Talor Zamir, Peak Performance Founder, Eating Superfoods to Eliminate Hidden Inflammation – Episode 166

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Talor Zamir, Peak Performance Founder, Eating Super Foods to Eliminate Hidden Inflammation - Episode 166

Talor Zamir is the founder of Peak Performance and someone who has gone through a major health transformation. Peak Performance provides an incredible offering of superfood powders like greens and protein powders, mushroom superfoods, organic coffee, vitamins and much more. They are committed to creating the absolute highest quality products (from Organic and Whole Food sources as much as possible) that are 3rd party tested to ensure they are safe for you. 

7 years ago Talor had massive pain and inflammation throughout his body. He was working on a computer all day, and it showed up the worst in his arms and hands. He couldn’t get any help from doctors, and had to use a voice dictation software to do all his typing. Fast forward 2 years, solutions to his problems didn’t come from doctors, prescription drugs or surgery. Once he started changing what he put in his body, everything started to change.

Mike and Talor cover a ton of great stuff in this episode like why people shouldn’t accept getting older as an excuse to be in pain, ideas about reversing the narrative in your head to do better, why he believe inflammation is the root of pain and how to get rid of it, the problem with high performing kids and adults continuing to eat and drink sugars, ideas for lifestyle change to start seeing results in 30,60, and 90 days, why he thinks cake is disgusting, how to end your cravings, and much more.

And how here’s Talor Zamir.

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Mentions on the Podcast:

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Talor Zamir, Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta  00:13

Talor, welcome to the podcast.

Talor Zamir 00:20

Thanks for having me.

Mike Malatesta  00:21

Yeah, this is something I’ve been looking forward to for months now, I, I heard Talor first on Steve Sims, podcasts, the art of making things happen. And, and interestingly so Tiller does not, he’s not a social media guy so a lot of times when I hear somebody I’ll sort of LinkedIn. And, you know, see if they’ll connect with me and then, you know, get a conversation going, but wasn’t really, you made it clear that that wasn’t really something you were sort of into So, anyway, I went to Christie, Steve Sims person who works with Steve and, and she was, you know, gracious enough to connect us so I’m really happy about that. But the reason I wanted to, to have her on the show is because what he was talking about his experience was resonating so much with not only his experience, his experience and belief system was resonating so much with mine, that I thought, not only would I be interested in exploring more but you would be interested in hearing more about this as well because it’s really, it’s really fascinating and something we should all be paying attention to so tour, I start every show with the same simple question. How did it happen for you?

Talor Zamir  00:26

All right, well I’ll try to be somewhat brief and that is obviously a long story, but I’ll try to keep it pretty short.

I guess it kind of started when I read. I’m graduating college I worked downtown Manhattan. The World Financial Center as a trading assistant. But reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad is probably what started me on the entrepreneurial journey. Fast forward a few years I got into internet marketing. And so I kind of got out of the rat race knew I wanted to do my own thing and became a sort of an internet marketing consultant, I started by creating a training program where I’m teaching, real estate agents all over the country how to do short sales in real estate, because I kind of knew that the market was crashing and kind of was ahead of the curve back in 2007. That led me to basically become a full time Internet entrepreneur, mainly as an Internet Marketing Consultant for the first several years I would just have people saying they can you help me market this and. But then after several years I sort of realized and there’s also a health and health journey transformation that happened in there for me as well, so maybe I’ll, I’ll touch on that in a second but I realized that about the year 2015 You know I had built many different successful businesses not just me but for my clients, I had helped, you know Mark some businesses I said okay well you know it’s great being a consultant and participating but it’s time for me to kind of move on and do my own thing here and so that’s when I started creating my own brands and got into really e commerce full time, and so it kind of started way back in 2013 as an Internet Marketing Consultant banging away on a keyboard with bad posture and not taking care of my health very much and just really hungry and driven, but almost so driven that there was sort of a Dr John Sarno has some great books about this, about this, TMS is called this is sort of like inner tension like this you know this drive and so many entrepreneurs have like myself, It’s just like, come on, I’ve got to get it done. But you know I had a one year old and a two year old daughter, I had some debt, I’m really driven and so that inner tension along with bad posture and banging away on a keyboard and not eating right, created massive inflammation and pain in my arms to the point where I literally could not type more than a couple of sentences on the keyboard without being in just massive pain. So I actually had to use a voice dictation software for two years, while I kind of healed my whole body and mind and you know whole kind of health transformation there. And so that was a big challenge I was a really scary point of my life, where the only thing I knew how to do is kind of make money on the opposite in terms of being an internet entrepreneur, and now I couldn’t really type, more than a couple sentences I had to teach myself to talk in sound bites, and it was just very challenging, but, um, I’m happy for that because that you know I always say to people like you know if you’re in a bad place right now, you know what you think is the worst thing that could ever happen to you, oftentimes can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. And so I really hope that that people if anyone is listening in, they’re in a place where if something really bad maybe happened, you know, how can you know it is your job though, to think about how you can turn that into the best thing that ever happened to you. So for me, of being in massive pain I was trying every wrist brace and compression elbow sleeve and wrist sleeve and arthritis compression gloves and all these kinds of things. Turns out I got so familiar with those products that I created a brand, selling all those different types of products, which I ended up scaling up to almost 20 million a year in sales, while we’re exiting that business, which was nice. And also, the other most important other cool thing about that story is that it set me on a journey of health so I don’t eat sugar or fried food I follow mostly you know I guess you would call it the Paleo diet, I take over 25 of my own supplements now, every day so I’m very big into health and nutrition and optimizing my mental and physical energy, and so that kind of led me to create what I’m doing, full time 100% dial which is peak performance which is really my passion. Peak Performance is about maximizing your mental and physical energy to performing your peak and really about prioritizing your health.

