Mike Gosman, Betting on Strong Families to Rebuild Milwaukee – Episode 29

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Mike Gosman is the CEO of ACTS Housing, a non-profit with a mission of empowerment through homeownership.  

Mike graduated from Indiana University with a degree in History.  As a student, Mike was heavily involved in the Memorial Union Board, where he had the opportunity to plan major campus events that included visits from artists like Maya Angelou, bands like the Red-Hot Chili Peppers and sports legends like Indian’s own Coach Bobby Knight.

After school, Mike moved to New York City to begin his career, where he struggled to find the kind of work he wanted. Eventually feeling the need to be further “credentialed,” Mike went to law school at the University of Chicago and practiced law as an associate for 3 years before deciding that he wasn’t making the kind of difference that he thought he could.

I’m Joe DeNucci, Mike’s Podcast producer and Blog collaborator.  

Mike M and Mike G cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how Mike took a two-year law school sabbatical to play poker and how a chance networking encounter led him, first, to volunteering for ACTS Housing and eventually joining the organization as its Assistant Director.  He also shares how he first thought about the renting versus owning of a house issue as “a math problem” before he knew about the mental health and family decision making problems that often accompany the chaos of not being certain about where, how long and under what conditions a family will be living.   

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