Prince Daniels, How I Mastered the Game Beyond the NFL (#207)

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Prince Daniels

Prince Daniels, Jr. is a former NFL running back who is now a High Performance Mentor, Author, Podcaster, and Founder of Game Beyond the Game. His mantra is “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is”. That is something that has been a part of his life from a very young age, where he faced new experiences and challenges without fear. Just to mention a few, he jumped out the porch of his house at 19-month old, and the first time he rode a bike it was without training wheels.

When he first started playing football, he was told that he’d never play college. He not only ended up doing that, but he also made it to the NFL, where he obtained several accomplishments, including a still existing NCAA bowl game record of 311 yards and four touchdowns at the Humanitarian Bowl. In 2006, he was drafted by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, for which he played for three seasons until his career ended prematurely due to injury. Physically and emotionally hurt, Prince Daniels went through an identity crisis, something not uncommon when athletes retire. Thanks to his fortitude, he was able to rebuild himself through the use of meditation, while also living for some time in a monastery, where he found his calling: helping professional athletes find their vision and purpose in the game beyond the game, life.

High Performance with Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit

Whether you are an athlete or a high achiever, you need to function at your best, consistently, over the long term. You need to be in a High Performance state. Prince Daniels has developed a method that uses centuries-old practices to unleash the untapped power within. By balancing and connecting your mind, body, and spirit, you will feel at the same time more powerful yet more at peace.

  • Mind: Through consistent mindful exercise, you will build more mental strength, increase brain function, lift your mood and have overall better health, both internally and physically.
  • Body: The physical body is affected by our emotions. Our thoughts dictate how we feel and our energy level influences our mind and our thoughts.
  • Spirit: With meditation, you can increase your awareness, focus, concentration, and inner tranquility.

You can learn more about this concept in Prince’s book “Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace”, and on his Game Beyond the Game Membership.

And now here’s Prince Daniels, Jr.

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Video on How Prince Daniels Mastered the Game Beyond the NFL

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Podcast with Prince Daniels. How I Mastered the Game Beyond the NFL.


00:00:10.679 –> 00:00:22.170

Mike Malatesta: Okay 321 hey everybody welcome back to the show i’m i’m booked just fell, I appreciate you being here today as I always do yeah that’s a bad start.


00:00:22.650 –> 00:00:36.060

Mike Malatesta: I appreciate you being here, as I always do, and I am very happy to be fulfilling my promise to you today by bringing you another amazing success story i’ve got Prince Daniels jr with me today Prince, welcome to the show.


00:00:36.600 –> 00:00:38.160

Prince Daniels Jr: Thank you for having me Mike.


00:00:38.700 –> 00:00:41.340

Mike Malatesta: So let me tell you a little bit about Prince before we get going.


00:00:42.390 –> 00:00:53.370

Mike Malatesta: So prints is a former nfl running back turned high performance mentor author and entrepreneur who lives by the by the mantra nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.


00:00:54.000 –> 00:01:02.280

Mike Malatesta: love that, by the way, Prince is his personal story is one of determination and a true to life testimony that anything is possible.


00:01:03.420 –> 00:01:12.120

Mike Malatesta: princess football career began as a walk on for the Georgia tech yellow jackets his coach told him that he’d never play college football, let alone make it to the nfl.


00:01:12.720 –> 00:01:21.180

Mike Malatesta: He not only played but it became a two time all conference tailback and the fourth leading rusher in Georgia tech history with 3300 yards.


00:01:22.290 –> 00:01:26.640

Mike Malatesta: He was selected as a two time all academic all ACC student athlete.


00:01:26.820 –> 00:01:39.240

Mike Malatesta: And in 2004 Prince ran for a still exists it’s still existing ncaa bowl game record of 311 yards and four touchdowns at the humanitarian bowl that’s awesome.


00:01:41.940 –> 00:01:49.920

Mike Malatesta: He was drafted by the baltimore ravens in 2006 and played for three seasons there until his career ended prematurely due to an injury.


00:01:50.790 –> 00:01:56.430

Mike Malatesta: That happens using meditation as a tool for recovery from his depression and loss of identity.


00:01:57.000 –> 00:02:04.920

Mike Malatesta: Prince found his calling of helping professional athletes find their vision and purpose in the game beyond the game life.


00:02:05.610 –> 00:02:15.270

Mike Malatesta: His new book mindfulness for the ultimate athlete mastering the balance between power and peace helps athletes and high achievers reach their ultimate potential.


00:02:15.900 –> 00:02:22.860

Mike Malatesta: His podcast is the Prince Daniels jr show i’ve listened to a couple of episodes of that in my preparation for this very nicely done.


00:02:23.670 –> 00:02:24.060

Prince Daniels Jr: Thank you.


00:02:25.140 –> 00:02:27.600

Mike Malatesta: His website his prints jr.


00:02:28.620 –> 00:02:29.940

Mike Malatesta: No, yes, Prince.


00:02:32.100 –> 00:02:43.710

Mike Malatesta: Prince Daniels jr I have written backwards Prince Daniels jr calm he’s at at prints a DJ are on instagram and prints Daniels jr on linkedin.


00:02:45.000 –> 00:02:55.140

Mike Malatesta: From an athlete who realized his dreams of playing in the nfl and going on to live a thriving and purpose driven life prints his message is nothing short of inspirational.


00:02:55.920 –> 00:03:02.730

Mike Malatesta: So prints and so happy to have you here today, I start every show with a simple question man, and that is how it happened for you.


00:03:06.120 –> 00:03:08.340

Prince Daniels Jr: How did it happen for me well.


00:03:12.210 –> 00:03:14.970

Prince Daniels Jr: It happened for me in the most.


00:03:16.140 –> 00:03:18.750

Prince Daniels Jr: Subsequent way animals.


00:03:20.340 –> 00:03:21.570

Prince Daniels Jr: Faith driven way.


00:03:23.640 –> 00:03:33.900

Prince Daniels Jr: It was and and you know resilience and persistence and just believing you know, believing believing in my ability to.


00:03:35.850 –> 00:03:45.990

Prince Daniels Jr: To make something happen to create something you know what by nature we’re all creators and we will make by a creator came from a created.


00:03:46.500 –> 00:03:59.940

Prince Daniels Jr: To start creating it so i’ve always felt that I had the confidence within me, and I can do anything that I put on my my mind in my heart to and that’s what I did you know, and so in everything that I.


00:04:02.730 –> 00:04:19.230

Prince Daniels Jr: came into contact with you know I would always put a pure heart into it and a curious mind and that always allow for me to flourish and become great in whatever that I do you know, and I never ever looked at a situation.


00:04:20.340 –> 00:04:34.770

Prince Daniels Jr: From a fear stance first was always that what I can do not what I can’t do right, you know, so it was always, what can I, what can I do, and a lot of people they are conditioned to be to think that.


00:04:36.060 –> 00:04:42.870

Prince Daniels Jr: I can’t do that, and when you express a verbalize I can’t do something.


00:04:44.070 –> 00:05:06.450

Prince Daniels Jr: you’re correct and the action follows, but when you express that you can then all the cells in your body start to come together and they work together to help you make that virtualization become a reality, so if you say that you can’t or or you say that you can’t you’re right like him.


00:05:06.480 –> 00:05:06.930

Mike Malatesta: Yes.


00:05:06.990 –> 00:05:08.820

Like Henry Ford said yeah right.


00:05:10.050 –> 00:05:11.790

Mike Malatesta: And that did that come from.


00:05:13.050 –> 00:05:23.430

Mike Malatesta: Inside of you or did it come from was transferred to you by your parents were how did what age Do you remember having this mindset.


00:05:24.570 –> 00:05:36.660

Mike Malatesta: And I asked, because so many people struggle with getting to the point where they have that confidence, where they have that curious mind and when can’t is is a word that is not part of their vocabulary.


00:05:38.220 –> 00:05:57.030

Prince Daniels Jr: Well, I can give you two emphasis now you know a lot of things of our environment molds us into who we are and then, as we get older, we realize that there are things that we can learn, but for me it started when I was 19 months and I was very courageous very brave.


00:05:58.140 –> 00:05:58.830

Prince Daniels Jr: and


00:05:59.880 –> 00:06:03.480

Prince Daniels Jr: I was jumping off the porch and at 19 months.


00:06:05.280 –> 00:06:09.450

Prince Daniels Jr: Remember, well, I can vaguely remember but.


00:06:10.470 –> 00:06:24.360

Prince Daniels Jr: My mom and my great grandfather was sitting on the porch and I basically walked to the edge of the ports and I size that up how for my jump would be and I looked down, and I look back and I started smiling and.


00:06:25.680 –> 00:06:41.250

Prince Daniels Jr: I was getting ready to jump and before I jump my mom is about to stop me, but then my great grandfather stopped her and told her hey don’t stop that boy Look how courageous, he is he said I should go my right there, and so I jumped.


00:06:42.270 –> 00:06:58.890

Prince Daniels Jr: And when I jumped I feel I got does i’ve got dirt and dust on me got back up and I did it again and I did it again and I did it so many times, you know when I when it was time for me to go inside the House Basically, they just put me to sleep they didn’t give me you.


00:06:59.820 –> 00:07:00.450

Mike Malatesta: know because.


00:07:00.870 –> 00:07:02.010

Prince Daniels Jr: I was enjoying myself.


00:07:02.100 –> 00:07:02.790

Mike Malatesta: And so right.


00:07:03.360 –> 00:07:06.510

Prince Daniels Jr: You know it began there but it actually be going.


00:07:07.860 –> 00:07:08.310

You know.


00:07:10.020 –> 00:07:24.090

Prince Daniels Jr: millennial years ago, you know aeons ago because that’s how it came out of the womb, I think that’s how a lot of kids come out of the womb, but it’s the environment that most in the next thing is at the age of five.


00:07:25.980 –> 00:07:43.260

Prince Daniels Jr: I had a dream that I could ride my bicycle and so leading up from two to five i’m pretty sure your parents probably give you some advice, but it’s it’s difficult to remember anything to happen between the ages of zero and four.


