Paul Schueller, CEO, Energizing Sustainability for Utility Companies – Episode 70

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Paul Schueller is the founder and CEO of Franklin Energy, and the author of “The Squeeze” his debut novel, which Mike highly recommends. From a young age, Paul became interested in power generation and that interest led him to become a mechanical engineer and get a job at the local gas & utility company, where he worked for 7 years before deciding it wasn’t the best place for him. Along the way, he met some folks with whom he became partners and started a few businesses that ultimately did not work out. He learned from those experiences and started Franklin Energy on his own with a mission to help utilities communicate better with their customers about energy saving programs. From that humble beginning, Paul has led the company’s growth to more than 1000 employees with 60 offices in 35 states. 

Mike and Paul cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including his brief stint as an insurance agent, how he’s adapted to having 4 different private equity partners in his business, why change is good for him, how he’s continued to hone his company’s services to complement its customer’s needs, and why he has a passion for sustainability.

And now here’s Paul Schueller.

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