Mike Malatesta  43:21

and who, from an entrepreneur from a budding entrepreneur or maybe this this eating entrepreneur who wants to do more. Who are you, who are you targeting with this who’s the ideal sort of prospect?

Mike Ciorrocco  43:34

Well first of all, anybody that hasn’t big audiences. Number one, okay, have a big audience or reasonably, you know somebody like Grant Cardone, or Tony Robbins, or if you think about very successful chiropractors or dentists, no I have dentist that I’ve run into that have successful businesses and they’re very good at the business, and they were a dentist, but there’s a lot of dentists out there that don’t know how to run a business, they don’t know how to run a successful practice just could put a blueprint in there of how to have a successful dental practice.



Mike Ciorrocco  44:06

okay, but the steps in there how to do it, and they can structure their blueprint however they’d like. And then other dentists could buy from that. DENTIST now, let’s say, the dentist goes around and he’s a speaker and he goes around speaking to conferences and does podcasts, what happens if you go around and talk about what he’s got in his blueprint, but he could take people listen if you really want them to blueprint to success in the dental practice, go buy my blueprint.

Mike Malatesta  44:32

Got it. Okay so from a, from a, from the that person standpoint blueprint is really another marketing channel for them. Right, so they’re already. Yeah. Cool. That’s a very interesting idea my

Mike Ciorrocco  44:50

The dentist also wants to take it to another level. First patients, and not talk about a dental practice but once it teaches patients really how to take care of their teeth. Oh,


oh yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  45:05

they could charge $25 for it, or whatever the case here and say hey, here’s a way to really take advantage take care of the pizza you don’t come to me and spend a lot more money on cavities. There’s so much, I mean, it’s so scalable it’s funny. You’re funny. And that’s, that’s exciting part about it.

Mike Malatesta  45:23

Yeah, and I guess when I’m listening to you, I’m thinking okay so you don’t have to think of all the ideas, the users are gonna think of, oh yeah, like, Oh, I saw this, but there’s not this so I’m gonna create this and

Mike Ciorrocco  45:39

see together. Yeah, and when you do that there’s a lot of creative people out there, I don’t have to be the most creative person in the world. It’s got to get spark. Yeah, and the rocket fuel so to speak, is all the brainpower that we put behind it, because, you know, the more creative they get, the more ideas they get the more successful, they’re going to be the higher ratings are going to be the more blueprints are gonna build so

Mike Malatesta  45:59

yeah. Cool. And you said what 60 days or so when you’re going to

Mike Ciorrocco  46:06

be MVP, a minimum of Bibles should be out in 60 days right.

Mike Malatesta  46:10

Good for you. Good for you. So let’s, um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to talk about the book writing process for you. Yeah, so I don’t, and maybe there’ll be a blueprint about this and I’m sort of getting there early, but I guess one is I’m always curious about people who write books so I’m curious about the reason I’m curious about what the trigger was so reason on a bigger level the actual trigger and then the process itself how you ended up doing it because it’s, it’s not, it’s, it looks easy when it’s done and you’ve got it out there and rocket fuels all over the all over the world but getting it from, you know, a to that point is not often very easy so I’m curious how you did it.