00:07:43.710 –> 00:07:54.720

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah so at the age of five I do remember this one particular moment where it was Christmas and we were in hattiesburg Mississippi on the campus of US him and.


00:07:56.430 –> 00:07:59.580

Prince Daniels Jr: I received a bicycle as my President.


00:08:00.660 –> 00:08:07.710

Prince Daniels Jr: And I happen to receive his bicycle with training wheels on it, but the night before I had a dream.


00:08:08.340 –> 00:08:16.650

Prince Daniels Jr: Where I actually saw the bicycle in the middle of the night, and so I went back to sleep and I had a dream that I wrote the bicycle without training wheels, and I was just on a cloud just running a bicycle.


00:08:17.010 –> 00:08:24.810

Prince Daniels Jr: So the next morning I wake up, I go to my mom I said mom I just had a dream that I could ride my bicycle bicycle without training wheels, can we take the training was off.


00:08:25.230 –> 00:08:31.470

Prince Daniels Jr: And she was just like you never ridden a bike before like no and I told I saw I saw my dreams, I can do it.


00:08:32.400 –> 00:08:43.830

Prince Daniels Jr: And she said okay well if you can do it then let’s go after that I went to go ask my dad and he said you think you can do it, I know I can so we go outside it takes the training wheels off.


00:08:45.000 –> 00:08:54.630

Prince Daniels Jr: I get on a bike without any assistance and what happens I follow, and when I fall over, and I can feel myself getting real hot any emotional in inside.


00:08:55.710 –> 00:09:01.770

Prince Daniels Jr: And I was on the verge of shedding some tears, but my dad he asked me just like.


00:09:03.990 –> 00:09:23.220

Prince Daniels Jr: You Okay, and some yeah and I told him I don’t want any help I got it so try to do it again and I fell to the other side, so the third time I decided to get clever and I saw a curve and I went to the curve and I put one foot on the curve, so I can balance myself on the.


00:09:23.220 –> 00:09:23.430

Mike Malatesta: bike.


00:09:24.060 –> 00:09:34.440

Prince Daniels Jr: The bike was too big for me and no training wheels right, so I get on the bike and I actually start pedaling and I can feel myself curling not feel the push down my right foot.


00:09:35.160 –> 00:09:46.800

Prince Daniels Jr: Left foot came and I remember the steering wheel was a bit shaky and all of a sudden, I started to gain a little speed and you know have some balance and i’m riding them like.


00:09:50.040 –> 00:09:52.920

Prince Daniels Jr: boom and I smashed into this big garbage can.


00:09:55.230 –> 00:09:55.710

You know.


00:09:57.210 –> 00:09:58.830

Prince Daniels Jr: So I didn’t know how to turn right.


00:09:59.910 –> 00:10:03.450

Prince Daniels Jr: In my dreams, you know, whenever you have a dream you don’t think about turning you just.


00:10:03.630 –> 00:10:04.290

Prince Daniels Jr: write it.


00:10:04.680 –> 00:10:15.150

Prince Daniels Jr: right away right, and so I feel, and when I feel I had tears of joy in my eyes and I got up and I was like I did it I did it.


00:10:15.600 –> 00:10:22.560

Prince Daniels Jr: And at that moment, that was the first time that I realized that your dreams to become a reality and that nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.


00:10:23.280 –> 00:10:37.830

Prince Daniels Jr: And the significant thing about that is no man has previously told me if you believe in yourself if you believe in this, then this could happen.


00:10:39.150 –> 00:10:41.220

Prince Daniels Jr: It was something that was.


00:10:42.480 –> 00:10:43.830

Prince Daniels Jr: esoteric metaphysical.


00:10:44.520 –> 00:10:45.480

Prince Daniels Jr: It was, it was a.


00:10:45.900 –> 00:10:57.300

Prince Daniels Jr: Like a calling me my dream, it was a vision that I, I saw myself, and I believe that it could happen, and the fact that I, I believe that it could happen and I actually.


00:10:57.810 –> 00:11:09.570

Prince Daniels Jr: made it happen in my reality, let me know from there that wow, this is what you can do, and so that was my my beginning and that’s how it all began and that’s how it all started.


00:11:10.020 –> 00:11:19.140

Prince Daniels Jr: And for me I just always had that notion like like nothing is impossible, even when I was faced against all the odds, I was always.


00:11:19.530 –> 00:11:29.370

Prince Daniels Jr: You know the person that was always going against the grain, knowing that I could do it this way and it’s going to work, and I feel that it’s going to work if I do it this way, because if I go.


00:11:29.700 –> 00:11:46.350

Prince Daniels Jr: That way, then i’m not going to be my authentic self and so i’ve always follow my authentic self I always knew that there was something inside of me that would allow for me to be great and, as time went on, I figured figured out what that thing is so.


00:11:47.400 –> 00:11:47.730

Mike Malatesta: So.


00:11:48.360 –> 00:11:55.890

Mike Malatesta: that’s great yeah a couple questions off of that this whole coming out of the womb courageous I love that idea and are you a parent now.


00:11:56.340 –> 00:11:56.760

Prince Daniels Jr: I am.


00:11:57.150 –> 00:12:01.740

Mike Malatesta: Okay, and as am I got i’ve got two girls and and I think one of the things that parents.


00:12:02.490 –> 00:12:19.710

Mike Malatesta: Get accused of a lot now like you said is you, you, you mentioned, you know it’s not it’s not how you come out it’s, the environment, you come out into and so many of us, I say, myself included, you know you don’t want your kids to get hurt you don’t want your you know so you’re perhaps overprotective.


00:12:21.300 –> 00:12:27.690

Mike Malatesta: or he started limiting them by saying can’t yourself, you can’t do that don’t do this don’t do that no.


00:12:28.590 –> 00:12:29.580

Mike Malatesta: yeah on and on.


00:12:30.030 –> 00:12:35.340

Mike Malatesta: And I wonder has that been your experience, how do you how do you manage it with with with your kids.


00:12:35.640 –> 00:12:37.590

Prince Daniels Jr: So I have two daughters as well, so.


00:12:38.310 –> 00:12:39.420

Mike Malatesta: i’m right there with Nice to.


00:12:39.420 –> 00:12:42.810

Prince Daniels Jr: See you and girl power right.


00:12:42.870 –> 00:13:02.070

Prince Daniels Jr: All the listeners and and i’m very conscious i’m a very conscious parent and my wife and I we we we make sure that we stay conscious and how we raise our children, because the goal as a parent is to make sure that your kids are better off than you right.


00:13:02.130 –> 00:13:02.640

Mike Malatesta: and


00:13:02.730 –> 00:13:12.000

Prince Daniels Jr: Right, so the word cant cannot be expressed in our House, even in even in just a.


00:13:13.980 –> 00:13:27.660

Prince Daniels Jr: casual conversation, you know, like we we substitute or we use, you know not able to right now, instead of can’t because can’t.


00:13:28.890 –> 00:13:38.790

Prince Daniels Jr: becomes a word that you use every day and it becomes a part of your vocabulary and when you use that word over and over again, then you have a camp mindset.


00:13:39.240 –> 00:13:47.610

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah so we’re really big on mindset and we’re really big on our our habits and and how we.


00:13:48.930 –> 00:14:00.000

Prince Daniels Jr: How we present ourselves our children because our children they’re constantly watching you James baldwin the great poet he had said that that children.


00:14:01.410 –> 00:14:10.590

Prince Daniels Jr: Do not listen tend to not listen to everything that you say, but they mimic everything that you do I know it’s been often not able to paraphrase every single thing but.


00:14:10.740 –> 00:14:11.010



00:14:12.330 –> 00:14:21.180

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah it was along those lines, and so, when you actually read that quote and then you start to become observant of your behavior your habits.


00:14:21.660 –> 00:14:30.840

Prince Daniels Jr: Then you start to realize like whoa okay I don’t want to repeat the same cycle So how do I break this like you know start educating myself I started being coming mindful of like.


00:14:31.530 –> 00:14:40.500

Prince Daniels Jr: What do I do, how do I present myself to my children, what do I want them to represent and what do I want them to see Oh, how do I want them to.


00:14:41.370 –> 00:14:58.470

Prince Daniels Jr: show up when it comes to their presence, you know they’ll want them to show up shy and making sure don’t want them to show a very confident and brilliant just just you know embrace that right and and being mindful of you know a good friend of mine Charlie Smith, he said.


00:14:59.820 –> 00:15:07.080

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, even at the pool when you’re at the pool and your kids are excited and they’re running you know, the first thing we say you know.


00:15:08.430 –> 00:15:10.050

Mike Malatesta: Yes, yes yeah.


00:15:10.110 –> 00:15:13.050

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, instead of just saying walk you know we.


00:15:13.710 –> 00:15:14.460

Prince Daniels Jr: don’t run.


00:15:15.840 –> 00:15:25.890

Prince Daniels Jr: don’t run and he and he said, all you have to say is walk so you may have said a couple of times but walk walk walk is better than saying don’t run.


00:15:26.220 –> 00:15:29.190

Mike Malatesta: Tell me the behavior you want, not the behavior you don’t want.


00:15:29.310 –> 00:15:44.550

Prince Daniels Jr: Yes, exactly exactly, and so, as I mentioned before, you know how I never started off by saying what I can’t do i’ve always started off by saying what I can do and and that’s what allow for me to separate myself whenever I.


00:15:45.660 –> 00:15:54.180

Prince Daniels Jr: participated in sports whenever I participated in anything in life, you know it’s just about what I can do and i’ve always had this affinity and a strong emits.


00:15:55.230 –> 00:15:58.230

Prince Daniels Jr: feeling of like I can do this.


00:15:58.350 –> 00:16:01.440

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and and the actions follow, and I do.


00:16:02.700 –> 00:16:06.930

Mike Malatesta: So, after the the the bicycle dream, what was the next dream for you.


