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What does it take to make it in the entrepreneurial world? David Bellman, President and CEO of Bellman Homes and co-founder of Young Guns Movement, sheds light on this in today’s episode. Discover how David and his team are making strides to shorten the learning curve for ambitious business owners, and why Mike has been invited as the keynote speaker for their upcoming event in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

Mike and David navigate the importance of personal branding in today’s competitive business landscape and explain why knowing what you stand for can make a world of difference. Hear David’s compelling experience with Operation Finally Home, a program committed to aiding wounded veterans. Get a sneak peek into the Young Guns Movement event with speakers who are set to share their expertise on becoming a leading industry icon. Get ready to be inspired, learn, and join a community of action-oriented individuals ready to make a difference. Tune in for more!

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Episode transcript below:

Speaker 1: Mike Malatesta

Speaker 2: David Bellman

0:00:00 – Speaker 1
Hey everybody, it’s Mike and welcome back to this Friday free thinking episode of the how to Happen podcast. Now I’m going to do something a little different today. I normally do solos on Friday and I talk to you about things that interest me or intrigue me or something I’ve heard about that I want to share and I think you’ll get value from. But today I actually have a guest for the first time on one of my Friday free thinking podcast, and my guest is David Bellman. David, welcome to the show.

0:00:33 – Speaker 2
Thank you, mike. I appreciate it. I love hearing that I’m the first. I like to blaze new trails.

0:00:37 – Speaker 1
Yeah, it’s nice to be an only. So there you go, and the reason I have David on the show who, by the way, david is the president and CEO of Bellman Homes and he is also a founder of a group called Young Guns Movement Is that. Do I have that right there’s?

0:00:53 – Speaker 2
a young, young, young guns movement. Yeah.

0:00:55 – Speaker 1
Okay, so the thing that that we’re here talking to you today is that I was asked to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming Young Guns Movement event on August 17th, from 8am to 4pm at the Brookfield Wisconsin Conference Center, which is an amazing. Well, first of all, brookfield Wisconsin and Wisconsin in general folks is an amazing place, but this conference center is really top notch.

0:01:22 – Speaker 2
It’s very new and your facility and, yes, right by the freeway, so if you need to get at and it’s a great place for business events.

0:01:29 – Speaker 1
Yeah, so I’m going to be there August 17th I don’t know exactly what time, but tickets are on sale and David’s going to talk about that now. But I got interested in this for two reasons. One I met one of David’s co-founder, andy Wines, and I met him through loving Candula actually, who’s been on the podcast a couple of times. I don’t remember the episodes, but Dr Candula is a really well. He’s a really cool guy and a really deep thinker, would you agree with that, david.

0:01:58 – Speaker 2
He’s the big somebody here in our market too, so we’ve had him at Young Guns as well, and he was phenomenal with his talk.

0:02:05 – Speaker 1
Dr Candula introduced me to Andy and I had a really weird first not weird strange first introduction with Andy Because first of all, he was, like I don’t know, a half an hour late, which I was kind of like you know, but then he’s got this unique presence about him when he finally does show up that you don’t?

0:02:27 – Speaker 2
I’m just smiling the whole time here, but yeah, you don’t forget it. So Andy wears camel pants right. I mean, he’s a former military, I still prefer military actually. But yeah, he comes, he’s authentic, he comes as him and he wears a camel pants and a t-shirt and he’s kind of loud and tall but he’s loud and tall. Yes, he does really interesting things and very sharp, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy that’s… better at just operations and you give him a problem and ask him to figure out like.

He’ll figure it out like in an instant, and so His mind just works really different. He’s just an incredible person to know.

0:03:03 – Speaker 1

0:03:04 – Speaker 2
Like if you’re having like I don’t know how to get from point A to point B, like go talk to Andy, he’ll help you figure that out.

0:03:09 – Speaker 1
Yeah, and I ended up learning that after you know, we kind of got got going and what’s interesting to me about Andy was that he’s probably the exact opposite of me physically opposite of me, dress opposite of me, personality opposite of me but yet and this is what’s so great about meeting new people and yet I came away with that thinking I want to know more about that guy.