Mike Malatesta  06:31

So, there’s a ton of stuff there so I just want to I want to go back a little bit. First of all, on the, I guess I’m really.


kind of

Mike Malatesta  06:44

thinking, like, Well, none of those, you tried all those devices and stuff, and I don’t know I don’t know. Did any of them work it’s kind of interesting that you created a brand based on your experience of trying things, but it wasn’t clear to me whether you had, you know, sort of had the epiphany of what’s really wrong with me, by that point,

Talor Zamir  07:05

is a great, great question. So, I had become very familiar with these products I was, I was up late at night researching every product and trying every pain relief device and all that, and I did find that compression sleeves and wraps were giving some relief. But over time I realized that in from that what I realized was that these are all just kind of crutches, right, these are all kind of like a short term relief you’re wearing a brace or a sleeve or something or pain relief cream or something like that, but eventually took me some time, I wish it would take me so long to realize that you’re not going to inflammation comes from inside of you. Right, so you’re not going to solve a problem that originates inside of you, by something that’s on the outside like a topical, or something like that. So, I realized that I had to fix the inside and the inside is both mental and physical in what you put in your body. And so I made it and I still believe to this day, that the goal of health for people should be to lower inflammation in your body. And so, that’s what really has made the long lasting change in difference, and why are we actually so eager to sell the previous company, cash out, I don’t something great. The new owners are taking it to another level they have celebrities, sports people, and all this kind of stuff and I’m really proud of what has become. However, I wanted to do but I was really passionate about and believed in, and believe that I can inspire other people to prioritize your housing, and there’s a quote that I always say that says, a healthy person has 1000 issues, but a sick person has only one,

Mike Malatesta  08:53


Talor Zamir  08:55

And not just so powerful people really think about that because I know so many businesspeople that are so driven in their business and they, you know they want to make hundreds of millions of dollars and that’s cool, that’s great. But what’s the point of making $100 million. If you die at age 65 When you could have lived to age 105 You know you can’t be there for your family, you can’t be there for the people that you love, and for your kids for all the people around you. If you don’t have your health. And so my job, I hope that, you know, maybe even on this, you know, recording on this podcast will inspire some people to realize hey you know what all this other stuff is good, but really health is the most important thing I need to prioritize here, my health, and, and by the way when you prioritize your health. You know, everything else kind of seems to fall into place a lot better to, you know your mind works better there’s now, lots of books out about the mind gut connection, check what you put in your body and your gut affects your, how you think your mental performance and physical performance and so I find that while I work less now. I do a lot more thinking and quiet time and gratitude and visualization and breathing and exercising at the gym, so I’m actually working less I’m not overworking myself anymore, yet I’m feeling better, and doing better in business than I ever have.

Mike Malatesta  10:22

And when you were by the way, congratulations because work last do better is a great plan that’s a great strategy to many people. Never, ever get it. I don’t want to marginalize it as being like easy though, like, you know, four hour workweek sort of easy it’s not easy to do that kind of thing make that transition right that doesn’t come naturally.

Talor Zamir  10:46

100% Yeah, I don’t want to make it seem like it’s so easy either. There’s a lot of work that was done a lot of work that was done, but I think when I say work a lot of people might think, you know, grinding away you know 18 hours a day, or something like that, that’s as I’m getting old, maybe it’s just that I’m getting older now I think look, you know from age 25 to 35 I probably grinded really hard, and probably did 20 years’ worth of work in 10 years. And so maybe it’s easier for me to say this now after putting in that work. But, you know, now we’re part of work today for me part of my workday is going outside for an hour with my cup of coffee in the morning and getting some sun and just thinking and doing gratitude and visualizations that’s, that’s part of my workday. Yeah, going to the gym in the middle of the day is part of my workday.

Mike Malatesta  11:40

Yeah, things that people don’t naturally associated with work can still be work, right, because you’re working on yourself,

Talor Zamir  11:51

working on yourself because that’s the key thing. So I’ve done a lot of personal development. I attend every mastermind and seminar and that I possibly can and listen to audio books and podcasts, at the gym as much as I can, but then also the idea of thinking time and getting out of the weeds, right I think that working harder will only get you so much growth. And at the expense of other things right so look, obviously I still work hard I do, I would say, but I work hard in balance with health, relationships with my wife and my daughters particularly making an attempt now to have more friend relationships as well as my daughters are starting to get a little older, you know, health, relationships, family being the best father I can be. And so I’m also, when I go out in the mornings, thinking about the future and looking back at my life, what would I be proud of or what would I regret. Right, I think there’s, there’s this example of Jeff Bezos, when he left his high paying, Wall Street job to go start Amazon, and this thought process I think he’d call it some regret minimization formula or something, where he said well you know what, if I leave this job to go try to start this, this Amazon. I don’t think that when I’m 100 years old sitting on my rocking chair that I’m gonna regret doing that, even if it doesn’t work out. Yeah, so, so, so looking at that and I know that I’ve heard so many successful people look back at their lives and say, you know I was on the road. The whole time my kids were growing up, I missed all their events and activities and so I don’t want to make that same mistake. I don’t want to neglect my wife or my kids or my health. To me those are all actually more important than business, but somehow, I think when you do a lot of work on yourself and have good balance in those other areas, business seems to work itself out as well.

Mike Malatesta  13:54

And this thinking time that you do a funeral. I’d like to get into that a little bit because, first of all, is there a process to it. And second, is it something that you were taught. Is it something you just adopt like because I can see some people thinking, Well, okay, so I’m going to spend an hour a day thinking like, what does that mean I’m staring at the sky, you know, out in the landscape, or the sun or the lake or whatever? What am I, what are you so what For you what does that actually maybe doing?