00:16:08.160 –> 00:16:16.290

Prince Daniels Jr: Well, it was many more, but i’m fucking pinpointed the next dream that really stood out was.


00:16:17.610 –> 00:16:19.980

Prince Daniels Jr: In college after being a walk on.


00:16:21.060 –> 00:16:31.320

Prince Daniels Jr: For the first year first year and a half the scholarship and the next year, I became a starting running back at Georgia tech when I went from number seven on the depth chart.


00:16:31.890 –> 00:16:50.820

Prince Daniels Jr: Running back to number one came and started running back and we played it, we had a big game against Florida state, and so we went to tallahassee and, like the the energy and environment and the gravity of the Environment was just so high, and I remember.


00:16:51.900 –> 00:17:03.990

Prince Daniels Jr: Prior to the game I coach he was giving me pumped up and inspire me and he said look man these guys they put the clothes on just like you, they don’t go and no phone booth and put on a Cape and some tights and some boots and.


00:17:04.770 –> 00:17:19.350

Prince Daniels Jr: have a big so NHS and so that right there help minimize like how you perceive you know, a team that’s like really magnified and amplify in the media right and so.


00:17:20.070 –> 00:17:29.760

Prince Daniels Jr: That just build up the courage and going into the game, it seemed like all the stars align you know for me to have a successful game.


00:17:30.870 –> 00:17:47.730

Prince Daniels Jr: So i’m i’m a walk on this, the third game of the season and i’m still trying to figure out how do I, you know, become the starting right, I am the started running back, but how to have that mentality of i’m the man now i’m just starting running back for Georgia tech and so.


00:17:48.930 –> 00:17:55.230

Prince Daniels Jr: Because there were certain things that I was doing the first two games, where I was I wasn’t timid, I was running really hard but.


00:17:56.430 –> 00:17:58.950

Prince Daniels Jr: I would always prepare myself to get tackled.


00:17:59.040 –> 00:18:00.120

Prince Daniels Jr: Instead of making a big.


00:18:00.150 –> 00:18:08.010

Prince Daniels Jr: run to go score a touchdown all right, and so this game that happened, but before it happened, another dream.


00:18:08.820 –> 00:18:14.940

Prince Daniels Jr: And I had a dream that I was going to score a touchdown on dive into the end zone, and I remember.


00:18:15.480 –> 00:18:35.880

Prince Daniels Jr: What happened the night leading up to that so as I mentioned for like the stars were aligned at the time I was a team chaplain Derek more former running back for the Detroit lions and now he’s a player develop player development personnel person at South Carolina game cars.


00:18:37.140 –> 00:18:44.040

Prince Daniels Jr: And man, he was he was sharing you know, one of the stories in the Bible David and Goliath.


00:18:44.610 –> 00:18:57.690

Prince Daniels Jr: and his his His story was so riveting so invigorated inspiring and I just remember my my leg was just bouncing up and down and i’m looking around and everybody, like you, not filling this role.


00:18:58.620 –> 00:19:02.850

Prince Daniels Jr: So he would grab a sheet of paper and he would show this the score.


00:19:03.540 –> 00:19:15.060

Prince Daniels Jr: Florida state against Georgia tech in the past and it would say you know we didn’t win this but it’s Okay, because guess what we’re going to turn this into a stone so crumple up the paper and he’s like this is the stone i’ll just play.


00:19:16.650 –> 00:19:29.190

Prince Daniels Jr: Like let’s go over to go play right now, so that inspired me and then it goes to sleep that night and as i’m sleeping my body asleep, but I am conscious.


00:19:29.730 –> 00:19:46.980

Prince Daniels Jr: i’m super conscious everything that was going on the night before my roommate and I we listen to some music and I could hear the music playing the whole time we had on repeat and for a moment I had an out of body out of body experience.


00:19:47.280 –> 00:19:55.020

Prince Daniels Jr: Where I was able to see myself on the bed, and I remember, I was like twitching like I was a dog, you know my legs move on.


00:19:55.110 –> 00:19:55.800

Mike Malatesta: yeah yeah.


00:19:56.130 –> 00:19:57.480

Mike Malatesta: My dog does that all the time.


00:19:57.540 –> 00:19:58.710

Prince Daniels Jr: Right so.


00:19:58.770 –> 00:20:02.670

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s how is moving I was switching switching and during that time.


00:20:03.780 –> 00:20:09.750

Prince Daniels Jr: I dreamt that I was going to break a long run and dive into the end zone and so.


00:20:11.400 –> 00:20:12.510

Prince Daniels Jr: I woke up the next morning.


00:20:13.860 –> 00:20:18.750

Prince Daniels Jr: The sun will go with the sun, and I remember.


00:20:20.250 –> 00:20:23.760

Prince Daniels Jr: Before I open my eyes, I said i’m going to score a touchdown.


00:20:24.930 –> 00:20:26.040

Prince Daniels Jr: And demise popped up.


00:20:28.110 –> 00:20:40.650

Prince Daniels Jr: And so now i’m getting ready for the game and it’s became flow to status is ranked top 25 in the nation, and they are this and their dad and you know they’re.


00:20:41.100 –> 00:20:49.590

Prince Daniels Jr: gonna beat Georgia tech, and so we end up losing the game 13 to 14 but that run became a reality.


00:20:50.070 –> 00:20:59.340

Prince Daniels Jr: It was in the fourth quarter, I was trying the whole game, you know, I was filling up just like what is this dream come true, I know, is going to come true, because I, I had a dream about it and it’s.


00:20:59.640 –> 00:21:08.790

Prince Daniels Jr: It was the same film that I had when I was five years old, so I was so familiar with that feeling I knew that it was going to become a reality, and so, at that moment.


00:21:09.840 –> 00:21:14.070

Prince Daniels Jr: i’m trying i’m trying, and it was that one moment where I stopped.


00:21:15.690 –> 00:21:23.190

Prince Daniels Jr: And I just kind of surrender to the process, and when I did I remember the quarterback going through the cadence blue a.


00:21:24.600 –> 00:21:27.390

Prince Daniels Jr: Blue way said.


00:21:31.140 –> 00:21:32.700

Prince Daniels Jr: Everything started going slow most.


00:21:33.300 –> 00:21:34.770

Prince Daniels Jr: like to see what was going on.


00:21:36.210 –> 00:21:44.520

Prince Daniels Jr: And I remember the quarterback game of football i’m looking at every linebacker and every db that they have and i’m just talking to myself and just latest one so.


00:21:44.820 –> 00:21:52.380

Prince Daniels Jr: he’s supposed to be going first brown oh there’s a whole huh wow run through the whole society ah well i’m running.


00:21:52.890 –> 00:22:03.330

Prince Daniels Jr: You know it prior to that week I remember my uncle so my family’s is very supportive and my upbringing in my environment, so my uncle was just like man you got speed man.


00:22:03.780 –> 00:22:12.960

Prince Daniels Jr: rely on your speed man and and stop sticking out to step on because when you do you stick it out to stick it out too early and you leave your arm out, so the definitive attacker you.


00:22:14.580 –> 00:22:14.970

Mike Malatesta: Be.


00:22:15.630 –> 00:22:27.690

Prince Daniels Jr: So as i’m running there’s a defender a cornerback coming from my left side, and I see him and I see him I go stick up my stuff on and i’m Colonel on back here.


00:22:28.950 –> 00:22:29.880

Prince Daniels Jr: And I just start running.


00:22:30.960 –> 00:22:36.420

Prince Daniels Jr: And because I remember, while i’m running while everything’s going on, I remember exactly what Marco said.


00:22:36.540 –> 00:22:42.270

Prince Daniels Jr: Yes, I don’t put step one step for me and he was just like blown my speech.


00:22:45.930 –> 00:22:57.660

Prince Daniels Jr: house oh i’m running this is my longest running right now, like beat Oklahoma now if you don’t know and so as a running there’s another Florida state different in Holland, as from the other side of the field.


00:22:58.740 –> 00:23:03.780

Prince Daniels Jr: And so we made it through your life and I jump and when I jumped everything when Saddam again.


00:23:06.180 –> 00:23:10.350

Prince Daniels Jr: Because I came on them being in the zone in their flow space.


00:23:10.560 –> 00:23:11.250

Mike Malatesta: yeah right.


00:23:11.370 –> 00:23:23.700

Prince Daniels Jr: And because i’m running now realize like oh shit i’m running like, here we go, you know, like I gotta go gotta go let’s go to the test, now, this is the dream, the dream and as we both jumped into the air.


00:23:25.530 –> 00:23:33.240

Prince Daniels Jr: boom boom I land in the touchdown Atlanta, in the end zone, and I remember, I was like.


00:23:34.260 –> 00:23:37.320

Prince Daniels Jr: I was like I was in a quiet room, but I was in the stadium.


00:23:40.050 –> 00:23:48.510

Prince Daniels Jr: And I remember my teammate he was standing over the top of me, he was grabbing me I was like what happened, what happened if I did not score.


00:23:50.010 –> 00:23:57.720

Prince Daniels Jr: Like did you score, and it was like did you score pick me up you know this like Dan Dan Dan Dan.


00:23:58.740 –> 00:23:59.460

Prince Daniels Jr: Dan plan.


00:23:59.760 –> 00:24:07.290

Prince Daniels Jr: And you can hear the whole Florida state stadium, it was quiet they didn’t know what to do and I was just like he.


00:24:08.490 –> 00:24:08.820

Prince Daniels Jr: said.


00:24:09.180 –> 00:24:10.380

Mike Malatesta: yeah and.


00:24:10.440 –> 00:24:27.090

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s when I realized like there is something beyond us that we have not been able to tap into it’s kind of it’s difficult to tap into it, and when you haven’t been trained to do it, you know just just kind of happens that’s what a lot of athletes they’re thrown into the zone, because.


00:24:28.140 –> 00:24:32.550

Prince Daniels Jr: They have out of body experience because they’ve pushed themselves, you know passion threshold.


