Richie Burke, A CEO, Podcasting Growth for Clients – Episode 15

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Richie Burke is the founder and CEO of Go Geddit Marketing and Media and the host of the Go Gedders Podcast. Richie became an entrepreneur while he was still in middle school, collecting errant golf balls that he would sell back to the golfers – at considerable margin – since his cost basis was zero – and forming, acting as commissioner for, and selling tickets to his own neighborhood basketball league.   He’s a Marquette graduate with a degree in Marketing and started his first company, GoGetIt.Com right after graduating. 

Rickie pursued his dream to become a PGA Tour Pro but at 19 realized that dream just might not come true.  He approaches that reality like he does all others – with an eye toward what he could now work to accomplish, which led him to making a change in schools to Marquette and in his permanent move from Madison to Milwaukee.

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Richie about his unique culture and personality, the lessons he’s learned as he’s grown his company – like background checks for example – counter signaling, Tommy Tank, The MACC fund and more.  It’s a fun conversation with an authentic, entrepreneurial success story.

Please enjoy Mike and Richie Burke. 


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