Talor Zamir  14:29

That’s a great question. So, there’s some different things that I can be doing there. I will say, for example, recently I added Tony Robbins priming so there’s a video on YouTube called Tony Robbins priming 15 minutes or so, so I keep my phone on airplane mode, but I’ve downloaded this video so if I want to go through this 15 minute priming exercise, which I’ve only started doing a couple months ago before that I was doing other things but I really enjoyed this Tony Robbins priming video because it gets you in a state of gratitude, get to a state of heart of kind of looking at your highest achieved like your highest your highest inspiration kind of getting into gratitude and doing it so I think that’s a great one to start with, especially for people that are new to this. I also highly recommend a book, there’s a book called u squared to y o u to the second power, it by price Pritchett, and so this book you can actually read in about 20 minutes. It’s a small thin book, and I probably read this book. Gosh over, probably over 500 times, because I take it outside with me, and it also kind of walks me through visualizations and what I really want gets me thinking about what’s the highest level is about also making a quantum leap. So a quantum leap is, again, kind of getting back to the working harder thing like you can grind and work harder and maybe increase your business 10% 20% a year by working 20% more or something like that, but a quantum leap is actually, you know going 10 acts without grinding yourself down and working so hard. And so that requires a different way of thinking, and that thinking is not going to come, if you’re waking up and jumping straight on your email and checking social media and doing all those kinds of things and kind of, you mentioned earlier, I’m not on social media. For that reason, I think there’s just too much noise and distraction and people kind of tried to pull my attention and in different directions and impose their belief systems on me and I’m very protective about my belief systems and what I want to allow into my life. But going back to finish up your question so there’s you squared by price printed. I’d like to read that book and kind of just think on it, you know, there’s visualizations. So I have very, very specific visualizations that I do. I’m one of them, too, just to give you an example, is I’m, I’ve been about 100 years old, I’m sitting on a rocking chair in front of my lake house with my wife, and I’m saying to her, you know, we’ve been married for over 75 years, we’ve raised two beautiful happy healthy daughters that are both still alive and healthy. We’ve got we’ve got beautiful happy healthy grandkids that are alive and healthy, happy and healthy, and we’ve have beautiful happy healthy great grandkids that we have a great relationship with and are alive happy and healthy, and so that visualization is actually my main goal in life. My main goal in life is to you know be able to look back on my life and be proud that I had to have a great family that was happy and healthy. Great, great grandkids great grandkids, and, and health. I have the health and vitality the relationships, the family. Also a lot of money about visualization as well. But the kind of the visualization, also ends with, we’ve helped over a billion people, and therefore we made over a billion dollars. So that’s really kind of my thinking is that how can I help more people, and in process you know deserve to make more money by doing that. And then lastly, I’ll just say on the morning, the morning ritual, there’s sometimes I’ll do breathing techniques, kind of depending on my mood so there’s Wim Hof breathing that I use sometimes there’s box breathing, that I do Mark Devine the Navy SEAL taught me the box, the box breathing and. And then, just a lot of visualizations and gratitude just being so grateful for everything we already have our house, our health, our, you know everything that my daughters have been able to you know, you know, being a great school and have great friends and all this kind of things so just a lot of gratefulness because I know that being grateful for what I have is, what can open me up to having even more.

Mike Malatesta  19:10

So, Wim Hof is he the cold dude, the, like, yeah, okay, that’s what I, the Ice Man

Talor Zamir  19:18

Yeah, really powerful reading techniques and also, I do, for example I just right now finished my, my shower on two minutes over, as cold as it can go so every time I take a shower. I do a nice normal warm shower and that’s nice and feels good. And then it’s funny because my mind, even today, like every time my mind always says, I don’t want to do it. We can skip it today because we know we always say that and then we always do it and then we always feel better after we do it so now, I’m sort of addicted to finishing on these cold showers and I really wait to my mind and lowers inflammation in your body has many other benefits

Mike Malatesta  20:00

as well so I highly recommend that. I do the same thing I usually do a little over a minute not too. But it happened, I started doing that because well I knew that Tony Robbins was doing the cold dunks every morning and stuff so


I, you know,

Mike Malatesta  20:13

where can I do that, I can’t do that. I don’t have that infrastructure, but, but then yeah I listened to him, Wim on a podcast and he was talking about and I was like, Okay, that sounds like something I could do you know and so I’ve been doing that for a couple years ever since I’m weird that way like you hear something I don’t know what you’re like but you hear something and it sort of makes sense to you resonates, you know, I, I’m okay, I’m going to start doing that and I’ve just do it. I’ve done it. When you’re looking back and by the way, I love the way that you take yourself out into the future instance a look back over things as opposed to being in the present and trying to imagine what would happen. Are you and your wife, healthy and happy at 100. So you’re okay, okay.

Talor Zamir  21:03

That’s how it started. Yeah, for over 75 years we’re both still alive, happy and healthy and we have a great relationship. So that’s how the visualization starts. Nice, nice.

Mike Malatesta  21:13

And when you were trying to figure out what was wrong, you know, right, wrong with you, what was it that, ultimately, you know unlocked or was the key to unlocking what was really wrong. Did you hear someone talking about it or did a physician help you with it or something you discovered on your own, because you were, I mean, as inflammation goes up, what you described as yours, symptoms, pretty dramatic. I mean, if everyone was affected by inflammation, the way you were, it would probably get a lot of attention. no more than it does now, that’s for sure.

Talor Zamir  21:58

Yeah. Fortunately, it doesn’t get enough attention, and I think that actually we know that pretty much every disease is stems from inflammation in the body and so I think it should. And that’s why I hope, you know, I can inspire some people to follow more of a low inflammation diet which to keep it simple is really, you know, normal processed sugars, alcohol is not good for inflammation, neither although you know, our glass of red wine here and there won’t hurt you probably but fried foods, you know, Again, it’s gotten to the point where I almost don’t want to eat out very much just because they’re cooking in oils, you know like soils and oils and vegetable oils that are just cooked at these high temperatures really just ruin the chemical compositions of the food and cause a lot of inflammation so I’d highly recommend staying away from fried foods as well but going back to your question, I would say there was a couple of things. There’s, there’s a there was again I mentioned Dr John Sarno, who has some great books, one called a healing back pain, which applies to more than just back pain typically applies to any kind of chronic pain which again if you know if you got hit in the knee and you have a little acute knee injury that’s one thing, but if you’ve had knee pain for two years, or even you know, even if you’re a runner and you say you know I’ve been running but my such bad knee pain, you know, that’s what that is inflammation, you know if your back pain. That’s inflammation if you have shoulder pain you know whatever it is for me to appear in my arms. But that’s inflammation so Dr John Sarno was great. There was another great book I read called aging or ageless by Ron Zeller, who was a big, big transformative seminar leader he lent a lot of landmark transformative seminars, years ago all over the world, and aging or ageless how to rise like a phoenix from the myth of aging by Ron Zeller, and his. His thing was sort of like, you know, in our society we have this narrative of like, I’m getting, like, like people just like, it’s almost common to complain about it like, oh, yeah, I’m getting older now my This hurts my back hurts like isn’t this just like, oh man, and another person tries to be.

Mike Malatesta  24:19

yeah, it’s a competition. Yeah.