00:24:33.660 –> 00:24:43.050

Prince Daniels Jr: But later on in life, I started to learn how to get to that threshold and be able to tap into the zone oh Mike and yet the thing.


00:24:44.040 –> 00:24:48.510

Mike Malatesta: That the Florida state crowd was in the opposite flow state of you.


00:24:49.470 –> 00:24:50.160

Mike Malatesta: sounded like.


00:24:51.960 –> 00:25:01.950

Mike Malatesta: That was it that was so that was really an amazingly vivid recollection of that those couple of moments I appreciate you sharing that and the thing you said was a thing your uncle said.


00:25:02.400 –> 00:25:07.290

Mike Malatesta: Was cool right and then put the thing you said was I was trying too hard.


00:25:07.800 –> 00:25:10.020

Mike Malatesta: Why doesn’t this happen, and I was trying too hard.


00:25:10.440 –> 00:25:21.660

Mike Malatesta: And when you try too hard, you probably are unconsciously, at least you’re you’re you’re dealing with the obstacles, instead of focused on the opportunity, maybe you know.


00:25:21.690 –> 00:25:25.710

Prince Daniels Jr: master yoda said it best you know when I was trying.


00:25:27.840 –> 00:25:32.340

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s what I was going to continue to do was try, he said there’s no trial there’s only.


00:25:32.850 –> 00:25:33.270

Mike Malatesta: Two it.


00:25:33.300 –> 00:25:35.730

Prince Daniels Jr: Yes, yeah do or don’t do right.


00:25:35.760 –> 00:25:36.750

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and so.


00:25:37.800 –> 00:25:40.590

Prince Daniels Jr: Once I stopped trying to just select go.


00:25:41.640 –> 00:25:43.770

Prince Daniels Jr: Remember, just like exhales.


00:25:45.900 –> 00:25:55.710

Prince Daniels Jr: And it happened, and like I said when the quarterback call hut just remember step to the right, I had to open step to the right and everything just slow down.


00:25:57.600 –> 00:26:01.620

Prince Daniels Jr: Slow whoa matrix everything to slow down.


00:26:01.620 –> 00:26:04.740

Mike Malatesta: Exactly what it sounded like talking about it, like you’re in the matrix yeah.


00:26:04.770 –> 00:26:13.890

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah I mean that’s exactly happens and yeah and i’ve had those moments, you know numerous times playing football but.


00:26:15.720 –> 00:26:24.300

Prince Daniels Jr: i’m i’m in that flow space now in life because of the practice that I do and the mindfulness that I teach.


00:26:24.780 –> 00:26:32.940

Mike Malatesta: yeah and I want to talk about that one more question on that I have for you is what caused you to walk on.


00:26:34.020 –> 00:26:43.740

Mike Malatesta: At Georgia tech what what other did you have other opportunities that you didn’t want you wanted to go here specifically or was it that you What was it.


00:26:46.350 –> 00:26:46.980

Prince Daniels Jr: It was.


00:26:48.270 –> 00:26:51.030

Prince Daniels Jr: It was my life, a little bit of.


00:26:52.710 –> 00:27:08.490

Prince Daniels Jr: My of my journey what what caused me to be a walk on and Georgia tech was I didn’t do well on the standardized tests, I was highly recruited in high school I had offers from major schools Michigan Michigan state purdue to lane brown colgate.


00:27:10.050 –> 00:27:11.250

Prince Daniels Jr: You know and.


00:27:13.680 –> 00:27:14.130

Prince Daniels Jr: I didn’t.


00:27:15.810 –> 00:27:17.910

Prince Daniels Jr: do well on standardized tests so.


00:27:18.120 –> 00:27:19.350

Prince Daniels Jr: That that year.


00:27:22.260 –> 00:27:38.550

Prince Daniels Jr: The Georgia tech recruiting coach came out to recruit at my high school for the very first time, and my coach a basic us was saying hey we got a kid highly recruited fell off the radar at the signing day because he didn’t do well on standardized tests.


00:27:39.630 –> 00:27:46.020

Prince Daniels Jr: Take a look at them, and so it coats so one play of me on film and he came on to meet me and.


00:27:47.250 –> 00:27:55.920

Prince Daniels Jr: asked me if I knew anything about Georgia tech at this time I was running track, so I was the only guy that did not sign with the school and.


00:27:58.080 –> 00:27:59.340

Prince Daniels Jr: They hurt my pride, but.


00:27:59.490 –> 00:28:00.600

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah like.


00:28:02.550 –> 00:28:09.690

Prince Daniels Jr: I was always I was always doing the right thing and so whenever you do the right thing.


00:28:11.190 –> 00:28:22.560

Prince Daniels Jr: The right stuff comes out of that right, and so my everything was in alignment, for me, so I spoke to the culture Georgia tech turn on a.


00:28:23.100 –> 00:28:37.920

Prince Daniels Jr: Partial scholarship from North Texas, and I went to Georgia tech and I and the rest is history went there started, even though the odds were against me, I still had this persistent attitude this mentality that.


00:28:39.420 –> 00:28:45.990

Prince Daniels Jr: that nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is and i’ve worked at it until my dream became a reality.


00:28:46.800 –> 00:28:51.540

Mike Malatesta: And how was the how were you received by the rest of the team Prince as a walk on and that’s that’s it.


00:28:52.650 –> 00:28:53.760

Prince Daniels Jr: Any or later.


00:28:54.270 –> 00:28:58.350

Mike Malatesta: Well i’m i’m thinking that later on, it was pretty welcoming.


00:28:58.380 –> 00:29:01.410

Mike Malatesta: But at it at the beginning yeah.


00:29:01.740 –> 00:29:03.900

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah at the beginning, your walk on.


00:29:05.580 –> 00:29:06.840

Prince Daniels Jr: Your dummy you know.


00:29:06.870 –> 00:29:07.110

Mike Malatesta: yeah.


00:29:07.410 –> 00:29:18.720

Prince Daniels Jr: Just set the tone, the coaches, they set the tone and you know how your representatives, and you know they give you an odd number like you get the you get the 100 numbers.


00:29:19.470 –> 00:29:32.460

Prince Daniels Jr: In the locker room so everything you know that the if you want a team, you know stops at 99 right from zero to 99, and so I think I had 104 That was my number 104 and.


00:29:33.930 –> 00:29:36.000

Mike Malatesta: Zero status, in other words you.


00:29:36.240 –> 00:29:37.950

Prince Daniels Jr: hit zero status.


00:29:37.980 –> 00:29:46.980

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, but I had what a lot of other team teammates did not have, and that was hard not like so much heart like.


00:29:48.120 –> 00:29:58.410

Prince Daniels Jr: to the point where I wasn’t afraid of anybody or anything, and I was willing to to fight and scrap with anybody because I knew that ahead of me.


00:29:58.950 –> 00:30:10.230

Prince Daniels Jr: And it was expressing itself, and that was me expressing myself that I know I can do this, I believe, I cannot see it, and the only the little opportunity that I would get.


00:30:11.400 –> 00:30:14.610

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, you can see, like a glimmer of hope.


00:30:16.290 –> 00:30:19.800

Prince Daniels Jr: had a lot of potential, but no coaching at the time.


00:30:19.980 –> 00:30:27.510

Prince Daniels Jr: And so just raw talent and pure desire, will you know to to make it happen and I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but.


00:30:28.140 –> 00:30:34.200

Prince Daniels Jr: visualization played a big part in there and just being able to see yourself over and over again, if you said that you’re going to do something.


00:30:34.710 –> 00:30:46.230

Prince Daniels Jr: Make sure that all your actions lead towards that and that’s what I did, and so my teammates oh It started off as like who this who is this kid man.


00:30:46.680 –> 00:30:58.350

Prince Daniels Jr: Okay, I was going hard and practice, and if anybody is starting to slow down, you know, but I did and, eventually, you know the respect came, because when.


00:30:59.160 –> 00:31:05.550

Prince Daniels Jr: The pivotal moment for me was when my coach told me at the time, because at the time, he told me that I saw.


00:31:06.300 –> 00:31:13.920

Prince Daniels Jr: Tommy I certainly wouldn’t amount to anything that I was to mechanical, and so I wouldn’t play Georgia tech, and my chances are planted Georgia tech a one in a million.


00:31:14.340 –> 00:31:33.600

Prince Daniels Jr: My chances depending the nfl one in a billion, so I took that that moment that meeting, you know as my fuel to fuel my rocket and I made it up in my mind that I wasn’t allowing anybody tell me what I can and cannot do and so.


00:31:34.650 –> 00:31:38.610

Prince Daniels Jr: I worked, I worked, I became a student I study.


00:31:39.750 –> 00:31:45.480

Prince Daniels Jr: And I just put my all into what I was doing it’s just stay focus in the process and.


00:31:46.590 –> 00:31:59.850

Prince Daniels Jr: I would run two workouts in the morning time and run back to the dorm room after workouts when my teammates they will offer me rise and I turned on the rise, I was so determined somebody told me that I Sutton that that I couldn’t make it.


00:31:59.910 –> 00:32:08.250

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and I, and I knew that I could I felt that in my spirit, you know so that was the first time that I was faced with.


00:32:11.940 –> 00:32:13.800

Prince Daniels Jr: adversity, but I was faced with.


00:32:15.390 –> 00:32:26.430

Prince Daniels Jr: Something that was out of my control and my coach is telling me that I wasn’t good enough, and so you can either fault or you can flourish and so to flourish.


00:32:27.630 –> 00:32:32.820

Mike Malatesta: Do you think, so it sounds like terrible coaching do you think that the coach was trying to motivate you or break you down.


00:32:35.250 –> 00:32:44.280

Prince Daniels Jr: The ladder okay definitely yeah I don’t think any if you want to get something out of your players out of anybody.


00:32:47.370 –> 00:32:52.710

Prince Daniels Jr: be writing in and speaking to them in a condescending manner it’s not going to you know.


