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Nuts — The Anti-Aging Super Food?

I wasn’t a nut fan for most of my life. Sometimes, I’d grab some peanuts or cashews in those shared bowls you might see on a bar [which seems gross now] but outside of that, not so much. I wasn’t anti-nut but there always seemed to be something I’d rather have, like pretzels or crackers.

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Concierge Medicine in Your Own Bathroom

A toilet smart enough to be your doctor?
I thought I had the best in toilet technology available. One that automatically opens when you approach it, heats the seat, and has a built-in bidet, if that’s your thing.

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Semi-Trucks with Empty Seats

A company called TuSimple is quickly transforming the prospect of driverless, computer-controlled big rig trucking from a crazy idea into an amazing new breakthrough. Just recently, a big rig equipped with TuSimple’s technology made a driverless trip from Tucson to Phoenix – and not just on the highway.

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Can Science Bring Back the Wooly Mammoth?

A company called Colossal thinks so. Known as the De-Extinction company and started by world renowned geneticist, Dr. George Church, and serial tech entrepreneur, Ben Lamm, Colossal is focused on 3 breakthrough technologies:

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REM Sleep & Why It’s Important

In a nutshell, REM [aka Rapid Eye Movement] sleep is the stage of sleep where your brain converts short-term memories into long-term memory.

I’m sure you’ve heard about REM sleep [my wife says I move around a lot during mine], but do you know why it’s so important and what it means to you and your health? Read here to get the answers.

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How Will Digital Twins Make Your Life Better?

Have you met your Digital Twin? Probably not, but you may soon. According to IBM, a digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or a system [and soon people] designed to use real-time data, machine learning, simulation, and reasoning to improve decision making. It’s like a copy that knows more about the original than it knows about itself.

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