Paul Neuberger, President, Going “All In” on Your Top 3 Talents – Episode 112

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Paul Neuberger, President, Going All In On your Top 3 Talents - How It Happen Podcast

Paul Neuberger is the president of The Starr Group, which advises clients on business insurance, group health, personal lines and everything in between. Paul’s also the Founder of C-Suite for Christ, the Founder & CEO of the Cold Call Coach, the author of the best selling book The Secrets to Cold Call Success, the Founder and CEO of the Young Guns Movement and an international keynote speaker.

Mike and Paul cover a ton of great stuff in this episode like how his father helped build his confidence and challenged him to constantly improve, his initial direction to attend medical school and the critical moment that turned his life in a different direction, why he can’t live without challenge in his life, his unique ability to blueprint a path for people to make the impossible, possible, why he chooses to live a life that gives back, and much more.

And now here’s Paul Neuberger.

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