Noah Rickun, Fearless Sales President Rocking 20x Growth – Episode 44

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Noah Rickun is the President of Sales and Marketing at ETE Reman, a leading, family owned, automobile transmission remanufacturer.  Noah graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where, in addition to getting his degree, he became an entrepreneur as well, creating a market for used musical instruments that he sourced through a newspaper ad and then sold on Ebay.  After graduation, and a short stint as a music producer in New York, Noah moved back to Milwaukee, found his ‘love-at-first-sight’ wife, Marina, started and family and, just because, also started a six-year journey to earn a law degree from Marquette Law School.  

Mike and Noah cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he learned to make deals and hustle as a kid working in his Dad’s antique business, being a TV star in one of the earliest reality shows called MTV Road Rules, becoming a widely renowned speaker and how he became an overnight success – and it only took 17 years.  

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Please enjoy Noah Rickun.


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