Mike Ciorrocco  47:02

I laughed because you know I was actually I looked up to people that were books, you know, I read a lot of books and I always looked up to them, never, never imagined that I’d be able to do that, or never imagined that I would do it right, you know, but when I started going through some really tough times in my adulthood in my business, and trying to figure out, like why I was so insecure in some areas, and why I was introverted, I’m actually an extrovert I was introverted reported and not being the animal that I that I ended. I started to realize that things like wait a minute. I need to get, I need to get knowledge, like they the kilogram security is knowing something whenever you’re insecure about if you find more knowledge on it, it removes insecurity, so I started doing that I went on a journey of, basically, maybe it was a midlife crisis or something or midlife journey, I’ll say, but I went and started really reading and trying to understand things and being mentored and then I realized, you know I need to I need to share this with people. This is powerful. No change. Yeah. And so, when things happen a lot of times where you lose in securities by gaining knowledge you become an evangelist about. So and then I started sharing my story with people on my podcast and other podcasts and people were inspired by it and I said you know what, how can I reach more people. What if I was able to reach millions of people with a story because I tell 10? They’re excited though they’re inspired by it. I mean, multiply that by 10 by millions who happens inside to figure out ways to do that to the podcast was one than the book was the other thing and yet as far as the book writing journey. Never went through that before. You know, it’s a grind. It’s a grind Sunday’s roller set up, you know, certain time, you know, the amount of pages your word you want to write in a day and then that day you just can’t do it because you’re just not taking you can’t think of anything, nothing’s coming to you. Yeah, and it’s so frustrating but it’s normal. Yeah. And, you know, it’s a grind and then when you’re done writing the book, and you go right back and read through it, you’re second guessing yourself on the stuff that I wrote about, or things that I picked up and I I’m around every single day the concepts that I started reading them like, everybody knows this stuff. But when I handed it to someone read they’re like No, no, not everybody knows this is good. But then it goes to, how’s it reading. Well, it reads like you don’t talk with an editor and the writing coach to help me with some of the things, and re structure, some of the sentences or paragraphs. It’s a grind and every time they do that, you got to read back through it. So, you know, it’s an exhausting journey but some people are really good at it. Some people love it they go easy today it was a grind and, but I liked it and I wanted to accomplish it and finish it. And I’m just excited to get it out to people now.

Mike Malatesta  49:51

And did you follow someone else’s blueprint on that or did you sort of blueprint yourself.

Mike Ciorrocco  49:57

No really, when it came down to was, I had a coach that would kind of guide me through okay here’s how you do it, you know, your brain dump all your content in journals the jab podcast let’s transcribe your podcast and just put everything in one document, and then from there you know we take the paragraph, I’m sorry the chapters, let’s lay out some chapters and get started where we can kind of break it down and put know if it’s about resilience, let’s put it in a resiliency chapter, your story that’s putting into your story chapter. And so we just kind of break it down and you just whittle away whittle away with away until you have something that looks like a manuscript. And yeah, so I just got guided through that process, you know,

Mike Malatesta  50:37

okay. And did you sorry this is an in the weeds question, but did you use. Did you do any dictation for your writing or did you just write or how did you. How’d you do it.

Mike Ciorrocco  50:49

The Word. Word has the dictation buttons, yeah.



Mike Ciorrocco  50:56

You know, you’d have to say period at the end of sentences and things, and it was kind of tough. Some days I would just depending on what I felt like,

Mike Malatesta  51:02

Yeah, I’m just really interested because I just got done with my first manuscript and I tried different things along the way and I always like to just see what someone else’s experience was, was like you mentioned, when you were struggling with some issues in your business, this notion of introverted and insecurity and I read one of your blogs about anxiety and I got the impression that you know there’s some of it. You were you were teaching people or talking to people about, I think three ways to deal with anxiety, but I figured, some of that probably came from you, you know how you maybe have dealt with anxiety and I’m so when you look at, when I look at you, you’re very confident guy you’ve got, got a very sort of defined purpose and you mentioned extroverted and all these things and I’m just wondering, what has to go on. In order for you to feel, you know, insecure or anxious or introverted as opposed to how you naturally feel I’m

Mike Ciorrocco  52:07

surrounding myself with.



Mike Ciorrocco  52:10

And I had something inside of me something special. But when I would bring it out, those people were toward the wrong people couldn’t relate to it. They weren’t necessarily ethical or moral people I’ve looked for production in our company without making sure that people were rightly aligned with our vision of our company and, you know, they weren’t what they just weren’t aligned, they were meet people, they weren’t team people and I would go out into production, rather than focusing on the culture, and then when I did that, we get some of the production but I would come home, miserable at night. Okay then eventually when I put my foot down those people would leave and I wasn’t confident enough at the time to really feel like I could build it back up. Without those people.


