Why Self-Listen Beats Self-Talk (291)

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In this episode, we talk about Self-Listening.  Who do you listen to? 

We’ve heard a lot about self-talk and how important it is, but I’ve found in my lifetime that what I’m talking to myself is way less important than what I’m listening to myself about.  Once again, it goes back to being intentional.

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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta  00:11

Hey, everybody, welcome back to the show to another one of my Friday solo episodes. And this one I am calling, self-listening, self-listening. Who do you listen to? I don’t know about you, but I can’t avoid or control the subconscious thoughts and ideas that pop into my head. They just, they just do. It’s like a self-talk machine over which I have no control. Kind of reminds me of, like Superman and kryptonite. Kryptonite, if it’s around, Superman has no control. I don’t have any control over my subconscious thoughts. You’re likely in the same boat. I think we’re all in that same boat. Fair and safe to say.

So I was thinking about this, because you hear a lot about self-talk and how important self-talk is. And I think I can wrap my head around the concept of self-talk, why it’s so important. But I think I’ve found over my lifetime that what I’m talking to myself about is way less important than what I’m listening to myself about. I used to be much more negatively influenced by my self-talk than I am now as a result of that sort of shifting-of-thought. And especially when it came to comparing myself to others, you know, like you have something I want, or I think I want sort of way, like self-talking to myself that way. And I found something that I wrote a while back before I think I made this shift. And it was interesting, because I wrote, I’m fat. My hair is wispy. Actually, I don’t really have any hair now. My teeth aren’t perfect. I’m not smart enough. I’m not rich enough. I’m always screwing things up. I’m not good enough. And I wrote those I think at the time because I was trying to justify that, while all those things may be true — and they probably were true and they are true today, but I was trying to work my way through. Okay, so those are true, what am I going to do about those? And since that time, and maybe because of that exercise, you know, you never know what it is that ends up making a difference in your life. But since that time, I’ve really learned how to be better at what I listened to. And I think it’s because listening is conscious and intentional. It’s something I and I’ll bet you can completely control because my self-talk competes for my attention. But when I listened to myself listening, if you will, it’s 100% my choice. It’s something that I can do with complete intention. I can’t talk myself into anything. But I can self-listen to myself and do everything that I choose to. And I realized that that can come across maybe as semantics or wordplay, but I think there’s really something to it, and I’d invite you to try it. Instead of thinking about talking to yourself positively which I’m not suggesting you don’t do, I would put some effort into listening to yourself positively. So listening to what you say, listening to what you want, and then being intentional about putting that into action. So my tip for today is pay attention to your self-listening, because that’s something that can really have an impact on you.

Thanks for joining me. I hope you got something out of this episode of value. I appreciate you, and until next time, maximize the greatness that’s inside of you.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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