00:32:54.750 –> 00:32:57.450

Prince Daniels Jr: it’s not going to allow for them to play at their full potential.


00:32:57.780 –> 00:33:07.020

Mike Malatesta: yeah you think that would be obvious to everyone, Prince but there’s still a lot of coaching and leadership out there, by the way, that’s it that’s what that’s what they think works.


00:33:07.380 –> 00:33:11.340

Prince Daniels Jr: Exactly exactly and people need to be motivated and need to be inspired.


00:33:11.550 –> 00:33:25.380

Prince Daniels Jr: Right, because that comes from that all comes from the inside, but you know I think you know a lot of coaches, have still rooted in no way, this is what they were taught, you know, but things are changing things are constantly changing and.


00:33:26.880 –> 00:33:27.390

Prince Daniels Jr: So.


00:33:28.410 –> 00:33:38.820

Prince Daniels Jr: Some coaches keep that same regimen routine and mindset and you know they usually find success like 20 years later right but.


00:33:40.320 –> 00:33:43.980

Prince Daniels Jr: In between that time all they had to do was just be able to adapt.


00:33:45.870 –> 00:33:56.970

Prince Daniels Jr: Like a new way not, not even a new way but adapt the way that adaptable to the change that’s happening right, and they were winning more but.


00:33:57.720 –> 00:34:08.580

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah some code to still do it and that’s that’s what they’re going to stick with that’s what they were taught and so they said, this is the tradition, this is how we do it is how you win games, they have that belief and they never changed.


00:34:09.450 –> 00:34:15.180

Mike Malatesta: yeah and excel having a little bit of success with that, despite that approach.


00:34:16.380 –> 00:34:26.130

Mike Malatesta: Can can sort of blind you to to that approach really works, instead of opening your eyes to a way I can still win and not to I don’t have to do that in fact I can win more.


00:34:26.550 –> 00:34:28.950

Prince Daniels Jr: Right exactly exactly.


00:34:29.250 –> 00:34:33.570

Mike Malatesta: So in 2006 that one in a billion chance yeah happened.


00:34:35.160 –> 00:34:35.430

Mike Malatesta: So.


00:34:36.510 –> 00:34:38.490

Mike Malatesta: What did it what.


00:34:40.380 –> 00:34:55.920

Mike Malatesta: You know what when that happened, what did it feel like and then, when your career in the nfl ended, what did that feel like because I think that gets to you know all the work you’re doing now, so in a three year period of time, you went from one in a billion.


00:34:57.060 –> 00:35:04.440

Mike Malatesta: chance being realized to you know now what right so help help help me understand what that was like.


00:35:04.770 –> 00:35:06.660

Prince Daniels Jr: Well, I mean the.


00:35:08.460 –> 00:35:09.900

Prince Daniels Jr: Getting drafted was like a.


00:35:11.640 –> 00:35:12.840

Prince Daniels Jr: once in a lifetime moment.


00:35:14.640 –> 00:35:28.290

Prince Daniels Jr: I remember remember like it was yesterday, I was in New York and on was under the impression that I was going to get drafted on the very first day with you know within the first and third round and.


00:35:29.730 –> 00:35:31.710

Prince Daniels Jr: I didn’t get drafted until the next day.


00:35:32.880 –> 00:35:37.800

Prince Daniels Jr: And so, all this anticipation, you know, create it anxiety and fear, with me.


00:35:38.580 –> 00:35:51.030

Prince Daniels Jr: Alright, so I just said, the next day I love my you’ll watch a TV i’m not gonna watch TV I don’t care, you know i’m just gonna put my phone over there, I don’t care if anybody calls me right, I was just trying to avoid.


00:35:53.670 –> 00:35:58.350

Prince Daniels Jr: The the unknown and the unknown outcome so.


00:35:59.430 –> 00:36:04.950

Prince Daniels Jr: I decided to take a shower and all of a sudden my phone rings this unknown number, just like.


00:36:06.750 –> 00:36:21.420

Prince Daniels Jr: So pick it up, and it was the baltimore ravens and they it’s funny because they pj Dallas it’s like Yes, this is he is I this is so, and so from the baltimore ravens Has anybody called you like, no nobody called me they’re just okay we’ll call you back like what.


00:36:24.720 –> 00:36:24.960

Prince Daniels Jr: Like.


00:36:27.660 –> 00:36:32.910

Prince Daniels Jr: A man yeah you mess with my emotions man turn off the shower and get out of the shower.


00:36:34.170 –> 00:36:50.430

Prince Daniels Jr: And so i’m sitting there you know I turned on the TV and i’m sending that I got the phone, but I mean it just like baltimore ravens is on the clock right and i’m just like they don’t have hot well what kind of phone calls that and so it’s like five minutes left and they say.


00:36:51.990 –> 00:36:55.530

Prince Daniels Jr: They say we, the baltimore ravens.


00:36:56.580 –> 00:37:18.090

Prince Daniels Jr: You know own o’clock my phone rings like one minute later after I see that and I five minutes, and if I pj days we’re going to select you as our hundred and 32nd pick in the fourth round, you are raving when you know i’m just like what this is real, you know so.


00:37:19.200 –> 00:37:35.820

Prince Daniels Jr: At that time, my my parents my mother and my sister they were down the hallway and at the got drafted on to some of my face flash before the screen Mel kiper he was talking about, maybe, just like man I just read the baltimore ravens just got a job or pj Daniels.


00:37:36.480 –> 00:37:36.960

Prince Daniels Jr: And so.


00:37:37.740 –> 00:37:42.810

Prince Daniels Jr: Like everything came up on the screen and just wow that’s me and and.


00:37:44.010 –> 00:37:49.290

Prince Daniels Jr: From there, like my mom my sister was knocking on my door, did you do, did you did you did it in.


00:37:50.430 –> 00:38:00.630

Prince Daniels Jr: A hurry to put some clothes on a caveman and we rejoice and it really excited and I just told the Raven I said, you know, like you got yourself a jewel you don’t even know yet and.


00:38:01.560 –> 00:38:08.610

Prince Daniels Jr: So I was ready to work on just told them I said i’m ready to work on ready to ready to be the best running back in nfl.


00:38:10.470 –> 00:38:26.100

Prince Daniels Jr: And you know, I was on to a good start, but one thing that I did not have was a mentor I had a coach and a teacher, but I didn’t have a mentor and I needed a mentor because the way that I.


00:38:27.810 –> 00:38:46.590

Prince Daniels Jr: I process things was always like from up from the top down to the bottom, never from the bottom, to the top, you know my mind was just always trying to figure out how this whole system works and once I understand how it works, then I understand hey this is where I fit in.


00:38:47.010 –> 00:38:48.420

Prince Daniels Jr: And I notice, where I fit in.


00:38:48.420 –> 00:39:05.490

Prince Daniels Jr: Because of what i’m going to excel because I understand this, this this this and this and I did not have that so my career was short live and after that now going to when I was released from baltimore it was my going into my third year.


00:39:06.990 –> 00:39:19.380

Prince Daniels Jr: I was incentivize with for do will you know get a new contract so it’s my contract here and I end up getting hurt at the beginning of the season, and that was really devastating because I.


00:39:20.430 –> 00:39:22.890

Prince Daniels Jr: told my Labor and I was like the first time that I actually.


00:39:22.890 –> 00:39:23.190

Mike Malatesta: had an.


00:39:23.280 –> 00:39:25.410

Prince Daniels Jr: Injury other than.


00:39:26.850 –> 00:39:28.980

Prince Daniels Jr: tearing my my.


00:39:30.690 –> 00:39:34.440

Prince Daniels Jr: meniscus and my knee yeah yeah so.


00:39:34.770 –> 00:39:36.690

Mike Malatesta: Labor is in your hip.


00:39:36.780 –> 00:39:37.530

Mike Malatesta: Is that where that is.


00:39:37.680 –> 00:39:39.270

Mike Malatesta: In your shoulder shoulder.


00:39:39.630 –> 00:39:49.230

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah so I ended up injury my leg my leg room from a run and then I tripped over my own foot, I was running so fast so don’t.


00:39:50.220 –> 00:40:00.660

Prince Daniels Jr: Try to put my hand down the brace my fall and that’s just grinded it out, you know the momentum the momentum from our body just grinding it out my shoulder and so anyway.


00:40:01.380 –> 00:40:07.590

Prince Daniels Jr: That was the end of my my my third year my contract here with the ravens, and this was during training camp.


00:40:08.160 –> 00:40:14.910

Prince Daniels Jr: So I had to make a decision, if I was going to play that year, because when I set out the year, so I decided to sit out and do a rehab back at.


00:40:15.510 –> 00:40:28.050

Prince Daniels Jr: Like a my Alma mater and I spent time there and basically sequestered myself from from the ravens because mentally and emotionally I wasn’t there.


00:40:28.800 –> 00:40:46.710

Prince Daniels Jr: Right, I was ready to contribute uh I was ready and everyone saw that I was ready and everyone knew that I was ready, because I had this intense focus, not to mention I just spent a week at the monastery before I went back to camp and I was just saying to myself.


00:40:48.090 –> 00:40:50.970

Prince Daniels Jr: You don’t even know about, to send out on you all.


00:40:52.320 –> 00:40:55.980

Prince Daniels Jr: ready to take i’m gonna take this to a whole nother level and.


00:40:57.000 –> 00:40:59.280

Prince Daniels Jr: When I got injured seemed like everything just.


00:41:00.300 –> 00:41:14.970

Prince Daniels Jr: Just this failed on and and you know I just lost love for myself last love for the game, and it really have much direction, so I didn’t want to be around too many people, I just wanted to go back to.


00:41:15.870 –> 00:41:35.160

Prince Daniels Jr: Where it all started and just get back to the basics, and so I went back to Atlanta Georgia and that’s what I started doing just by myself in a one bedroom apartment no furniture just Arabic and that was it and my dog, and so I will go running in the woods, with my dog and.


