Steve Palec, Walking The Line In Radio And Realty – Episode 11

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Steve Palec is a partner at Collier’s International, a global commercial real estate services and investment management firm and the iconic host of the Sunday morning radio show, Rock N Roll Roots on WKLH.   After first professing to have “no goals,” Steve takes us through his determined life journey – from doing newscasts in his head – accompanied by a card board transistor radio he’d made – to writing letters to radio stations offering to do anything or whatever, to work at the station – to borrowing money to support himself during his first year as a real estate broker.  

Steve believes in “old School” values like hard work, never thinking about the money first, and always starting with loyalty.  Oh, and as to hard work, Steve’s radio show is live and in 31 years, he’s only missed one show.

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Steve about his journey as a guy who’s never been afraid to say Yes to something new – even though he’s driven by a tremendous fear of failure.  How he uses Twitter as his creative outlet – and manages the risk that comes with that.  And, oh yeah – how he’s simplified his life with only 3 beverage options (this is near the end if you want to jump ahead).

It’s a fun conversation with authentic success and a foot in multiple worlds.

Please enjoy Mike Malatesta and Steve Palec.


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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