Tom Bushkie, Hello Water, Making it Big in Beverages – Episode 25

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Tom Bushkie, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Hello Water, the fiber infused, naturally flavored and non-carbonated water that is taking the nation by storm.

Tom started his entrepreneurial path at College Pro Painters, where he took over a territory in Green Bay, WI while he was studying at UW Whitewater.  Tom’s older brother, Scott, had worked this territory years before for College Pro, setting sales records during his tenure there. Having the opportunity to have his own business AND compete with his brother appealed to Tom’s competitive nature and incredible work ethic.  You’ll like what you’re about to hear about this experience.  

After deciding to change his physique while in college, Tom became passionate about, and obsessed with, nutrition, realizing that just working out, without thinking about what he was eating, wasn’t likely to create the change he was looking for in his life. He started his first company, called Better Body Solutions, to engage companies and help their employees design and implement plans to improve their nutrition and physical fitness.  Later, a chance encounter with a patron at his bartending gig opened an opportunity for Tom to transform his first nutrition beverage idea into a new company called Rain Forest Beverages.   

Mike and Tom cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, from Tom’s first experience trying to create a flavor profile for his Rain Forest idea but needing a translator to help him communicate with his Brazilian supplier, to what’s he’s learned about failures and to his unique feelings about business partners.  He’s got determination, a great story and an even bigger future!  

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Please Enjoy Mike and Tom.


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