Talor Zamir  24:23

Worse payment you’re like yeah my 20s anymore and like, you know, all that kind of stuff and so his whole thing was to reverse that narrative, and like get that narrative out of your head, like, just because everyone else is saying that doesn’t mean that you can’t, you know do better and so I think in the book he talks like his wife became a taekwondo world champion in her 50s and he broke powerlifting records, you know, over the age of 60 for his you know age group or whatever and it was just like no like, you know, screw this narrative, like, that’s not an empowering narrative. Let me, let me the nuts, that’s where you know when you can have that quiet time and silent time and, and a lot of personal development can help you be aware of like okay, this person just said that but that’s a belief system, that’s not empowering for me so I’m not going to take that on, I’ll, I’ll let them believe that and I don’t need to hold cause a whole confrontation with them about it but. Yeah. And so, again, so changing that narrative and then just kind of, because at the time, you know not to, you know, there’s some great physicians don’t get me wrong, but I was going to different physicians that were like oh you have a herniated disk and, you know, get an MRI and the MRI shows your herniated disc and then and then so don’t exercise you know literally one chiropractor said no you need spinal decompression and don’t exercise you got a herniated disc and so Dr John Sarno says that I, people would come into his office with MRI showing herniated disk and he would just tear it up and throw it in the garbage because he actually did a study I think it was about 100 normal people who were not in pain, and I think 60 Something of them had a hernia similar Okay, yeah, as you get older, everyone has a herniated disks right, you know, don’t be surprised if you get an MRI and you have a herniated disk. Now, again, I don’t want I’m not giving medical advice here, some people may have something worse than others. But for me, not, not exercising, made it a lot worse, right, we all know that exercising releases endorphins and helps against depression, probably more than any anti-depressant can. And so it was very just debilitating and then, kind of like, you know, stuck at home I can’t do this I’m in pain and so that was so those mindsets helped that from those two books really particular in particular helped me turn around my mindset, which was very important, and Dr. John Sarno and runs Zelo in aging arrangers talk about resuming full activity like get back to normal, one who says you can’t be in the best shape of your life at age 16 in better shape at 16 than they were 30 I can tell you right now I’m in waiting I just turned 40 And I’m way better health and shape than I am at 40 that I wasn’t at 30 No question. And my goal is to keep improving. Now, I want to be actually another one of my morning visualizations is that I’m in better health, and I was doing this when I was 39 So it was 49 years old, I’ve achieved my financial goals I have a great relationship with my wife and daughters, and most importantly, I’m in better health at age 49 that I was at age 39 So I’m looking to keep improving on this. So those were the things mentally that really helped me. And then there was physically there was getting back and actually getting back into exercise and getting my fitness back and seeing like hey you know what, like, I can work out, this isn’t, this isn’t that bad, but I got the ability to hear and then there was of course, what I put in my body to lower inflammation so there’s a lot of mistakes, you know, even back then. I was going to Whole Foods and I’m like Ocampo and Whole Foods, right, so I’m eating healthy here and let me know this herb mocha iced tea looks great. Let me, let me buy a couple of these and drink two of these every day one of the morning one in the afternoon and come to realize each, each bottle has 30 grams of sugar, right 60 grams of sugar in my supposedly healthy iced tea.

Mike Malatesta  28:24

Yeah, maybe even organic right organic and yeah so you think how can I go wrong. Yeah, it’s got to be healthy, right, all right,

Talor Zamir  28:33

um, you know, and then just simple things like you know people go out and they you know they’re eating French fries, again, French fries is a really bad fried foods and then you’re dipping it in your ketchup that has high fructose corn syrup in it and, and so you’re really just saying like, you know about changing, and so I guess I don’t even like to say that I’m on the iPhone the Paleo diet because I don’t even like talking about, you need to go on a diet or follow this keto or paleo or whatever. Again, I do think I think keto is a little harder for most normal people to follow so I think paleo is easier to follow and I mentioned it only because it’s easy for people to look up paleo recipes or paleo cookbook or cherry Leo foods and so I would encourage people to actually do that, but for me it’s not a diet. I’ve completely changed my identity around health. It’s, you know for me it’s very simple it’s, I don’t eat processed sugars right if it’s coming from whole foods like fruit or something like that. I’m not eating sugars I’m not eating. You know I don’t eat bread I don’t eat pasta, right. I don’t eat cakes I don’t eat, you know, these kinds of things I don’t eat fried foods and so this isn’t like you know when I go to the birthday party on the weekend, you might get a kid’s birthday party, and they bring it up a piece of cake at the end and they’re handing out cake, and the other parents almost think they’re rude if they don’t eat the cake. For me it’s always just no thank you, I don’t eat cake. If you think if you look at those words, it shows you my identity, right, like if someone from home. Thank you. I don’t smoke, because your identity is you don’t smoke. My identity is, I don’t eat cake, so there’s no like oh the kid comes out it’s like oh maybe I should try it, or I don’t know like, should I have a cheat day today, it’s just, it’s very simple, like, I don’t eat cake. And after a while your taste buds in your, in your body, creating completely start to change. You know I take things like organic green superfood powders that really help alkalize my body and change my cravings as well. And so now I look at a piece of cake and I’m literally like, Oh, that looks disgusting to me like I would feel so gross if I ate that like after my body would probably start shaking from the sugar because now I’m conditioned to crave healthy things so you can change your taste buds in your in your cravings over time but going back to, you know, kind of a diet thing I don’t like to say hey you should do this diet or that diet, it’s more like changing your identity around health and what you put in your body. And how long

Mike Malatesta  31:17

did it take you to recover once you started making these changes? Was it you know overnight was it in a month was it take? And I guess, you know, everybody’s not everybody a lot of people are looking for like quick, you know, quick answer quick solutions to stuff and I don’t know what your experience was, after trying all these other compression things and on not getting the relief you were looking for. To change your diet and then, you know, get it.