00:41:36.210 –> 00:41:36.630

Prince Daniels Jr: You know.


00:41:37.740 –> 00:41:39.540

Prince Daniels Jr: look to rebuild myself and so.


00:41:40.620 –> 00:41:56.160

Prince Daniels Jr: When I when I came back to baltimore like I barely saw anyone I barely show my face so when it came to baltimore they said that it was going to go in a different direction, and you know, I was devastated because I did rebuild myself mentally physically and emotionally but.


00:41:57.690 –> 00:42:00.360

Prince Daniels Jr: The opportunity wasn’t there anymore, and so.


00:42:01.530 –> 00:42:10.050

Prince Daniels Jr: Looking back, you know, I was blaming others, but it was me because I didn’t know how to communicate I didn’t know how to say I need help, I didn’t know how to say.


00:42:10.320 –> 00:42:18.840

Prince Daniels Jr: I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I want to be here, but I don’t want to be here because I don’t want to lose it, you know, I was threatening people.


00:42:20.010 –> 00:42:24.600

Prince Daniels Jr: You know i’m just in a very bad mental space, I was just.


00:42:25.710 –> 00:42:30.690

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah my my threats, I was making threats and so.


00:42:31.290 –> 00:42:33.000

Mike Malatesta: Like coaching staff or to the.


00:42:33.030 –> 00:42:34.620

Mike Malatesta: management or two teammates.


00:42:34.920 –> 00:42:35.730

Prince Daniels Jr: To teammates.


00:42:35.970 –> 00:42:38.400

Prince Daniels Jr: And you know, and I was willing to carry out those threats.


00:42:38.520 –> 00:42:41.610

Mike Malatesta: And so that seems like a dramatic change.


00:42:41.940 –> 00:42:59.820

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah it was man, and you know, because just angry angry I wasn’t able to contribute angry I wasn’t able to produce anger I wasn’t able to live out my dream, and so, when you get angry at yourself start lashing out at other people and.


00:43:00.870 –> 00:43:02.010

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, for me it was.


00:43:03.060 –> 00:43:14.070

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s what I was doing, and so I had to I had, I felt, you know I knew that I had to remove myself, so I did not carry out that stuff because.


00:43:14.790 –> 00:43:22.110

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, I was really passionate about what I did, and I was very good at it and I just figured out the game of football from a mental standpoint.


00:43:22.740 –> 00:43:34.530

Prince Daniels Jr: And and that’s when I realized like man like I needed I needed someone needed someone to guide me just point me in the right direction and say hey you okay all right man just do this like let’s talk every day.


00:43:35.220 –> 00:43:42.810

Prince Daniels Jr: All right, and i’ll coach you through it i’ll be your mentor and and but since I did not have that.


00:43:44.130 –> 00:43:52.800

Prince Daniels Jr: You know I didn’t know what to put my emotions into it know what all my energy into except from the stuff that I learned in the past and.


00:43:54.060 –> 00:43:55.890

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah so that’s how that’s how my career.


00:43:56.190 –> 00:43:59.880

Prince Daniels Jr: With baltimore they came back they told me was gonna release and get.


00:43:59.910 –> 00:44:08.280

Prince Daniels Jr: Going a different direction, and at that moment, I was done and paralyzed I didn’t know what to do, and so I have all my workout with the buffalo bills, but.


00:44:09.060 –> 00:44:16.050

Prince Daniels Jr: I wasn’t prepared, because I didn’t know what the next thing was going to go to the next thing that was going to happen once I was released in baltimore so.


00:44:16.410 –> 00:44:21.030

Prince Daniels Jr: Once I had to work out with the buffalo bills I wasn’t I didn’t really get in shape.


00:44:21.900 –> 00:44:31.020

Prince Daniels Jr: You know just kind of like sitting around like on my hands twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out like what’s next and so after that workout I started working out.


00:44:31.560 –> 00:44:39.930

Prince Daniels Jr: And I never received the phone call so i’ll miss my opportunity and I worked out for a whole year, and no one of no one called and that was a moment where.


00:44:41.310 –> 00:44:47.340

Prince Daniels Jr: Just became depressed after that, and that that spirals into something else.


00:44:48.780 –> 00:44:56.880

Mike Malatesta: And what hmm you have a program now that you run called game beyond the game where you help other players.


00:44:58.350 –> 00:45:05.940

Mike Malatesta: figure out their purpose, you know after playing which, I imagine, is difficult for a lot of people because.


00:45:07.110 –> 00:45:13.440

Mike Malatesta: You know, when you when you commit yourself to being doing something at the highest level and get recognized for it.


00:45:14.760 –> 00:45:27.540

Mike Malatesta: it’s pretty pretty heady stuff right and you think it’s, you know as young people, you probably think it’s going to go on like that forever right like you’re invincible like you’re you deserve that or whatever.


00:45:28.620 –> 00:45:29.610

Mike Malatesta: But how did you get.


00:45:31.500 –> 00:45:45.000

Mike Malatesta: You know how did you move beyond the game, so you mean you mentioned, where you were where you were it sounded like you were in a really bad place mentally you know mentally spiritually maybe to.


00:45:45.360 –> 00:45:46.260

Mike Malatesta: physically maybe.


00:45:46.620 –> 00:45:51.780

Mike Malatesta: But what what how did you get you know, beyond the game.


00:45:54.720 –> 00:45:55.410

Prince Daniels Jr: Great question.


00:45:57.000 –> 00:46:03.600

Prince Daniels Jr: So I got the and again, you know one step at a time, one day, at a time and.


00:46:04.860 –> 00:46:06.060

Prince Daniels Jr: Luckily, I had.


00:46:07.860 –> 00:46:19.350

Prince Daniels Jr: Something set up, as I mentioned before, before my career ended my second going going into my second year that’s when I started going to the monastery star in attaining going to the monastery.


00:46:19.410 –> 00:46:26.310

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and I really got focused my going into my third year when I when I was when I was injured.


00:46:27.900 –> 00:46:31.350

Prince Daniels Jr: And I was just mad at everyone and luckily.


00:46:32.970 –> 00:46:38.910

Prince Daniels Jr: While I was at home, and I was playing my three day demise.


00:46:40.980 –> 00:46:44.940

Prince Daniels Jr: There was a it was a moment where.


00:46:46.650 –> 00:46:47.160

Prince Daniels Jr: I was.


00:46:48.540 –> 00:46:56.670

Prince Daniels Jr: Given the advice to meditate and I was saying to myself how in the hell is meditation going to save me this doesn’t make no sense.


00:46:57.390 –> 00:47:10.080

Prince Daniels Jr: And so it actually did I had a meditation for one hour and out of that one hour had a realization and and and enlightenment moment and so from there.


00:47:10.920 –> 00:47:29.520

Prince Daniels Jr: I made the decision to go and live at the monastery for some time, and I did, and so from there, it allowed it allowed me to discover who I was because you know I had an identity crisis identify myself as being a professional athlete and that’s where I was you know.


00:47:30.660 –> 00:47:43.590

Prince Daniels Jr: The baltimore ravens running back pj dale’s so I wouldn’t present myself as the as pj Daniels the baltimore ravens running back, it was the baltimore ravens running back pj Daniels so.


00:47:45.240 –> 00:47:48.090

Prince Daniels Jr: That right there, it was like a strong indication that.


00:47:49.770 –> 00:48:01.620

Prince Daniels Jr: My identity was tied up into being a professional athlete and I had to strip myself or their identity and and find a new identity, which was within me, you know which everyone has.


00:48:02.010 –> 00:48:10.170

Prince Daniels Jr: And, and so I started looking within because I needed I needed to do that, and so what I help other individuals do is.


00:48:11.250 –> 00:48:28.290

Prince Daniels Jr: discover their purpose, you know their vision and help them create the mindset and create a manageable mindset, to be able to see that, through and live into it and so that’s what I do right now and that’s what game, the end game focuses on helping all athletes.


00:48:30.210 –> 00:48:35.910

Prince Daniels Jr: see their potential after the game and make a more of a fluid transition.


00:48:37.380 –> 00:48:37.770

Mike Malatesta: Right.


00:48:38.850 –> 00:48:45.870

Mike Malatesta: that’s amazing, thank you for sharing some of that, by the way, because as i’m as i’m thinking through i’m like.


00:48:47.490 –> 00:48:53.220

Mike Malatesta: You know it’s one it’s amazing introspection to and the meditation I would have thought, if they were me.


00:48:53.670 –> 00:49:04.440

Mike Malatesta: And I was already feeling the way you described yourself as feeling the last thing i’d want to do is meditate because the only thing I could think about was the thing that was I didn’t want to think about.


00:49:06.660 –> 00:49:11.760

Mike Malatesta: What what’s the the the you’d been going to the monastery before you mentioned that and.


00:49:12.180 –> 00:49:22.710

Mike Malatesta: Even though you were going you still had this identity crisis that you mentioned, after your third year what what made you go there in the first place, and then what made you think that that was the way.


00:49:23.160 –> 00:49:34.860

Mike Malatesta: For you, to get out of this when you had already been there, you know directly before the season, you described, and you know it didn’t seem to get you where maybe you want it, you.


00:49:35.970 –> 00:49:38.190

Mike Malatesta: needed to be I guess your head.


00:49:38.820 –> 00:49:45.330

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah so what I want when I initially went to the monastery is for more selfish reasons to.


00:49:46.410 –> 00:49:48.330

Prince Daniels Jr: improve my game right.


00:49:49.140 –> 00:49:55.260

Prince Daniels Jr: Just like i’m about to be the best running back in the nfl so I need to take my mindset.


00:49:56.760 –> 00:50:07.770

Prince Daniels Jr: To a whole nother level and I felt the best way to do it is to actually go to a monastery and spend time with monks and really understand.


00:50:09.240 –> 00:50:18.360

Prince Daniels Jr: What life is about because I felt that once I get this understanding, I can come back and this is going to be a piece of cake right and so.