Oh, gotcha. Okay,

Mike Ciorrocco  52:58

so really, I could do that I just didn’t have the confidence because I wasn’t doing it, I wasn’t working on myself and I wasn’t practicing it and finding out what I need to do to get it done. Once I was able to do that, I run it into a guy named Grant Cardone. He unleashed the beast, and he gave me the company he allowed me to have the confidence and the validity that what I was doing, called me while holding people accountable is what you’re supposed to do. I wasn’t the wrong one, I was the crazy one those people were the wrong ones they were the crazy ones. So justified my position in the company as leader and then I was like okay I just need to find the right people that align with our compensation. Got it. If they don’t want to be there and they’re not aligned it’s okay to let them go. And there’s a lot of anxiety that went around that there was a lot of anxiety around not going. And so that’s what I was speaking about there, and there’s times, you know, still, like I said, I just came back from the group con and I’m like, the energy that was that that event in Miami, this weekend, when you come back home to, you know, a quiet place and it’s just like, Man, I miss that like, push yourself to go do it anyway like I got to get back on the horse, I got to go after the things I’ve gotten. Sure, sure, sure. And then one other thing that there’s times where I don’t know if I’m on the right track or not, sometimes, like I have goals I have big giant grand goals and I’m like, Am I on the right track here. And I know people that are listening have felt this like, am I going where I need to go. Am I doing enough I might do it the right things, what if I’m not doing the right things, and I’m going hard on. And I’m committed and I’m working hard, but they’re the wrong things. You know, I’m meeting all kinds of people as well my god of network that’s best very successful people celebrities high profile people. But what goes through my head a lot of times is I supposed to be doing something with these people more than, Yeah, you know, like what’s the point of having these relationships if I’m not offering my systems value to them or, or vice versa? So these are the kinds of things like insecure about and think about a lot.

Mike Malatesta  55:01

Okay, that makes total sense because I think, especially the thing you said about, you know, employees and all these ways this is my experience I think it’s most entrepreneurs experiences you know it’s a lot of work to replace somebody, even if they’re not the person you want, you know, but, but you look at instead of you looking at it as an opportunity to get somebody better you look at as a job, to replace somebody and I get it I mean I’ve done it many times. It’s hard to actually switch and say you know what’s more important is that right person. Right, fits the culture and all that, that’s way more important than what they can do, because we can make them better at what they do. I can’t make their. I can’t make their, their, their attitude I can’t make their belief system. Mine. It’s just too hard of a thing to do.

Mike Ciorrocco  55:58

is when I made the decision in my mind that I would go back to just be myself alone, and then add one person at a time that was aligned with my vision for my company. And when I laid that out and I was okay with that inside of 3d. Then I went to the team and told him the same thing

Mike Malatesta  56:15

that you would be willing to do that in other words like I’m willing to go back and just write, right. Yeah, sure. Yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  56:22

cashflow issues and have to worry about moving cash limit my lifestyle. I don’t want to do that, but I will. And that’s the worst case scenario. Okay, so I went back to the team and I told them that. Guys, listen, I know what to think, to be successful. I’m studying more than any of you are meant to be a mentor, but more, more than any of you guys know if you want to help and come do that and I said this to my leadership team you guys want to get on board and be the animal I’m obsessed about learning as much as you can about executive leadership about business. Come on, I welcome you, but if you’re not going to do that, I know the answer of where we got to go and you need to guys, you need to get on board with it, or you need to leave. Because I tell the total team, I’m okay doing this by half two, I don’t want to, by myself, rather than deal with replacing or not doing what we need to do and those that are not alive. Got it. And I’m not living my life like that.

Mike Malatesta  57:11

Very mature. Yeah, glad you got there, there’s a lot of us, a lot of people don’t get there, they just, they just, you know, they don’t put the foot down, they don’t.

Mike Ciorrocco  57:22

Here’s where it comes from, it strictly comes from this lack of knowledge. And when you don’t know something, you introvert, that’s what I was talking about introvert Yes. Whoa, and you allow somebody else to be the cause instead of the effect.

Mike Malatesta  57:38

And when you so you explain to us very eloquently how, what your father did to you lit the fire, and then you sort of casually mentioned as you were talking about some of the stuff you just were that this Grant Cardone unleashed the beast so if your dad lit the fire what happened. What did he do sprained Cardo and what did he do on leash, your, your beast as you said,

Mike Ciorrocco  58:05

things like that thing I just talked about confidence comes from knowing something.

