Nick Bauer, Billion Dollar Underdog in Asset Management – Episode 12

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Nick is the founder and Managing Partner of Operose Partners, an investment advisory and family services firm he started in 2017.  It’s off to a phenomenal start.  Prior to starting Operose, Nick was a partner at Geneva Capital and helped the firm grow its assets under management from $1BB to $7BB in 3 years.  He joined Henderson Global Investors after that firm purchased Geneva Capital in 2014.  Nick is a UW Milwaukee graduate with a degree in Finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst.  

Nick abandoned his high school desire to be on the radio after becoming mesmerized by the constantly rolling stock symbol banner he saw on CNBC.  With limited college options, Nick chose UWM because he wanted to be in an urban setting – which he thought would be the best place for him to learn about, be close to and achieve success. 

He thought that his dream had come true when he was hired by Merrill Lynch in Chicago on September 12, 2011 (that’s right – one day after 9/11).  He talks about what happened next.  

Nick believes that luck has played a big part in his success, buoyed and enhanced by his faith, hard work, preparation and nose for opportunity.  He’s driven as well by a fear a failure – which is a recurring theme amongst guests on the podcast.  

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Nick about his entrepreneurial spirit, what makes him unique, being a rebellious, punk teenager and always putting himself last. He believes in progress – not perfection – with a dash of “I’m never satisfied”  added in for good measure.  It’s a fun conversation with authentic and industrious success.

Please enjoy Mike Malatesta and Nick Bauer.


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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