Tim Dodge, A CEO Making Traction In Creative – Episode 10

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Tim Dodge is the CEO of Hanson Dodge Creative, a dynamic Milwaukee based design & marketing company that has been inspiring consumers and delivering transformational business impact for leading brands on a global scale for more than 30 years.

Tim recalls how, as a kid, it all started with the Flinstones – that is he and his brothers watching the cartoon in his Dad’s home office while his Dad was making deals as an independent plumbing equipment rep.  Later, in High School, Tim caught the photography bug and that passion followed him to Marquette University (and eventually eclipsed his desire to be a journalist) where he earned his BA in Journalism and Marketing.

Tim’s entrepreneurial adventure started early.  He started a talent rep agency for artists right out of school, which led to him meeting, and eventually teaming up with his long time business partner, Ken Hanson.  In total – at least for now, Tim’s started 5 separate businesses, all of which made their debuts during recessions.  Not easy.  He talks about the challenges.  

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Tim about his journey as a CEO, about his thoughts on culture, playing to his strengths, his belief in Gino Wickman’s Traction system, his experience with YPO, family and health challenges, and a lot more.  

It’s a fascinating conversation with a creative, humble and authentic success.

Please enjoy Mike Malatesta and Tim Dodge.


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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