8 Top Podcasts on How Entrepreneurs Became Successful

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8 Top Podcasts on How Entrepreneurs Became Successful

Hey everybody, welcome back to another list of my 8 Top Podcasts on How Entrepreneurs Became Successful. I know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and achieve success. I know when it feels like a long shot to achieve the success and freedom that you want. I also know what it takes to get there. I’ve been an entrepreneur that took an idea and built it into a success business. You need to develop a discipline and the skills for building a business – developing exciting vision and mission initiatives, building the teamwork, talent and systems necessary to realize those initiatives, and executing with a team to deliver the desired results.

I’ve listed 8 Top Podcasts on How Entrepreneurs Became Successful to help you achieve success. There are so many great lessons on persistence, discipline, tactics, and actions you can take from successful entrepreneurs. As a leader of a small team or large team, or even if you are just starting out as a solo entrepreneur with a great idea – these podcast episodes will help you get the courage and inspiration to take your idea, manifest it, and build it out to success. And if you share the episode on LinkedIn and your thoughts, please mention me, and I’ll be happy to respond to your post! I really enjoyed these conversations, and I think you will too!

1. Joe Valley, How to Become a Successful Exitpreneur (#236)

Joe Valley

Joe Valley is a serial entrepreneur, EXITpreneur, M&A Advisor, Podcaster, and Partner at Quiet Light Brokerage, one of the world’s leading online company brokerage and advising organizations. Joe has also founded, bought, or sold over a half-dozen businesses, and he’s now mentoring thousands on how to achieve their own ultimate exit. Joe took the big leap at the age of 29. At the time, he was working for a company he had started in 1994, which rapidly grew and produced over $100 million in revenue. He could have been content with what he had, but that’s not what you do when you are a real entrepreneur. That’s why Joe Valley resigned and started his own media buying agency in 1997, which started his journey as a serial entrepreneur. Listen Now!

2. James Ashcroft, Building a Successful Business with Pinnacle Business Guides (#187)

In 2012, he realized his lifestyle was unsustainable and took massive action to change: he quit drinking, lost 40 pounds, invested in a coach, and even finished the 2013 Ironman Florida Triathlon. All within 12 months. This experience taught him about the importance of coaches. That’s why he started joining peer groups and hiring coaches to optimize all the areas of his life. He then sold his business and started his journey as a coach, which brought him to earn the highest certification as a Certified EOS™ Implementer and then becoming a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide. Listen Now!

3. Dr. Manuel Astruc, Psychiatrist and Coach, Transforming Your Stress into Success – Episode 150

Dr. Manuel Astruc, Psychiatrist and Coach, Transforming Your Stress into Success - Episode 150

Dr. Manuel Astruc is a psychiatrist and coach for high achievers and entrepreneurs who want more success, happiness and impact. Manuel helps high achievers and entrepreneurs who have a vision of what their ideal life in the future looks like, but have found that in the present day they are running out of time and energy. Their success today turns into a trap. With his program, “Your Next Act” there are 90 day cycles of think-choose-act in which you strategically choose goals that help you move from where you are to where you want to be. The result is you’ll achieve more success and happiness on your entrepreneurial trail. Listen Now!

4. Dan Zawacki, Lobsterpreneur, Teaching the 4Mores of EOS Success – Episode 127

Dan Zawacki Lobsterpreneur, Teaching the 4MORES of EOS Success

Dan Zawacki created Lobster Gram at 24 years old with only $1,000. He left his real job at Honeywell, where he was a top producing sales person, and bootstrapped Lobster Gram into a $15 million dollar company. Today, Dan is a Professional Certified Traction and EOS Implementer at 4MORES with a passion for teaching, facilitating and coaching business owners and their leadership teams on how to get the most out of their companies and live a better life. He passionately believes in helping his clients achieve “THE 4 MORES” 1. More Structure 2. More Growth 3. More Profit 4. More Fun. Listen Now!

5. Suzanne Powers, CEO, Listing Secret Ingredients to Real Estate Success – Episode 117

Suzanne Powers CEO Listing Secret Ingredients to Real Estate Success How It Happen Podcast Ep117

Suzanne Powers is the CEO of Suzanne Powers Realty Group, Wisconsin’s No.1 Boutique Broker. Since establishing her brokerage on September 29, 2011, Suzanne has turned Milwaukee’s real estate market on its head focusing on the unique advantages she provides to help her clients achieve the highest average sales prices in Southeastern Wisconsin and “best in the business” average days on market. She attributes her incredible success to the clients that were with her when she first started, her continued focus to be close with her clients, and her expert team that delivers best in class marketing, world class buying and selling strategies and market trends, and unique client concierge services that she calls the Powers Advantage. Listen Now!

6. Noah Rickun, President, Turning the Table on Mike to Uncover Success Secrets – Episode 101

Noah Rickun is the President of ETE Reman who was with Mike before on episode 44. Mike’s become used to asking the questions but this time things are a bit different as Noah plays the role of the very first How’d it Happen ‘guest host’, turning the table on Mike to dig a little more into Mike’s story. Listen Now!

7. 10 Ways to be Successful During Scary Times

As Leaders, it’s our job to be helpful to others, particularly when things are scary, confusing and unknown, as they are today. Whenever I face challenges that I’m unsure about, I always turn first to Dan Sullivan, the Founder of The Strategic Coach Program, because I’ve found that he always delivers something of value that helps improve my thinking and response to whatever the issue might be. Dan outlined 10 points to be successful in scary times. You’ll get to understand the 10 points on how you can focus your company to deliver value and improve thinking and response during these scary times. Listen Now!

8. The Most Successful People Are The Most Available (#231)

Have you ever wondered why the people who are proven to be the most successful tend to be more approachable? It is challenging to get the chance to interview people much more when they have so much on their plates. Based on dealing with many successful people for the show, I will share with you why I think successful people, who are supposed to be the busiest, are more responsive when asked for an interview for shows like this. Listen Now!

Want to know about me, Mike Malatesta, the podcast host?

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My purpose is to inspire and activate increasing greatness in entrepreneurs and leaders. My goal is to make a positive and profitable difference with every client I work with. I help clients apply the lessons I’ve been fortunate to learn in my 30 years as an entrepreneur to help them excel and create amazing lives, companies, teams, and futures.

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I’m very selective about my OwnerShift coaching relationships. I ONLY work with these kinds of clients:

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