Who Wants to Fail – Episode 54.5

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Who Wants To Fail

I never expect to fail.

I’m afraid of being seen as a screw up, or at least I used to be.

Which is crazy, because I’ve failed so many times that you might think I would go into everything I do expecting to fail – because the odds of it happening are so lopsided.

I’ve had some colossal business failures.

For example, we burned down a plant of ours, one time.

I’ve had relationship failures, like when I almost ruined the best relationship I ever had, by being super stupid and selfish.

And I’ve had leadership failures, like when I jeopardized my whole company’s future because I wanted to save a buck.

Recently, I feel like it’s become more acceptable to fail as an entrepreneur than it’s ever been.

It’s become ok to publicly fail especially when you are building something that has the potential to make a ton of money and make investors really rich.

In some circles it’s even become a badge of courage, of sorts. Failing fast as an example. Evidence that you are trying hard and worthy of backing you on the next big idea you have.

Failing, at least in certain circles, is no longer seen as a screw up.

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