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Mitfreude (#269)

In this episode, I talk about success – not your success, but other people’s success – and how you view it.  I talk about the concept of mitfreude and schadenfreude.

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Why Shifts ALWAYS Beat Pivots (#265)

Why Shift ALWAYS Beat Pivots (#265)

In this episode, I talk about the difference between Shifts and Pivots. There’s a distinct difference between the two words, and as entrepreneurs, we are often required to change direction and Pivot. I believe though Shifts are a much better alternative.

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I help entrepreneurs get unstuck, take back their power, achieve their life objectives, and create the futures they want.

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I wasn’t a nut fan for most of my life. Sometimes, I’d grab some peanuts or cashews in those shared bowls you might see on a bar [which seems gross now] but outside of that, not so much. I wasn’t anti-nut but there always seemed to be something I’d rather have, like pretzels or crackers.