The Most Successful People Are The Most Available (#231)

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Have you ever wondered why the people who are proven to be the most successful tend to be more approachable? It is challenging to get the chance to interview people much more when they have so much on their plates. Based on dealing with many successful people for the show, I will share with you why I think successful people, who are supposed to be the busiest, are more responsive when asked for an interview for shows like this.

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[3:14] They’re organized
[4:17] They’re givers
[5:26] They are learners
[6:38] They’re opportunists
[10:40] Owner Shift available on Amazon
[11:08] Outro

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Mike Malatesta  00:11

Okay, here we go. This one is for the most successful people are also the most available. 321 Hey, everybody, welcome back to the podcast. This is a another of my solo episodes, I’m alone in the studio here rather than rather than having a conversation with a super successful person, but I hope that what I have to share today, you will find valuable nonetheless, and I’m calling this episode, the most successful people are also the most available. Have you noticed? Have you noticed that the most successful people are also the most available. So I’m connecting with very successful people all the time, at least people who other people might look at and, and describe as successful, sometimes it’s for my podcast. And other times, it’s for a mastermind group or a think tank collaboration or some other group that I’m involved in. And here’s what I find the most successful people, the ones that are sort of the proven heavy hitters, they seem willing to respond and make time for me way faster, and way easier than those who may not be as proven. And it’s always, it’s always interesting to me, because sometimes I’m scared to reach out to people or a little intimidated to reach out to people and I dragged my feet reaching out to people. And if you looked at my notes about people, I want to, you know, reach out to I’ll be on fouzia mastic about reaching out to them at the point where I wrote their name down, and then I will just not do it, I’ll drag my feet because I just feel like oh my gosh, they might say no, or they might not respond to me. But I’m getting better at that. And you have to be better at that. To be in the podcast game or to be successful, to you know, or to get what you want, or get what you need. So eventually, and I’d say 99.5% of the time, I do get around to reaching out to these people. And what I don’t know, surprises me. And I guess it shouldn’t surprise me any longer. But the people that I’m most intimidated by, for example, turn out to be the people who if you if you message them the right way are very responsive. And I would even say some to, to a large degree very enthusiastic about getting back to you. And I wondered, I’ve been wondering, you know, why is that and I’ve developed a few theories about it. And I wanted to share those theories with you today. So the first is that most, the most successful people are organized. They’re just very organized about their lives. They don’t over schedule, they’re typically not people who are jumping from one meeting to the next meeting to the next meeting to the next meeting, always on the go. And all these sort of frazzled, they make time to make sure that they have time. And I think that’s worth thinking about, you know, making time to make sure that you have time. So they set up a system that keeps them organized, whether and it may not be a system that they run by themselves, it may be a system that they run with an assistant for example, or they run with some type of calendar app or they run in some other way that that allows them to manage and keep an organized time system the way that they’ve chosen to do it. So number one, the most successful people are organized. That’s been my experience. Number two, the most successful people are givers. They want to help other people and they often want to help other people for no other purpose than to help another person. It’s amazing to me how people who have earned or get paid lots of money to help people are willing to help lots of other people because they want to help for free. They just want to help. And I’ve had that happen to me so many times. And it’s inspired me as I’ve matured over the years to be number one, be very open to helping people however I can give you what I give you what I’ve got, and if it’s helpful to you. Great and if it’s not You know, I made the effort. So the most successful people and the people that I have on my podcast all the time they’re givers. You know, they give you their story, you know, a chance to explore it on the podcast, and they give lots of themselves to anyone, pretty much anyone who asks, number three, the most successful people are learners. So they want to see what you can teach them. And I find that a lot of people are, and I think I put myself in this camp too, you know, if someone reaches out to me, I don’t know who they are, you know, I can do a Google search, I can look them up on LinkedIn, but I really don’t know who the person is. But I kind of look at everybody. And that’s not 100% I there is sort of a little vetting matrix that I go through in my mind, but I kind of look at everyone that reaches out to me as someone that I could potentially learn from. So not only could I potentially help them, but I could also potentially learn from them. And since lifetime learning is something that I’m committed to, and I’m also committed to designing my own school, so that I learn what I want when I want to learn it. I welcome that, that approach, because I’m hoping that I learned something. And if I don’t learn something, it didn’t take anything meaningful, away from my life. So I take a chance on the opportunity and more times than not way more times than not that, that pays off. And number four, the most successful people are opportunists. So they are always looking for new ideas, and new collaborations. And when you’re looking for new ideas, and new collaborations you are your open, your eyes are open, your ears are open. And you are I think putting yourself into in a great position to have those new ideas. And those new collaborations come your way. And I think that maybe is the common, the culmination of being, you know, givers, learners and being organized is that ultimately, you’re looking most successful, people are looking to have a bigger impact on the world, and on other people around them as well. And the only way to do that is to, you know, be open and be opportunistic. And, you know, I get that nothing is universal. And, you know, this has been my experience more than most of the time is that the most successful people have these sort of traits or characteristics. I guess, and I guess I’ll sort of wrap this up with I never, I never reached out to anyone, I try not to reach out to anyone with an ex parte expectation that they’re going to do something for me, I always reach out with, with just a desire to be polite, respectful and specific about what I would like to talk to them about, for example, you know, being on the podcast or, or something else, because we have some type of connection or an introduction was made. Somebody mentioned them, or it’s a mutual, you know, sort of group that we’re in, but I don’t happen to know the person. But I never, you know, start off with asking them to do something for me and me, you probably had this happen to you on social media, or LinkedIn, or even by email that someone reaches out to connect with you, and you connect with them. And the very first thing they do is try to sell you something. Well, that’s yeah, that doesn’t work for me. So that tells me right away that those people are not in the category of most successful people that I’m trying to surround myself with. And I think you should, you should try to surround yourself with as well. And I guess finally, I tried to make it hard to ignore me by by being like, super polite, super respectful, and valuable. I tried to provide value before I asked for value. Now, I’m not successful with that all the time. Because not everyone in the world I can provide value to but my goal going in is to is to do that. And if I can’t do that, I’m at least not going to ask for anything. I’m just going to connect, and maybe down the road, there’ll be an opportunity for me to provide value or to have earned the opportunity for us to ask for more. So again, just to summarize, the most successful people that I’ve met seem to have these four traits or characteristics one they’re organized, to they’re givers. They’re not takers. Number Three their learners. And number four, they’re opportunists. I hope this has been helpful to you to, to walk through this with me. I know it’s definitely been something I’ve learned from experience. And I am always looking to connect with the most successful people that I can because I think that doing that helps me and helps them impact the most number of people. So thank you so much for listening to my podcast. And if you haven’t heard yet, I have a book out. It’s called owner shift. How getting selfish got me unstuck, and it’s available on Amazon or wherever you like to buy books. So check it out, or you can get a free chapter on my website at Mike Let me know what you think I’d be honored to have you take a look at it, whether it’s the book or the free chapter, and shoot me a note. Let me know what you think. Thank you

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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