So then I visited his Facility and I kind of got more into his, his brain, and saw his office, and then I was on his podcast and anyway, a few weeks ago he asked me if I would consider being the speaker for this and I and I wasn’t that familiar with with young guns movement, but when I read this is what this is what got me. Like it says we are a movement of free thinking, action oriented entrepreneurs who don’t wait for permission to break the rules of business In an effort to achieve more than we ever dreamed possible. I read that and I thought, man, that really almost all of that aligns perfectly with what you and I talk about all the time on this podcast. So so I’m doing it again. It’s august 17th, from 8 to 4, and I wanted to bring David on because he is the expert on Young guns and I want him to tell you more about the organization and why you should be interested in joining and in coming to this great event.

0:04:24 – Speaker 2
Yeah, well, thank you, I appreciate you having me on and been doing this for a couple years.

We started actually before the pandemic um and we had a huge event downtown Milwaukee and is a couple hundred people and we finished the event up in two weeks later, coven hit and changed the world as we know it.

So this in-person event thing that we were doing obviously wasn’t going to work for the next year and a half, so we did some online programming and our goal is to help business owners. We were all, as founders, business owners, entrepreneurs. We had to learn it the hard way and we realized that not everything you learned at school is applicable and Very different in the business world, and what we want to do is shorten that learning curve. And there’s really cool people that are out there that aren’t always professional speakers, that have done amazing things and have learned how to do really cool processes or different things with their business, and we want to give the stage to other people that have something interesting to say and share, and so sometimes we do bring in professional speakers, and other times we bring in people that just really know their stuff or really good at something.

That we can all learn from, because that’s, at the end of the day, what we want to do is we all want to learn and get better together who should Like, who should come, who should be part of this movement. So anybody that’s a business owner especially small business owners, medium-sized business owners you should definitely be there, because these are the people you want to meet If you want to hang out with cool people that are all about self-improvement people that want to grow their business, they want to make connections, they want to seek out new opportunities.

You should be there. And then the other people that should be there are the people that, hey, you know what I need to do more personal branding. I need to get myself out there more to promote my business, because we’ve learned today’s day and age with the internet and everything. People don’t buy the company anymore, they buy the person they buy. What is that person about? Is that an interesting person? Is that somebody I can see myself doing business with? So we’re also about part of Younger’s movement is creating your personal brand and getting it out there so that people can connect with you on a deeper level, because that’s going to get you the really good business.

It’s going to get you the really good accounts and it’s going to create long-lasting relationships that are going to benefit you for years and years to come.

0:06:41 – Speaker 1
And David, when you say personal brand, that’s something that I think most everyone listening has heard of, but I kind of think that most people don’t really know what that means. They know celebrities who have brands, but from a personal brand standpoint, what does that mean to you and to the folks in this organization?

0:07:00 – Speaker 2
Yeah, well, I mean, part of it’s your network, your voice, and what are you about? What do you stand for? So, for example I’ll just use myself as an example I position myself as I’m a leader in the home building industry, so I’m a thought leader in the home building industry, so like if there’s something that happens about a year and a half ago there was a problem with lumber prices and I got fed up. I started posting pictures online showing people. This is how bad it is here’s what $1,000 worth of lumber is today.

And I’ll show you what $1,000 worth of lumber was a year and a half ago and I showed two piles of lumber and people freaked out and they’re like holy cow. So personal brand is not just you yourself but what do you stand for?

What are you all about? And so that’s kind of what I do, and I’m also really big on helping and working with veterans, so I do operation, finally, home, where we give a home to a wounded veteran, and that show is like hey, I’m not just a home builder, I’m about somebody that cares about the community, I care about this industry and I want to make sure that everybody can have the American dream at the end of the day.

0:08:05 – Speaker 1
Nice, thanks for that explanation. The operation finally home. How does that? That sounds amazing. How does it work?