Talor Zamir  31:49

Yeah, I don’t know the exact timeframe honestly I think I think I use the voice dictation software from roughly two years, the last probably six months or combat, maybe I maybe it was more of just a mental thing that I, I didn’t want to get back into pain I was afraid that if I let go of this thing I might fall back or, you know, so I think probably, you know look major changes can happen in even 30 days 60 You know 30 days 60 days 90 days for sure major things can happen. And by the way, I’m still on a health journey I’m every you know, even back then, when I first made the change. I’m much more, you know, kind of, I guess for lack of a better word strict, I’m much more kind of like particular about what I put in my body now even than I was back then so I was kind of just getting started, but I would say, you can easily get results in 30 days 60 days but the point is not to think of this as a 30 or 60 day thing the point of this is to think about this as a lifestyle change and something that you’re doing forever and look, if you eat cake once or twice a year, you know, don’t beat yourself up over it, you know, if, again, I really don’t cheat that often but, if, if I do have a cheesecake, you know, you know, maybe a year ago or whenever I last had a cheesecake. I don’t beat myself up over it because I know like hey, you know, I’ve done some right thing I’m confident that I’m healthy, I’m putting good stuff in my body. So, yeah, you know, what if I want to do this one thing is one time, that’s fine. But now I don’t even crave it but, you know, so don’t beat yourself up if you oh my gosh, I’ll never be able to eat a piece of cake ever again you know that’s not really the point. The point is that you won’t want to you won’t crave that these indications.

Mike Malatesta  33:37

and inflammation itself I want to kind of get back to that because that was some that’s what, when I first listened to you that really got my attention because I had. I’m not gonna say a similar experience but I had like epiphany about it that was kind of forced, I wasn’t looking for it. But that, so with, I think a lot of people. Like, imagine that inflammation is like puffiness, you know, and you can’t see puffiness and so you’re like why, how could I have inflammation, you know I’m not like blowing up like a balloon or something, and you know I, so I, and I was this that same way I, I volunteered, while volunteered I decided that I was going to get a full body scan because a friend of mine did. For visceral fat, and some other things, and it wasn’t, you know, and I thought I was in, you know, I really didn’t think I was fat or inflamed or even problematic I just thought, well, he tried it and you know he got some good information, so I would try it and, and it was very eye opening because I didn’t even know what visceral fat was, and essentially it’s the storage of fat inside your body, that comes from your body, not knowing what to do with some of the stuff you’re eating, like the sugars and carbs and stuff. But if you don’t, it’s completely hidden you know and you think well I think well I’m going to the gym and yeah okay maybe, maybe, maybe my pants are getting a little tight here and there but it’s probably because I’m, you know, getting bigger, you know, lifting more and whatever. And I think the inflammation thing just gets out of just doesn’t come across many people’s minds, and no one’s saying it to them, but after I went through that, and I started to understand what it was. It really made a tremendous difference in how I looked at things and then all of a sudden, seems like I’m surrounded by people who are talking about inflammation and the food you eat and everything, and how bad it is for you, and, and how contributing to all these things like you mentioned all this pain that you may be having that you just think comes from being getting older or some football injury that never got better, whatever, whatever it is so deep. I guess some. Do you. Well, I mean you’ve sort of made it your mission now I suppose so. But how do you get the message across to people. Besides sharing your own story which is pretty compelling. But, you know, if I didn’t go through what you thought I’d be like, oh that dude, you know, it’s too bad, but I don’t that’s not a problem I have.

Talor Zamir  36:32

Yeah, yeah, it’s a tough one because, unfortunately, most people including myself. Don’t make a change. I didn’t make a change until I was in pain. Yeah, you see you know there are doctors that, you know, for example, a good friend of mine who’s a phenomenal doctor and a surgeon and he says yeah you know when people get the cancer diagnosis, they listen and they change real, you know, they listen to me follow the diet but you know it’s almost too little too late at that point right and so how do you how do you get this mindset of, it’s kind of like, you know the silent thing on the inside but I think I was going to mention, getting your visceral fat checked and most if you go to a gym even a lot of them have the machine that you can go on and stand on barefoot and hold on to the things and we give you a pretty accurate number of your visceral fat. So that’s an important marker for sure. There are other blood test markers on inflammation as well but in reality, I think it’s very simple if you have any pain in your body on an ongoing basis. That’s, that’s inflammation, and I would I would look at that as an issue, and, you know, some type of exercise for example, just because you exercise it right like someone could someone could run marathons or, you know, run 10 miles a day and they will certainly probably won’t gain weight because they’re because they are you know burning someone so much, you know expended so much energy, energy burning calories, whatever you want to call it. But that doesn’t mean that they’re healthy on the inside, right, right, that doesn’t mean that they’re in fact you know running a marathon causes a lot of inflammation in your body, you know, so doing you know overtraining or doing really hard things like that can cause a lot of inflammation so you have to really be even more careful about, you know how you’re what you’re what you’re putting in your body, but really it’s about trying to inspire people to put their health first. And again, it’s just, it’s just so unbelievable to me how many you know I’m part of a really of a business group with within there’s a lot of high net worth individuals in this group. And, I mean, is it is it wrong of me to say like, why do we even have cans of soda and diet soda in this room for people to drink and, like, it’s a challenge for me it’s a real challenge for me because I don’t want I don’t want to tell people, Hey, you have to do this or I don’t want to tell you how to live your life yeah sure, right, like I don’t want to tell you hey, like what do you guys do I don’t want to give you a guilt trip but at the same time or just this like, really, like, you know we’re talking about, you know, as a group, you guys are all talking about going and get a full body health scan, great, but then you’re gonna sit here and drink, you know three sodas over the course of six hours, you know, and then still talk about, You know, going to the doctor later or, you know, and I mean, I think COVID is another example right where it’s like people were getting really bad inflammation storms in their body. And so, but no one thinks like hey, you know, maybe I should lower the inflammation in my body and not will help me a lot, right, that would be the best preventative measure we could do as a country, but yet you haven’t heard one House official or doctor or boy or politician get on TV and say, you know, this would be a good time to limit your sugar intake and fried foods and foods that we know cause inflammation, you know, we know, because I guess I get, you know, I don’t know maybe McDonald’s and all these places are donating lots of money. I don’t know what the answer is or what the political correctness is there but it just, to me it seems so obvious, like, you can lower inflammation in your body you can reduce pain you can, by the way, the same thing is that lower inflammation in your body are the same things that cause you to lose weight. And so, I throw that in there because sometimes losing weight is more and the way people look is more important to them.

