Sequoya Borgman, Rising to the Top in Private Equity – Episode 8

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Sequoya Borgman, the Founder & Managing Director of Borgman Capital, is on the podcast today. Borgman Capital is a Milwaukee based start-up Private Equity firm focused on partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams to capitalize and grow profitable businesses.  

As a kid with “hippie” parents, Sequoya was born in California but moved a lot and attended 9 different schools by the ninth grade, learning how to adapt quickly to constantly changing circumstances along the way.

As a teenager, Sequoya worked full time, second shift jobs in fire extinguisher and plastics manufacturing facilities.   He earned a BS and Masters in Accounting, because “accounting is the language of business,” from East Carolina University and began his career in public accounting with Arthur Anderson before later becoming a partner at RSM US LLP. 

Sequoya shares how he became a great networker, despite his introverted tendencies, by employing a “don’t expect anything from the other person” mentality and how Toastmasters helped him become more comfortable with his public speaking and confidence.  

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Sequoya about his business and leadership experiences, his leap of faith to start a Private Equity firm when he already had a successful and thriving future ahead of him in accounting, the ABC’s of private equity, and a lot more.  

It’s a fascinating conversation with a compassionate, smart, humble and authentic success.

Please enjoy Mike and Sequoya Borgman.


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