Red Flags Entrepreneurs Can’t Ignore and Betrayal – Episode 28.5

In this 3rd video episode with Aleta Norris, co-founder of Living as a Leader, I share two stories about ignoring the signs of bad business deals and how I was betrayed by one of my earliest employees, and how it has changed my approach. (Watch here )

In the first story you’ll learn how we approached business acquisitions with the mantra that “we could fix it – we can fix anything!” After a few bad business deals, we learned a holistic approach, with checks and balances that would help us make better decisions, at least most of the time.

In the second story, I share what it was like when one of my earliest employees, who was a welcomed friend at my home, and helped me grow my company, betrayed me. I call this person, my “S” man, and I developed a process that I use to deal with situations like this – you might find it helpful too.

Watch the Video Podcast Here

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