Mike Malatesta  40:30

Yeah, Yeah, whether it’s actually does something inside they don’t care about as long as you look good on the outside sort of thing.

Talor Zamir  40:37

So from that perspective, hey, just so you know, again, I don’t eat fried food sugar. I rarely drink alcohol, maybe a few times a year, socially, But, like I can eat I can eat whatever I want. Now granted, I don’t eat those things right so I can eat almost as much as I want to be fully satiated and not gain much weight, because I’m exercising and because the foods I’m eating are not inflammatory foods are. And by the way the whole vaccine right I hope by now most of your listeners have realized that, you know, actually there are many healthy fats and I think the keto diet has proved that you can go on an extremely high fat diet and, like, a good friend of mine, lose 100 pounds in one year, by eating nothing but high fat foods. Now hopefully there’s a good way in a bad way of doing keto and you can eat high fat foods right so I think you want to do the right fats, which I like to talk about, like, olive oil, obviously. MCT oils. Cooking with avocado oil instead of canola oil, you know, the grass fed butter and ghee and these types are healthy fats that can help you actually feel more satiated and not need to eat so much more, you know, like most days, during the day, I don’t need to eat. I don’t like to eat a whole lot and I don’t feel many cravings during the day, but I don’t eat a whole lot during the day I usually eat a big dinner. And so but I don’t have these cravings or blood sugar spikes or these kinds of things because due to carbohydrates and sugar like, like most of our countries as well. So there’s a lot of benefits there as well as mental and physical performance. But again, lowering inflammation is so important to health and longevity. And you know I think I would, I would tell people to look what’s your goal, like, do you want to live to over 100 Because if you want to do it. It’s very possible. It’s very possible right now.

Mike Malatesta  42:43

But certainly, there’s no question it’s, it’s more than possible likely for, you know your kids in any, any kids that are born, you know in today or you know, around this time that the likelihood that they’re going to live to 100 or Moore’s, I think, very high. And of course, if you, you, even for someone your age or maybe even my age living to 100 is definitely possible if you start taking action, and maybe even regardless of your genetic makeup, you know, unless you have some, you know, really bad genetic makeup but. And yeah, when you make a billion dollars, you’ll be able to do all kinds of things for your health that will keep you living for a really long time probably new organs and, you know, all that kind of stuff.

Talor Zamir  43:38

Um, I will say though too I did a DNA test, and I don’t have the greatest genetics. Okay, right, which could be why maybe I was more susceptible to having this massive pain and inflammation and other people, some will be more or less, but you know there’s a term now that’s being talked about a lot called epigenetics, which is talking about how you buy what you put in your body, your genes can be turned on or off, essentially certain genes, you know, specifically things, Gene inflammatory genes that are caused and can cause more inflammation as well. So, again, I think even the person with the worst genes, if they eat healthy and eat a low inflammation diet compared to someone who has the best genes, but maybe, you know, fried foods and sugar all the time. I think the person with the with the worst genetics could still have a chance probably and even you say like our kids should live over 100 And I would say that the caveat is if they eat healthy, I’m sure because it’s just amazing, I mean if they if you get diabetes, your risk factor for everything just goes through the roof. And so, you know, we have an alarming amount of kids that are getting diabetes now and, and I’ll tell you I mean, having two young daughters of my own, I mean, just came back from a birthday party the other day and go back, you know, the party bag that they give to kids was like, you know, I told my wife I said this is the diabetes special in this bag here and this is unbelievable, the snacks that they give the kids in the middle of a soccer game, It’s like a you know a Gatorade with 40 grams of sugar and Jolly Ranchers and Doritos that have, you know ingredients that are outlawed in Europe, you know, and but are still somehow legal here in the US and, and this is what we’re getting our kids, and then we’re wondering why, you know, They’re not as healthy as they should be there’s been actually numerous studies as well, showing that, what kids eat dramatically affects their mood and their learning ability as well. And so I think it’s very important to keep that in mind for yourself and your children.

Mike Malatesta  45:54

Why do you think and I’m just curious about your opinion but why do you think that that’s such a hard message to get people to buy into? And I’m thinking, less kids, because kids haven’t don’t have a chance to make up their mind yet and they’re doing what they’re exposed to but, you know, as we get older, your face, you know you’re presented with choices all the time, when it comes to what you eat and you know that, you know, gaining weight or having type two diabetes or, you know, other things is not going to. That’s, that’s not something that’s going to be helpful to you but yet. So many people continue to make the choices that that lead themselves there what. And I don’t mean to get up to put you in the psychologists or psychiatrists chair here but I’m just curious what you think about it.

