Xiao Wang, CEO, Making Boundless Opportunities for Immigration – Episode 61

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Xiao Wang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boundless, a Seattle, Washington based startup that is democratizing the immigration process offering an inexpensive, and highly successful, online platform for marriage green cards and US citizenship.  He has an undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford University and earned his MBA at Harvard University.  Before starting Boundless, Xiao worked in Private Equity at Trilogy Equity Partners, Consulting at McKinsey, Education at the New York City Department of Education and retail at Amazon.  He makes an interesting comparison between his career path and a Venn Diagram, and how with Boundless, he’s now intersecting the Cash, Career and Calling components of his diagram.    

Xiao’s parents immigrated from Nanjing China on student visa’s, first to Canada and later to the US., where they both studied at Arizona State University during which time, he continued living with family members in China.  He came to the US when he was 3 ½ and was blown away by the escalators at the airport and by Kmart – 2 very new experiences for him.  Growing up, Xiao looked for opportunities to do things with people who didn’t look like him, wanting to what he describes as “experience different.”  He was active in sports and music, and began working at as a teenager, selling vacuum cleaners at Sears on commission.   His parents had one rule for him.  As long as he got straight A’s in school, he could spend his free time doing the things he wanted.  

Mike and Xiao cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he became a sponsored long distance runner, his parents experience working on farms and in factories as children after Mao shut down the schools in China, the five months of rent that they needed to pay an immigration attorney to get their green cards and how the idea for Boundless came to him because he knew too much about the struggles immigrants face navigating the process for green cards and citizenship.  He also offers great advice about your Why, saying that when you are going above and beyond, it is usually because there’s a why there.   

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