00:50:20.160 –> 00:50:28.950

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s what led me to the monastery and also, I have to I have for uncles but two of them are for uncle’s they were the inspiration behind me.


00:50:29.850 –> 00:50:34.380

Prince Daniels Jr: go on to the monastery because they will go to a monastery and when they would come back, they would be glowing.


00:50:34.740 –> 00:50:46.770

Prince Daniels Jr: Like literally blowing like had this aura around them, and you can see it it’s just like wow so scintillating This is like yeah like whatever that’s he did I want some of that.


00:50:47.070 –> 00:50:59.310

Prince Daniels Jr: And so I mean and you didn’t just see it like like here and there, but you can see, it all the time and everywhere that we would go by people would just stare at us.


00:51:00.240 –> 00:51:12.930

Prince Daniels Jr: And because my uncle’s they had this glow about themselves, and you know, I was always attracted to that glow and I had that glow myself, but I wanted it to be as imminent as their glow was.


00:51:13.140 –> 00:51:24.450

Prince Daniels Jr: And so, and I knew where they were going I knew where the source words so slight what i’m going here and that’s what led me to the monastery but then at them my career was over.


00:51:27.270 –> 00:51:30.240

Prince Daniels Jr: I needed some to lean on and.


00:51:31.650 –> 00:51:41.040

Prince Daniels Jr: What I needed to lean on was myself, and so the monastery was really good, because I was all about looking to sequester myself.


00:51:42.060 –> 00:51:58.350

Prince Daniels Jr: And figure out, who I was and so that was always been my thing, and some of the advice that I received after retirement was going back to school, you know, going to be a business person and and you know do these things right, but.


00:51:59.670 –> 00:52:10.080

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s not what I felt in my heart that that wasn’t what my intuition was saying, because I needed to know who I was and I didn’t want to get distracted by.


00:52:10.740 –> 00:52:36.060

Prince Daniels Jr: What I do because I was, I was just like let down from that same situation of you know, identify with what I did instead of who I am, and so I needed to know who I was before I went out into the world to to do something right and so that was my my conviction in my devotion of.


00:52:37.170 –> 00:52:42.090

Prince Daniels Jr: going to the monastery and spending time there because I need to know.


00:52:43.170 –> 00:52:47.280

Prince Daniels Jr: That there was more to this world, and I have been exposed to it.


00:52:49.380 –> 00:53:06.270

Prince Daniels Jr: at a young age to my dreams right and so now, I wanted to see you know if this was a whimsical experience or, this is the real deal and I realize, eventually, it was a real deal, and so I was very proud of myself but.


00:53:07.890 –> 00:53:17.430

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s what motivated me and inspired me to go to the monastery just felt like I had no more options, no more lifeline That was my last lifeline and so just like what the heck.


00:53:17.910 –> 00:53:19.050

Mike Malatesta: yeah okay.


00:53:20.220 –> 00:53:21.360

Mike Malatesta: And how did you know.


00:53:23.400 –> 00:53:29.100

Mike Malatesta: When did you know when you knew who you were and how to you know, like when did you know how long did it take.


00:53:30.450 –> 00:53:45.540

Mike Malatesta: Because i’m just really curious about I love the the journey, and I could see myself on the journey, I could see my listeners on the journey and then i’m could see myself asking Okay, am I, there is to know who I am yet you know how did, how did, how did that come for you.


00:53:50.790 –> 00:53:53.250

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, in the same way.


00:53:54.450 –> 00:53:59.250

Prince Daniels Jr: When you know that’s you’re hungry, you know that you’re thirsty.


00:54:00.600 –> 00:54:03.750

Prince Daniels Jr: Right it’s nothing that you, you question.


00:54:04.560 –> 00:54:04.980



00:54:06.570 –> 00:54:07.650

Prince Daniels Jr: On myself.


00:54:09.570 –> 00:54:18.420

Prince Daniels Jr: And it didn’t happen instantaneously It took some time because, again, I had to strip myself of.


00:54:19.740 –> 00:54:22.650

Prince Daniels Jr: What I identified as and.


00:54:24.330 –> 00:54:39.990

Prince Daniels Jr: recreate rebuild recondition myself to who I am now and once I had an opportunity to look within myself that’s when I became whole you know I didn’t come holier than thou I became whole.


00:54:41.190 –> 00:54:42.090

Prince Daniels Jr: Because you know.


00:54:42.120 –> 00:54:42.990

Prince Daniels Jr: Who.


00:54:43.620 –> 00:54:47.670

Prince Daniels Jr: Exactly yeah like so I spent the time looking within.


00:54:48.180 –> 00:55:01.380

Prince Daniels Jr: And we don’t spend time looking within ourselves we’re not taught that we’re taught, you know, to look for success outside of yourself to look for money outside of yourself to look for other things outside of yourself happiness and love you know when all of that comes from within.


00:55:02.100 –> 00:55:09.150

Prince Daniels Jr: All right, and right so once you know i’ve had i’ve experienced.


00:55:10.170 –> 00:55:20.340

Prince Daniels Jr: A lot of enlightenment moments in my life and in the beginning, you know started off small and it’s one of those things that you question like did.


00:55:20.910 –> 00:55:28.950

Prince Daniels Jr: Did that really happen, I think i’m having some psychotic problems, right now, you know i’ve seen bangs have visions like losing my mind my mind.


00:55:30.240 –> 00:55:33.600

Prince Daniels Jr: Is this real well, but the more and more.


00:55:34.650 –> 00:55:47.670

Prince Daniels Jr: You practice, the more you become familiar with the things that you think are not real they become real to you and the things that you perceive is real they’re not so real I just an illusion.


00:55:47.940 –> 00:55:51.930

Prince Daniels Jr: And so from that moment, you know I started realizing like.


00:55:53.010 –> 00:56:06.420

Prince Daniels Jr: wow this is, this is it, and so you you go through a point of being exposed to vulnerability and after the vulnerability comes like you start shedding tears.


00:56:07.470 –> 00:56:20.730

Prince Daniels Jr: Start crying because it’s like you merge with the light that’s so bright and that reminds you how illuminating you are, you know, in the inside and from there is.


00:56:21.330 –> 00:56:28.770

Prince Daniels Jr: You walk different you talk to, if you carry yourself different you can feel the love inside of yourself and that’s what I felt and that’s what I knew.


00:56:29.220 –> 00:56:36.810

Prince Daniels Jr: Oh yeah, this is it, this is it you know and so that’s how I carry myself, and so I carry that.


00:56:37.530 –> 00:56:50.760

Prince Daniels Jr: Whenever I speak to other people whenever I work with them whenever I share the information with them that there’s something inside of you there’s a light there’s inside of you, but you don’t know how to allow that light to.


00:56:52.110 –> 00:57:07.440

Prince Daniels Jr: blossom to illuminate to shine bright and, and so I go through the mechanics and I give them tools to be able to work on that because whenever they get an opportunity to see that, like that i’m describing.


00:57:08.730 –> 00:57:28.440

Prince Daniels Jr: what’s words or an adequate to describe what I see but whenever I put them on that path, and they actually continue with the practice and they become a student of the practice then eventually they will witness that like and when they do, they feel whole and not holier than thou.


00:57:31.650 –> 00:57:41.460

Mike Malatesta: Thank you for taking us through that story because i’m I was thinking that about your dream, when you were dreaming about scoring a touchdown and you dreamed it and then your eyes popped open.


00:57:41.940 –> 00:57:58.740

Mike Malatesta: And you were like ready to go and I imagine that there was some point along this journey where and maybe you don’t know when, but your eyes popped open you go okay Now I know why i’m really here, I thought it was this but it’s really this right.


00:57:58.830 –> 00:58:00.450

Prince Daniels Jr: And it’s constantly changing as well.


00:58:00.570 –> 00:58:01.020

Mike Malatesta: yeah.


00:58:01.470 –> 00:58:03.720

Prince Daniels Jr: You know, but for the most part.


00:58:05.790 –> 00:58:12.720

Prince Daniels Jr: Like the the journey is is the same, but.


00:58:13.830 –> 00:58:20.310

Prince Daniels Jr: Like the new road they’re being added to the journey new paths as well, but.


00:58:21.780 –> 00:58:24.630

Prince Daniels Jr: You know you have to be able to adapt with the change.


00:58:25.050 –> 00:58:29.670

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and realize, you know, like there is a bigger purpose so.


00:58:31.110 –> 00:58:45.900

Prince Daniels Jr: connect with that bigger purpose be magnetized a bigger purpose and to live into it and whatever comes just allow it to come and go, just like the wind, just like water, just like the weather, just like anything.


00:58:45.990 –> 00:58:46.740

Mike Malatesta: yeah.


00:58:46.920 –> 00:59:05.430

Prince Daniels Jr: All right, and so you enjoy the flow of life, you enjoy living life and not being afraid not to live and that’s really started discovering yourself, you start seeing that, and you know, and the more and more you witness it, the more you normalize it and.


00:59:06.480 –> 00:59:15.810

Prince Daniels Jr: It doesn’t look like something that’s miraculous anymore just looks like there’s normal yeah when other people are like wow that was miraculous and you’re like yeah I was normal.


00:59:16.890 –> 00:59:20.940

Prince Daniels Jr: I see it all the time it’s just like what like what are you talking about man like.


00:59:21.570 –> 00:59:33.510

Prince Daniels Jr: Like how did that happen, just like Oh, they did this this this and a little bit of belief isn’t right yeah and you know people like me or whatever man you use Mr guru and.


00:59:33.630 –> 00:59:41.100

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah and I love it but it’s you know, like I get it, I get it, I get it, I see it, i’ve been exposed to it.


00:59:42.270 –> 00:59:44.130

Prince Daniels Jr: To where like I.


00:59:46.140 –> 00:59:50.970

Prince Daniels Jr: You know what you’re looking at you know not what you’re looking for, but you know what you’re looking at.