0:08:12 – Speaker 2
So it’s a really cool program. It started down in Texas and basically they did a remodel for a wounded veteran and the builder said hey, I’m going to talk to my vendors and he said, hey, I’ve got this guy that’s in the wheelchair. We need to fix up his house. The vendor said I’ll throw the product in, and now he’s like okay, so he started going to the other vendors and everybody said, hey, we’ll throw this in.

And we went back to the veteran, said I’m going to do this all for you, for free. And the media heard about it. They started doing some stuff and he’s like, well, if I can do a remodel, I can only do a house. So they did a home. It got really, you know, big down there and they said, well, maybe we could inspire people to do this around the country. So I heard about it seven years ago, eight years ago now, and said, boy, I’d love to bring this up to Wisconsin. So I volunteered to do one. It was such a great project that I’ve done seven since.

0:09:04 – Speaker 1

0:09:04 – Speaker 2
So and these are people that served. They were medically retired from the only job they knew and loved and we give them a brand new mortgage. Free home, fully free of charge, gives them the opportunity to start their career over. They need to go to college, they can do that and they know that their family’s taken care of and gives them the security they need.

0:09:26 – Speaker 1
That’s amazing. Thank you for doing that work and my pleasure. Yeah, I mean you much. I’m assuming you and your teams get as much out of it as as the veteran gets out of it, right, I mean it’s gotta be like oh my gosh, I can’t believe this.

0:09:39 – Speaker 2
It’s incredibly enriching the families you get to meet, they become friends. So I joke every time we do this that you joined our family and now we have a whole operation. Finally, home in Wisconsin family and so we do events throughout the year. We have like a telephone and 5k and all sorts of cool stuff and a lot of the families come to me so we get to see them. We get to see the kids grow up. And see how they’re doing and hear how their lives are improving, and to be able to see.

That is just just amazing, and I’m just gonna put a plug out there that Wisconsin is really awesome with their veterans and everyone has stepped up and Been so cool at helping with this project. So we just have an amazing group of people here in the state that have allowed this to happen. So very grateful for that.

0:10:26 – Speaker 1
Nice. Well, thank you for sharing that that’s. That’s a nice feeling of happiness. Yeah, it really does. It really does. Okay. So, young guns movement. The event is August 17th, brookfield Conference Center. So if you’re in Milwaukee or in the Milwaukee area or you want to come here, because it’s a really nice time of the year to be here, yeah, consider coming to the event. How do the? How does someone get into this? How do they get sure?

0:10:51 – Speaker 2
Yeah, so I’ll. I’ll share with you the link. Maybe you can post it in the notes of the podcast. But, we have tickets on sale now. The event is always theme. So, the young guns event. This one is called how to become the industry icon. And so it kind of really ties back into the personal branding that we’ve talked about earlier, and so just so for those of you that are listening in, so you know we’ve got Amelia for Zach.

She’s a 11 time best-selling author. She’s going to be talking early in the morning and how to improve your writing skills. I’ve got Marco Bonacasto. He’s a video content creator. He can show you how to take, make really compelling video content and then get it online and improve your search ability. And then we have Brandon Fong, who is a really, really well-known podcaster in the area. He’s gotten huge guests National guests, on his podcast.

He’s going to show you how to use podcasting to help create your voice for your business. And then, of course, we have Mike talking and you’re going to really help hone it on what it takes to become an icon In the industry. And then in the afternoon we’re going to bring into workshop. So all the stuff you learn in the morning we’re going to then drill down in the afternoon with Erin Marcus, and she’s a amazing business coach from Conker Year Business. She’s going to help take what you’ve learned and implement it in your business.

0:12:11 – Speaker 1
Okay, well, one, two, three the three speakers before me. I know that there’s something I can learn from every single one of them that would help me. I can tell just from that very, very brief description. So if you, like me, heard that and think Maybe the indus industry icon guy is not that interesting, but the rest of them super interesting, please buy a ticket and, and, and come to the show and consider joining the young guns movement. David, thank you so much for coming on the podcast today. It’s been great to get to know you and learn more about the event. Thank you.

0:12:44 – Speaker 2
It’s my pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you in person on August 17th you.

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