The Power of Idea Discipline – Episode 55.5

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A business needs discipline to be successful. There’s no question about that.

Without the discipline to stick to a plan, identify and replicate the things that work and stay on task in a world that seems to be designed to blow you off course, a business can seem like a tail wagging the dog, kind of venture. Difficult to manage and impossible to control.

Being an entrepreneur requires discipline as well. That doesn’t mean that the entrepreneur doesn’t have to be disciplined personally, that’s too much to ask for many of us.

Often it’s the entrepreneur’s lack of personal discipline that results in the most significant, creative, profitable ideas, and advancements for the business.

It can be their secret sauce, and their most valuable and necessary contribution to the business and its success.

If you happen to be an undisciplined entrepreneur or visionary, embrace that gift.

Then hire someone “disciplined” to run the business, as quickly as possible.

Find out how Mike’s business had game-changing improvement after he hired his disciplined CFO… by listening to the rest of this “.5 project” on the How’d It Happen Podcast, where every Tuesday Mike shares a story that relates to his entrepreneur experience starting a business in 1992 and growing it to a $50 million company over 22 years.

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