Mike Malatesta  58:09

yeah okay

Mike Ciorrocco  58:09

right and those kinds of things. I was trying to figure out why I was not confident, why was like I was being the effect of things and not being the cause and that like you want to be the cause of something, right, you know, and that’s, again it goes back to responsibility to me like you got to be able to be self-responsible. I was thinking somebody screwed me over the other company, no loss of money. Somebody took it, but I got to take responsibility for that. It was my fault. I should have watched better I should have been more confident; I should have been, you know. So, once I was able to take control of my ticket 100% responsibility it changed everything and that’s what I was able to do and learn from him.

Mike Malatesta  58:48

So let me ask you a question here and then we’re coming up on the end but I’m just curious now that you brought that up, so I think a lot about responsibility as being way different than responsible. And I want to see how you think about it so I for a long time. I would when I was running my first business things that would happen, I felt responsible for. And when I was responsible for them, they got to me personally, they said something about me. And it took me a long time of finally I realized that that I had that all wrong. I mean, I have to take responsibility for everything. It’s not the same thing people respond. So, as you were talking about that that’s what came to my mind, I wanted to just throw that out there and see how you think about that.

Mike Ciorrocco  59:42

much, get into right now but that person was responsible for that. He has to take responsibility and control of my life and one from you. And then also move on and learn as much as I can find out what opportunities were there and turn it into rocket fuel. Yeah, that’s 100% agree, you put that in great words.

Mike Malatesta  1:00:03

All right, well see rock this has been so much fun you gave me so much to think about and I’m really excited about this blueprint thing I’m gonna, I’m gonna keep up on that because, who knows, maybe I can contribute or maybe I can, I’m sure I can get some value out of one blueprint or another is that what you’re going to call the people boot printers, is that okay, cool, cool. So, um, so how do you want people to connect with you.

Mike Ciorrocco  1:00:31 And if you go to that website, Forward slash book is where the book, landing pages but if you just go to www.MikeCRoc.Com  you can check out everything there. I’m all over Instagram @Mikeycroc. Instagram is my favorite platform if you guys want to check me out there.

Mike Malatesta  1:00:56

thanks for being on the show. I appreciate it. Okay. Thank you.

Mike Ciorrocco  1:01:05

Great questions. I love your job.

Mike Malatesta  1:01:06

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Yeah, I’m going to I’m going to get your book I like to often I like to talk to people before I get the book because I want to make sure that I’m kind of bought in, but I’m gonna get that and check it out. So, thank you for convincing me. And is there anything that I can do for you.


Well, you know, I’ll

Mike Ciorrocco  1:01:28

Well, you know, I’ll tell you one thing that will do for you is if you send the video of this to my team. Your episode, so I like to, I like to try to get people’s episode out on my platform as well as far as all my social media 250,000 followers. Okay, and so if you said the roll over while you’re doing your thing, we’ll come up to and just take snips and then tag you and promote your show via that if you’re


okay with it.

Mike Malatesta  1:01:52

Oh, awesome. So all you need is the raw that’s it. Yeah,

Mike Ciorrocco  1:01:56

we’ll do our thing and it’s double promoted, and engagement skyrocketed we do that.

Mike Malatesta  1:02:01

Okay. I’ll do it. I appreciate the offer.

Mike Ciorrocco  1:02:05

Thanks man. Stay in touch, I mean if there’s anything I can ever do for you but when this blueprint comes out, you know, we’re going to be putting it out via email and showing people and then I’ll be touching base with people and set up, you know it’s going to be directing all my time towards that because that’s our big money but opposite our big impact, but

Mike Malatesta  1:02:21

I tell you I really like the way you think, I like I like your experience and having done all these different things and now, you know, thinking, helping 100 million people, you know, building a billion dollar business, whether that happens or not I like the way you’re thinking it’s really, it’s really inspiring. Well you got it. That’s the first part of making it happen is believing it’s going to happen. Alright, Okay. Okay, see you later. Thank you.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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