Talor Zamir  46:57

Yeah, I do think about this a lot and in fact, I’m constantly thinking about how I can get people to change their viewpoint or thinking around this. I think the hard truth here that people will people I think ignore this truth because they don’t want to hear it, but most people are addicted. There’s an addiction here we talk about alcoholism, we talk about drug addictions. But we don’t talk about sugar and carbohydrates and which is almost the same as sugar in terms of what it does to your body. We don’t talk about that addiction as much. And then, not to mention there’s huge amounts of lobbying going on to, to try to portray it as if there’s not something wrong, I would highly recommend people read the book called Food fix by Dr Mark Hyman, phenomenal book that just shows basically he actually talks about how to fix the entire system it’s a, it’s an amazing beautiful book and also talks about the lobbying that goes on and on, you know with Coca Cola and many of these other companies. But, so I think there’s, you know we like to believe I think there’s, there’s an addiction on forms and this is why I tried to this is why I throw away my kids, you know candy bag as much as I can right but I try to grab it from them before they get into it, whether it be on Halloween paying them for the candy or, or you know a party bag after the party that I that I you know I look at it and I’m mortified and I just throw it away, because I don’t want my I understand look like kids can get away with it. Look, I horribly when I was a kid, my father, you know, it was like hey you want McDonald’s or Burger King for dinner tonight, you know, it was, it was awful, but you know that probably didn’t help me much, probably contributed to the issues I had when I got older, right, and so just because most kids can get away with it. And by the way there’s an alarming number of overweight kids these days. But most kids even, even eating really bad can kind of get away with it. But what I’m more worried about with my daughters is the addiction. I don’t want them to be exposed to all these. So, over the top, hyper palatable you know whenever you would call it you know these jolly ranchers are super over the top sweet things and syrup and all these, you know, ingredients that are outlawed in Europe that are in these, you know Froot Loops and Doritos and all these kind of things that are just being fed to our kids on a daily basis, I’m afraid of them being getting addicted to it, because that that will make it harder later on. Sure. So, if I can kind of tame their palate or you know whatever, however you would call that and just keep them as healthy as possible. I’m not gonna be able to control it all the time but I’m going to do my best. And hopefully that stops them from becoming addicted because, again, I think the hard truth is, we have an addiction, we won’t call it an addiction. It’s okay. Society says it’s okay. As a matter of fact, it’s like I used to get, not really anymore because now people know that I could care less, but you know it was like, I would go out and you know board or something, you know, a grass fed burger with no bun. So it’s just a lettuce wrap and get the salad instead of the French fries and you know I’m rearranging my whole order you know when we’re at the restaurant. And then, you know, people are like oh, how are you going to eat the burger with no fun, you know, how do you eat the first time so you know people are making jokes like I’m like seriously like you’re shaming me for like actually being healthy and wanting to be you know better in my life like this is crazy and so you still have this like, tough guy mentality when it comes to food of like oh yeah look at that was easy, whatever, like, it just doesn’t make sense to me. And so I think that over time I think people are getting smarter organic foods and health food is always growing is a growing segment for sure. And so I think that people will get smarter. But I think it takes a lot of people like you and I spreading the message, and hopefully people realize hey this is the biggest impact that you’re having on your health in your body and. And again, do you want to live, to 105, and be there for your family and be there for your loved ones and look back at your life can be proud, you know, I, you know, last thing I’ll say I gave a speech, and at the end of the speech I kind of ended it with, you know, so when you’re 100 years old looking back at your life, will you be proud and happy that you live the life full of energy and vitality and you know that you didn’t have lots of regrets or, you know, you know, the choice is yours really so yeah I think it all starts with health,

Mike Malatesta  51:48

so that I watched the documentary that’s on your website, it’s like a half hour documentary that yet produced very good by the way, I noticed Joe Polish and it was, who produced that documentary for you Who put that together.

Talor Zamir  52:05

That’s a friend of mine named Jeremy. Okay, produce that for me. He actually, I think if you want to reach out to him, I believe his website is http://www.salesmentary.com, which I thought was pretty cool, sales. So yeah, I think he’s also phenomenal job. He creates. He creates documentaries for entrepreneurs who have an important message that they want to spread to the world, and he calls it a salesmentary because most of the time they’re selling something at the end I’m not really necessarily selling something at the end, I’m more just trying to inspire people but again I do have a company that sells organic superfoods and high quality supplements so, but my goal really is to inspire people. I always think peak performance. My company is about inspiration and transformation. And I just feel like if I can deliver value and help people in their lives, then, you know, yeah, great, it’s a meet up organic superfood powder or supplements, then they’ll come to the women’s,

Mike Malatesta  53:09

and as long as you brought it up, I was gonna go there anyway but I’m so and so the, the byproduct of you going through this journey that you went through and then discovering that, you know, you could make changes in your life that would improve dramatically improve your health and, you know, I assume that’s what led to you wanting to you know go all in on this for your career. So, so how did you get peak performance off the ground and what was the idea going in like how you even knew how to start.

Talor Zamir  53:50

So, yeah, so I think the beauty of it was, and this is why I wanted to sell the other company because I had learned a lot. I learned a lot about scaling a brand online and selling on Amazon and on our Shopify website. But I wanted to do what I was passionate about. And so, having that exit allowed me to say, during my thinking time literally say, okay, so if I could do anything, you know, what would I do if money you know the whole question that you might hear in mastermind, a lot of time or in personal development like if money wasn’t an issue. Yeah, it’s a very important question. Money wasn’t an issue, what would you do. And so for me that was you know inspire people about health like How else could I impact more people and inspire people, rather than, you know, doing the same way and kinda there’s another saying called Turn your mess into your message. So, attract you know I think that that’s, again, going back to like people who are maybe in a bad spot. You can turn that message to your message right like there’s lots of stories about people who were addicted to drugs, and then they turn their life around and now they’ve inspired 1000s of other people to get off drugs. Yeah, right, for sure, like that so yeah so basically it was, it was that, and actually I wasn’t really sure how successful it would be at first because it wasn’t like I you know I have a lot of friends who are in E commerce now I’m in some masterminds and you know they’re looking for the opportunity and where is there an opportunity where there’s a hole in the market where I can sell a product and make some money, and I actually came from it from a different approach and I said okay, so if I was going to create the best health and nutritional supplement company, what would be the core products that I would have, under this brand. And the answer for that was pretty simple because it was all the products that I would take for myself. So from that perspective it was, it was pretty natural in that I had done all this research and listened to 1000s of hours of health podcasts and reading, you know different things and so I knew what products I wanted to take for myself, and then it was that it was okay so how can I have a product like this but make it even better than what’s already on the market, right. And so yeah, that’s kind of how it was born, and you know I invested a lot of money into it and, and, for the first couple of years, it didn’t make any money. So, you know, it was definitely something, but I stuck with it and I believed in it and just kind of, you know, finally, after a few years we kind of hit a little bit of a tipping point. And, yeah, I’m very happy to say we’re doing really.

Mike Malatesta  56:36

well now. And who did you partner with or, or use as a resource to, you know, formulate all these things they’ve done the matching that’s not the easiest thing to do.

Talor Zamir  56:47

Yeah. You know, it’s actually not quite as hard as you would think, because there’s a lot of information out there about the different ingredients. And so, you know, once you know what ingredients you want in your product, then it’s not that hard to put it together. Okay. Obviously, I go to all the shows I’ve been going for years to all the all the big shows where all the ingredient suppliers are and manufacturers and all that kind of thing so I think just when you get into any kind of business, it’s important to go to the all the, all the big, you know, men some bad industry and meet all the right people there. But yeah, it really was me creating things that I wanted for myself or trying to you know things that I maybe I was already taking How can I create a better version of that, how can I, you know, well I like, You know, I wish they also had this ingredient and that ingredient so kind of making that my own.

