8 Unbelievable Ways People Became Successful Entrepreneurs – Episode 42.5

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There are so many people that become successful entrepreneurs but we often don’t know how it happened – and what experiences and motivations led to these extraordinary achievements.

In this podcast I highlight 8 Unbelievable Ways People Became Successful Entrepreneurs, to help you find your path and motivation to success.

  1. Todd Barden, 401k expert, wealth management consultant, and combat sports athlete who has competed in Thailand and trained with some of the best muai thai fighters.
  2. Wayne Breitbarth, CEO of Power Formula LLC, and perhaps the foremost leading authority on LinkedIn in the country.
  3. Kyle Weatherly, CEO of Front Desk, who grew his company Solaris, 20x over in a 10 year period and sold it to a German conglomerate.
  4. Nick Maris, CEO of Somna Therapeutics, who learned how to be an entrepreneur by hustling to survive as a child.
  5. Sequoya Borgman, Founder and Managing Director of Borgman Capital, the son of a hippy parents and a single mom who wanted more than working in factories and instead figured out how to buy companies.
  6. Aleta Norris, Co-founder of Living as a Leader, who recalls the moment she knew her calling was leadership training.
  7. Tim Dodge, CEO of Hanson Dodge Creative, decided not to go into his dad’s business, and make his own mark following his passion for photography and entrepreneurism.
  8. Steve Palec, Partner at Colliers International, global commercial real estate and iconic host of the Sunday morning radio show Rock N Roll Roots on WKLH.

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