Tommy Tank, Becoming a Model in your 50s – Episode 30

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Tommy Tank is the founder and President of Tommy Tank Life After 50, a one of a kind fitness experience gym and brand that is built on Tommy’s passion for fitness and his belief that “you have one body, own it.” 

Tommy started his company, and new career, at age 56 after a long career as a manufacturer and distributer of manufacturing machinery.  A self-described “blue collar” kid, Tommy began working in the trades as an apprentice, where he happened to be in the right place at the right time as the age of industrial machine automation was just beginning.  He learned how to design, operate and program machinery and that led to him starting his first company.  When the global recession hit that company hard, Tommy began thinking about how he could transform his passion for coaching and fitness into a new business. 

Mike and Tommy cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how Tommy had the courage and confidence that he could become a fitness expert in his fifties, his belief that kettle bells are the best exercises you can do and how he hopes that his new Turkish Get-Up machine will bring the benefits of working with kettle balls to the masses.  On top of that, Tommy talks about how becoming a fitness expert has required him to “look the part” and how that’s led to him becoming a model, an author and highly sought-after Life After Fifty personality.  You’re in for a real treat with this episode as Tommy epitomizes the “entrepreneur that is out to change the world” persona.

Tommy also talks about how to figure out your metabolic burn rate, here is that calculation he mentions in the show.

Take 10 times your weight in kilograms, plus 6.25 times your height in centimeters, minus 5 times your age, plus 5.

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Please enjoy Tommy Tank!


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