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New Take on Fully Autonomous Vehicles [Part 1]

I think they’re coming for sure and more quickly than I used to believe would be possible. What do you think? And I’m ready for them.

I used to love driving – not so much anymore. I’d be happy to turn that responsibility over to a LIDAR equipped vehicle operated by a computer. Here’s an article about how Valeo, one of the leaders in driving assistance systems, will soon be testing its most advanced technology yet – and what it may mean to your future.

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Disarming Grudges with Guns N’ Roses

There is NO Power in Holding Grudges – I was just out of college when I remember hearing Guns N’ Roses for the first time and seeing the MTV video for their hit song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’ At the time, they were the most amazing band I’d ever heard or seen. And today, 30+ years later, they still are.

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