Nick Maris, CEO Somna Therapeutics – Episode 6

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Nick Maris, the CEO of Somna Therapeutics, is on the podcast today. Somna Therapeutics is a Germantown WI based medical product startup that is revolutionizing the treatment of severe acid reflux with their wearable RefluxBandTM

Nick has a BS from Marquette University and did his MBA work at Marquette and Boston College.  He’s also a hustler with a “figure it out” mentality (as you will hear).

Nick is one of those unique leaders who’s been successful in a number of diverse and different industries.  He’s “figured out” how to make his experiences and fresh set of eyes more valuable than his direct industry experience.  He approaches every new opportunity by thinking about how his “transferrable skills” apply to the business’ issues.  It’s a fascinating perspective.

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Nick about his business and leadership experiences, growing up with his Mom and 5 sisters in the Westlawn projects, becoming his High School Valedictorian and how he chose Marquette over the US Air Force Academy.  

It’s a fascinating conversation with a compassionate, patient, humble and authentic leader.

Please enjoy Mike and Nick Maris.


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