Why Entrepreneurs Need Pain and Fear – Episode 27.5

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In this 2nd video episode with Aleta Norris, co-founder of Living as a Leader, I share two stories about experiencing pain and fear, and the entrepreneurial lessons that it taught me. (Watch here https://youtu.be/GQQlLIiGg2c )

First, I believe all lessons come with pain. As an entrepreneur and CEO, I learned there is no success without pain and challenging moments. Pain, some mental and some physical, helped me to “get back on that horse” of success and continue to ride ahead. Jump to my conversation with Aleta here.

Second, I learned that the opportunity of a lifetime might come with fear, as it did for me when I was 18. I believe entrepreneurs and CEOs need to be comfortable with fear. Aleta Norris teaches executives an incredible mantra to “Do it afraid.” Jump to my conversation with Aleta here.

Watch the Video Podcast here

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