Mike Malatesta  57:44

Okay, and this may not be a fair question, but I’m gonna ask it because I’m curious about it. So how does one know how a person knows that the supplement that they’re taking is actually having a positive effect on them, and I asked this as a consumer because while I haven’t used any of your products for example I take athletic greens every morning I’ve been doing that for over three years. And then I take, you know, a few other supplements, and, you know, inside my mind my belief system my mentality is that these are helpful. These are helping me. But I don’t know what I can actually point at, to say, It’s definitive. So, how do you, what, how do we how do we figure that out. Is that a fair question to ask?

Talor Zamir  58:39

Okay so we have an organic green superfood powder that’s, I guess athletic greens is one of our competitors where we have a few 1000 reviews on Amazon and we you know we sell a lot of our product as well. And so they have a bigger, they have some more ingredients in theirs but it’s a much higher price point, I tried to offer kind of as much as I could, at a more mass market price point and ours. But to answer your question, I would say, first thing is how you feel. Okay, so if you can’t, and I understand that a lot of supplements like I take over 25 about my own supplements every day and so I can’t say yeah, I definitely feel that one but I don’t feel that well and you know, yeah, yeah, it’s kind of tough. But I would say that the, the simple answer is blood testing. Okay, so I think that I actually am looking right now to potentially partner with some labs or companies that work with the labs because I actually believe that everyone should be getting blood tested every six months at least. I wasn’t looking for a way to make that convenient and easy for people where, you know, someone can just come to your home, maybe for an extra fee, you know, and I just had it done, I just haven’t done a few weeks ago right someone came to my house in the morning, literally took 10 minutes to pull my blood couple weeks later I get the results, and I can see, and I could see like from my last test to this one are stuff that I was lowering that I was supplementing with now my levels are in a better range right. And now actually my I was very happy with my most recent blood test results and I was really not very deficient in, in anything my magnesium was still a tiny bit lower than I would like it to be. So maybe I’ll take a little bit more magnesium at night, but I think it’s important because, for example, my last test, I saw that I was a little bit high in selenium. And so I stopped thinking a Selenium supplement which you know again so you, you want to, you know, I think it’s important, that’s the most objective answer I could give. And I hope, I hope that that’s the future that people, it’s just like the norm, like, oh yeah we all get up every six months we get blood tested and results and we’re looking at the results and seeing what we’re deficient in because, again, I think that even right now with this pandemic, if people would have had their vitamin D levels checked, and magnesium and zinc and had healthy levels of all those things, I think the results would have been, you know far better than would not have been so bad as what we had in this country. You know I think it’s a real sign of how unhealthy we are, and obviously I’m not talking about people over the age of 70 or 80 But I mean, you know, for, for younger people, too. I think we could do better; I think we could do a lot better and so if we knew what our markers were, you know, and optimize for those levels, it would make a big difference. But also, I think some things you’re going to feel some things you know like I hope that, you know, the green superfood powder you’re taking it, you can feel a little bit of a difference maybe, maybe you feel like you don’t get tired so early in the day or, you know, female limited. You know you have more higher energy levels, maybe a little better gut health or detox or something like that so hopefully you can feel like, I agree that you can’t feel everything. But that’s where the blood testing I think would be your best marker, and some other things, there’s some things like a resveratrol, for example, that have proven anti-aging benefits but you’re really not going to feel a whole lot, right, there’s immune support supplements like vitamin C and elderberry, that I take that, you know, I don’t really feel anything but I haven’t gotten sick in a long time so that’s a good sign right so a lot of them is kind of preventative and. But yeah, it can be tricky like where do you stop right like I have a company and I take all these products. But I also realize most people aren’t as crazy as me and so I, I did write up an article on our blog called the top 10 supplements, most people should take. So that can hopefully break it down a little narrower for people as well. Okay, to get the top four. I also couldn’t because we did create something today that you got to create a pack, you know, with like the four most important ones do you think most people should take. And so the pack I created for that is organic green superfood powder. Because again, most people are just not getting all these amazing green organic green nutrients that are so important. And then I have vitamin D plus K I have zinc plus copper, and magnesium, for I think if you were only going to take four, I don’t go with those.

Mike Malatesta  1:03:25

All right, well I appreciate you we’re running through that because like I said I wasn’t sure if it’s a fair question or not but it’s something on my mind all the time like my wife to I mean we take these things we think we’re doing the right things and, you know, in your mind you want to believe so, but the bloodwork is a good, that’s, I don’t think there are too many people that are getting their blood drawn twice, you know, every six months, and actually comparing like I built a spreadsheet, because I had all this data and I was like well, I don’t really know because I just look at it and throw it in a file, you know, so now I’m like well, I make a spreadsheet and I hate making spreadsheets, but the only way I could see you know what’s the progression, you know over time. It’s been very, I feel like it’s been very helpful. Feels like I’m organizing my health markers so that I can be actionable, actionable about them as I continue to move on, whether that is actually true or not, I don’t know but I’m believing that it is.


Oh, you’re looking good, you’re feeling good right yeah, yeah. Well,

Mike Malatesta  1:04:28

Laura, thank you so much for coming on the show today I’ve really enjoyed this time and getting to know you and sharing all the information that you did, how, how would you like people to connect with you outside of social media. So where do they, where do they go.

Talor Zamir  1:04:44

Yeah, so I’m not active on social media as I mentioned, the website is www.peakperformance.com. www.peakperformance.com and if you get on the email list there or look at the blog I have lots of articles there, but if you get on the email list I constantly send out new pieces of content. We also have the documentary video that you mentioned that a lot of people have given me great feedback that that has really inspired them to take control of their health and make health a priority. You know, it’s pretty emotional it goes into me and my family and tells our story and also gives a lot of really important nuggets so that you know if you’re inspired to take control of your house. I recommend watching the documentary, and we also have a podcast called the peak performance life podcast that you can listen to as well.

Mike Malatesta  1:05:37

Well yeah, check out the documentary because it’s real, is, you know, it’s to lure families together in a lot of it and then it’s him speaking to people about the kinds of things he was talking about here and there’s no you there’s least. I think I watched almost all of it there’s no Lamborghinis and there’s no data, there’s no this is just about a message, that makes sense for people, so I enjoyed it quite a bit until I’ve enjoyed this time together as well thank you so much.

Talor Zamir 1:06:08

Been a pleasure.

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