00:59:51.990 –> 01:00:08.580

Prince Daniels Jr: And when you know what you’re looking at, like any beginning I didn’t know, but when someone is supposed me to it, I know what I was looking for, and when I saw what I was looking forward and I eventually learned what to look at so oh yeah that’s the cause and effect see.


01:00:10.380 –> 01:00:14.460

Mike Malatesta: When I know it yeah when I know what i’m looking for I know what i’m lucky yeah I like that.


01:00:14.640 –> 01:00:15.240



01:00:16.620 –> 01:00:17.250

Mike Malatesta: Exactly.


01:00:18.090 –> 01:00:20.370

Mike Malatesta: So yeah it sounds to me like what it’s.


01:00:21.510 –> 01:00:23.910

Mike Malatesta: You know, have a purpose to last a lifetime yeah.


01:00:25.200 –> 01:00:31.320

Mike Malatesta: Right, because if you have a purpose that last shorter than a lifetime you’re going to be searching for something you can never get.


01:00:32.760 –> 01:00:33.120

Mike Malatesta: Right.


01:00:33.540 –> 01:00:37.890

Prince Daniels Jr: Right hmm I love that yeah you hit the nail on the head.


01:00:39.330 –> 01:00:40.650

Mike Malatesta: So Prince, how do.


01:00:41.880 –> 01:00:50.880

Mike Malatesta: How do people that want to get more of you work with you learn from you what is what’s, the best thing for them to do to touch base with you.


01:00:51.780 –> 01:01:01.350

Prince Daniels Jr: I go to my website at Prince Daniels jr calm you’ll find out a lot of the information of all the things that i’m involved in and then of doing.


01:01:03.210 –> 01:01:04.770

Prince Daniels Jr: Have a podcast on.


01:01:06.060 –> 01:01:22.800

Prince Daniels Jr: apple and spotify and it’s called the Prince during his junior show constantly given out tons of information there and speaking to incredible individuals that are made in life, and they were successful and been able to maintain the success also do workshops.


01:01:23.910 –> 01:01:25.740

Prince Daniels Jr: Every second, and fourth Saturday.


01:01:27.000 –> 01:01:43.170

Prince Daniels Jr: it’s my energy series workshop, and when I say, energy, I mean inner G, as in your inner greatness your inner good you’re in a godliness yeah in a genius right, and so, and under that bracket.


01:01:43.710 –> 01:02:03.690

Prince Daniels Jr: Of the energy workshop I have five ways to learn how to control and manage your emotions three ways to create a powerful mindset and how to get rid of fear and so those workshops two hours long and just just I just shed light on you about.


01:02:03.750 –> 01:02:05.580

Prince Daniels Jr: how you think and how.


01:02:06.780 –> 01:02:14.580

Prince Daniels Jr: You you approach life right, so all this does is help you unlock your people forum it’s something that’s inside of you.


01:02:15.330 –> 01:02:23.370

Prince Daniels Jr: But yeah go there you go to my instagram page, and you can click the link in my bio you can sign up for all of the things that I have one or you can find my book.


01:02:23.730 –> 01:02:32.880

Prince Daniels Jr: On it’s a mindfulness for the ultimate athlete mess on a balance between power piece for was written by Calvin megatron Johnson jr.


01:02:35.040 –> 01:02:41.730

Mike Malatesta: Prince Daniels jr COM, so I was listening to one of your podcast and you said something like this.


01:02:43.890 –> 01:02:53.250

Mike Malatesta: You know who’s who’s telling you you’re not incredible is it other people telling you, you know incredible or is it you telling yourself you’re not incredible and.


01:02:54.690 –> 01:03:04.500

Mike Malatesta: I just want to say you’re incredible so i’m telling you you’re incredible I know you already know that i’m telling you you’re incredible Thank you so much for joining me today and.


01:03:04.950 –> 01:03:12.930

Mike Malatesta: And for sharing your wisdom and your story and your experiences and it’s been amazing I really, really had had a great time getting to know you.


01:03:13.950 –> 01:03:27.180

Prince Daniels Jr: Well, thank you so much, my God, I received a philly Thank you and yeah I love I love that I said that like it’s so funny like that I hear some of the things that I say like hey where did that come from a.


01:03:29.700 –> 01:03:44.250

Prince Daniels Jr: lot of things is just channel it I opened myself up to receive the knowledge and the wisdom and so whenever I verbalize it oh i’m just i’m in the moment and i’m channeling channeling it.


01:03:44.610 –> 01:03:56.280

Prince Daniels Jr: and hear it again, I like oh someone echoes and i’m like wow I said, my God is awesome but yeah it’s it’s who is telling you that you will not incredible at all like.


01:03:57.960 –> 01:03:58.530

Prince Daniels Jr: Someone.


01:03:59.730 –> 01:04:13.050

Prince Daniels Jr: That feel that they’re in competition with you will never tell you that you incredible and so, if you’re looking for validation outside of yourself then use you start your day off your life off on the wrong foot.


01:04:13.410 –> 01:04:18.780

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah look for the validation within yourself because it’s you that have to go out and.


01:04:19.170 –> 01:04:26.880

Prince Daniels Jr: go against everything that’s going on in the world, you know people going to give you a million knows you know, but that 1,000,001 time.


01:04:27.180 –> 01:04:44.370

Prince Daniels Jr: You may get that yes, and so, in order for that to happen, you have to build some type of resiliency at home by yourself at least building some type of positive ormers around you, you know, by saying that i’m amazing i’m incredible i’m brilliant on i’m powerful.


01:04:45.540 –> 01:04:58.620

Prince Daniels Jr: So and use those words to do that, and you create this positive aura so that way whenever you go out into the world whenever negativity strikes you and it doesn’t bother you at all you continue to stay on your path never deviate from it and so.


01:05:00.030 –> 01:05:06.660

Prince Daniels Jr: Those are the reasons why I share those things you know and we don’t hit out enough, and so my job is to.


01:05:07.050 –> 01:05:17.250

Prince Daniels Jr: help push that out, so people can realize like look raise your vibration level by using these words, these powerful words because it can work the opposite way.


01:05:17.670 –> 01:05:29.490

Prince Daniels Jr: If someone tells you that just stupid idiot you’re not enough and eventually you start believing it, so why not substitute those words for something that’s positive so that way you can build yourself up instead of beating yourself.


01:05:30.150 –> 01:05:41.670

Mike Malatesta: Right yeah so for everyone listening if you’re not telling if you if you’re the one telling yourself you’re not incredible just change it tell you stuff you are because that’s what you are and then make it true.


01:05:42.900 –> 01:05:43.650

Mike Malatesta: that’s true.


01:05:44.040 –> 01:05:44.550

Prince Daniels Jr: that’s it.


01:05:45.180 –> 01:05:46.290

Mike Malatesta: prints Thank you so much.


01:05:46.560 –> 01:05:47.550

Prince Daniels Jr: Mike Thank you so much.


01:05:50.280 –> 01:05:54.540

Mike Malatesta: Okay cool excellent excellent Thank you this is fun.


01:05:54.960 –> 01:05:56.700

Prince Daniels Jr: It was man I enjoyed myself.


01:05:57.960 –> 01:06:02.310

Prince Daniels Jr: As well it’s been a while, so I really talked about this and more of a conversational fashion.


01:06:04.020 –> 01:06:06.420

Prince Daniels Jr: Without being interrupted with the next question.


01:06:06.600 –> 01:06:07.860

Mike Malatesta: So thank you okay.


01:06:08.190 –> 01:06:09.060

Prince Daniels Jr: I enjoyed the flow.


01:06:09.330 –> 01:06:17.520

Mike Malatesta: yeah well I like giving people space, because you know that’s where you get people thinking, and you know it’s.


01:06:18.120 –> 01:06:19.410

Mike Malatesta: You gotta give space.


01:06:19.560 –> 01:06:23.010

Mike Malatesta: can’t just can’t just can’t just bombard questions yeah.


01:06:24.180 –> 01:06:24.630

Prince Daniels Jr: Right.


01:06:25.920 –> 01:06:27.870

Mike Malatesta: yeah so that was awesome so thank you so much for.


01:06:27.870 –> 01:06:33.120

Prince Daniels Jr: That there’s anything needs to do just send it to.


01:06:35.010 –> 01:06:39.060

Prince Daniels Jr: info I press COM Prince Davis jr COM.


01:06:39.210 –> 01:06:41.130

Prince Daniels Jr: yeah take it from there.


01:06:41.940 –> 01:06:47.520

Mike Malatesta: yeah great and Would you mind doing a little like saying something at the end about your experience here.


01:06:47.730 –> 01:06:50.940

Prince Daniels Jr: No, not at all, not at all what would you like, for me.


01:06:51.570 –> 01:07:00.180

Mike Malatesta: You can just you can just say who you are and say something about your experience on the on the podcast with me or you can say what I say whatever you want to say.


01:07:01.260 –> 01:07:02.910

Prince Daniels Jr: This is how it happened okay.


01:07:03.120 –> 01:07:10.380

Mike Malatesta: How did happen yeah so yeah so when you get ready you just go 321 so we know where to market and say what you want to say and.


01:07:11.490 –> 01:07:11.850

Mike Malatesta: All right.


01:07:13.980 –> 01:07:14.250



01:07:15.390 –> 01:07:15.780



01:07:19.710 –> 01:07:36.120

Prince Daniels Jr: hi my name is Prince Daniels Julia and i’m here with Mike talking about some incredible things and how you can be successful in life, no matter what you go through, remember, nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is, and this is how it happened peace.


01:07:38.580 –> 01:07:40.350

Mike Malatesta: Beautiful that was awesome.


01:07:41.640 –> 01:07:43.500

Mike Malatesta: That was awesome Thank you so much.


01:07:43.650 –> 01:07:48.630

Prince Daniels Jr: Oh, thank you Mike and enjoy yourself and we’ll be in contact soon yeah.


01:07:48.660 –> 01:07:50.880

Mike Malatesta: sounds good thanks so much okay see ya.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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